Friday, June 30, 2017

Sweet Honey

Scott was very productive while I was in Utah, taking our honey off the hive.  No bee stings either, Yeah.  It was a good year for us, with over 7 gallons of honey and lots of delicious honeycomb.  Today, I filled our bottles for family and friends. I must say we have some of the best tasting honey around :)  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Baling Alfalfa

Our elk love the taste of  alfalfa and Scott is growing a couple acres of it in a nearby field. He cut the alfalfa several days ago and tonight we square baled it.  I helped pick up some of the bales, but mostly I drove the truck while he loaded them. Also, while working in the field, we found the cutest  box heart melted.  He rode in the trailer along with us, however, I put him back near the creek before we left, but not before I got his picture. PS  I think my babe looks good ♥

Monday, June 26, 2017

Home Sweet Home

The first thing I noticed when I got home was how green it was and how quiet. How can one person want  two worlds at the same time?  I miss my family so, yet at the same time, it was nice to be home and in the arms of my babe.  I spent my first couple of days piddling around the farm, picking blueberries and getting some sleep.  Scott and Randy took good care of the house and lawn so after some dusting, sweeping and vacuuming, the house was in order. While I was in Utah, another yard ornament was added; a new truck for Randy...or should I say another project. Home Sweet Home ♥ 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Utah Time June 12-24

My Utah trip this year was total family time and I wouldn't change a moment of it. All I wanted was to be near my family and kids....hello noise and chaos. My time was filled with visiting, eating, my daily walking, laughing, tantrums, screaming and more laughter.  Our days were filled with picnics, swimming, a special tea party, T-Ball watching, park time, card playing around the table and family games... lots of games. I also found time to visit with friends and neighbors and visit a few special places.  Sleep was pretty much non existent. I loved the sounds of these grandkids and holding them was pure joy.  This first thing I did when I got there was hold little Evie Lynn, our newest.  The twins took a little while getting used to me, but I finally won them over.  All the other grand kids ran up to me and hugged me... my heart was bursting.  Below are pictures of my family time; memories that I hold dear.  I love you all and miss you like crazy. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of family♥

Evie Lynn Ward...My middle name is Lynn too♥

Max is loving being in my arms! 

Beautiful Cascade Mountain

T-Ball time: Lucy, Becky, Carter, Ellie

Brenda and Larry with the grand kids. They never miss a game. 

My little T-Ballers: Jack and Lucy

Larry, Tyler and son Carter

It was a "Canadian Salad" trip this year. Love that game.

My Little Bigelows: Conrad,  Phoebe and Morris

Our twins:  Max and Maggie.  

Another of Evie! 

My beautiful Abby

My sister Brenda in her new top.  Beautiful model! 

Trampoline fun day at Katie's house, included Trampoline Olympics! 

My dear sister in her bedroom office... the only quiet spot in the house! 

Watching the construction at our local park (making a water pad).   Jack loved the bulldozers. 

 Visiting Abby's apartment: Kelsie, Becky and Abby

My girls and their dad:  Kelsie, Lindsey, Abby, Larry, Ashlee and Katie

My sister forever♥

Our two princesses, dressed for the tea party: Lucy and Phoebe

 Tea party time: Becky, Lucy, Phoebe, Ellie and Brenda. 

Time at Betty Birrell's pool:  Synchronized swimming fun.

Max, Ashlee, Brenda and Maggie

Throwing Ellie high, over and over again!  I can still hear her giggles. 

Lucy and Phoebe

Brenda and Maggie. Love her top knot.

Lucy and her mom Lindsey. Look at those smiles! 

Ashlee, our mother of four and loving every moment of it ! 

Recently joined Young Living Essential Oils and the head quarters are right here in Lehi.

My Jack and Becky 

A fire began close to where my sister lives. Thankful the fire fighters were able to quickly put it out. 

More card playing. A nursing mother has got to eat :) 

Childhood friends forever: Becky, Anita, Shari and Brenda

Brenda, John Depalma and Becky

Dear child hood friend Sharon! Staying connected :)

Becky, Ron Hack and Brenda

Our elementary school when we moved to Utah in 1970. They will be tearing it down and building a new school in its place next year.  

Brenda, our mom and Becky holding Evie. Mom is 80 and looks amazing! 

Picking out flowers for Katie's planter: Katie, Becky, Phoebe and Conrad. Morris was there too somewhere. They were troopers as it was a hot day!

Planting the flowers in their new home.  Afterwards we all went to Baskin Robbins!

Me with all the grand-kids. Next year, there'll be one more...Lindsey is due! 

My healthy girl Kelsie.  She also works full time and goes to NP school full time! 

Evie, Conrad and Becky

Josh and Evie

Tyler and Becky

Emily (Ransom's sister) and I eating delicious sliders with the girls.