Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wedding Preparations, Elena and Birthday

I love days like this. We all chipped in and started on Brenda's to do list for the reception (wedding celebration) tomorrow night. We started organizing the candy toppings, baked 300 cookies, brownies, made wedding luncheon gift bags, worked in the yard and played music along the way. I was there to support my sister in this joyful, but hectic time.  We also face timed Elena, and the boys, letting her know she was close to our hearts. It was a special highlight of our day.  That evening we headed to the park to celebrate Lucy's birthday, wrapped in blankets. I had forgotten when the sun goes down, a chill hits the air. Happy 6 Miss Lucy. Later we headed home, working on the reception lights. With Brenda's preparations and help from the neighbors, all was ready. I pray God's blessings on the coming evening, that it may be a joyous time in celebration of Abby and Colin.

Monday, September 24, 2018


Our dear Abby made an appointment for all of us girls to get a wedding manicure. Trust me, Brenda and I rarely treat ourselves to something so feminine. So many options and so many colors. After some talking into, I decided on the gel nails. I picked out a very light, natural color and the salon woman shook her head, saying in her Korean accent, "No color, no color." She pointed to all the colors selections and I ended up choosing a beautiful pink. I watched her do layer after layer and at the end, I had beautiful drop dead, gorgeous nails. I couldn't stop looking at them and felt like a movie star.  Brenda was unsure about the whole nail thing and after some talking, finally decided on a simple manicure. She was a hoot and her manicurist was not as gentle, even drawing blood as she was trimming Brenda's cuticles...beauty comes at a price :) In the end we both looked at each other, totally loving our nails and flashing our hands to all the girls.  After a nice dinner, we headed for ice cream and who would be there, but Miss Utah.  As we left, we introduced ourselves to her, femininely touching our hands to our chest, displaying our beautiful nails. Smiling we said, "We'd love to have our picture taken with you." 

Trader Joes

When I was in Utah this past summer, a new Trader Joe's was being built...and only a couple miles from home!  I've heard so much about this store and the healthy food they carry. Well, the girls told me it was open and we made plans go the very next day. Lindsey and I loaded up the kids, made a quick stop at Costco and then headed to Lucy's school to pick her up. Lucy proudly introduced me to several of her friends and I was so tickled watching her in the school setting. We all headed to Trader Joe's and met more cute shoppers while there. Maggie, Max, Lucy and Ellie all grabbed carts and we shopped each isle. I do believe we took over the entire store. I had an empty carry on luggage from bringing the chocolate and I filled it with Trader Joe snacks!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Utah Bound

It's Abby's turn to get married and I wouldn't be anywhere but heading to Utah to share in the celebration.  And I'm not going alone, I'm bringing lots of chocolate with me. Abby and Colin are having an ice cream bar for their reception and Brenda asked if I'd bring several toppings (thank you Yoders) with me, actually a suitcase full. The funny thing was, it was near 90 degrees in TN and I had to get the chocolate to Utah without melting, so I decided to carry it through the airport instead of checking it in.  A kind lady gave me several bags and more than one person commented on all the goodies I was carrying. I made it to Utah and into the arms of Paul, Ashlee's husband. Thank you, Paul, for picking me up.  My dear sis was several hours away at a Abby and Colin's reception on his side of the  family. Time we got back from the airport, everyone was home. The smile on my face is a big indicator of how I feel to be in the arms of my family.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wedding Photos Arrived

Some of  Randy and Hillary's professional wedding photos arrived. Hillary posted them on Facebook and I wanted to share them with you. Maybe I'm partial, but my new daughter in law is beautiful inside and out! The photos are stunning and a beautiful reminder of their most special day!