Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stuck in the Muck

While Scott is in Mexico on a work trip, I'm handling the farm chores...or at least attempting to, as  you can see by the picture. I got home from work and saw the cows way up on the hill. Great, I thought, this is a good time to feed the cows. These cows make me a little nervous as our bull is huge and very intimidating and I like to feed them when they're not around.  I filled two five gallon buckets full of grain and ever so quietly opened the gate to the corral. The cows turn and look at me. As soon as they heard the sound of the grain hitting the trough, they come running. I hurriedly poured the other bucket of grain in the trough and made a dash to get out of their corral, but my boot got stuck in the cow muck.  It was deep too. I turned and looked and the cows were right there coming in.  I screamed for dear life, grabbed my boot and ran in my sock all the way to the gate. I got so tickled and thought of my sister Brenda and how she would have delighted in seeing this sight. Oh, the life of a farm girl!   

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Grain at the Co-op

Scott and I stopped at the Co-op in Morristown, filling up on grain for the cows and elk. We borrowed Randy's truck.  By the time we were done, his truck was covered with a fine dust. Don't worry Randy, it all blew off when we hit the road. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Beef and Backhoe

I picked up our beef today...eight tubs full.  McCoys did a great job vacuum packing it and the beef looked really lean. As he was loading it in the truck, I kept wondering if it would all fit in our freezer. The organizer in me got to work when I got home, emptying our outdoor freezer, bringing in all the chickens....30 of them.  I organized the beef into steaks, stew meat, roasts, cube steaks and ground beef.  Our freezer was full to the brim, but it all fit. The 30 chickens were put in our indoor freezer, Whew! We decided to take a year off of growing chickens since both freezers are full. I looked at our full freezers knowing we are so blessed and pray that we may serve others in our bounty.  Another exciting part of our day was our backhoe being delivered. So cool seeing it in our back yard.  The last picture is of Scott feeding the cows with lights on his tractor.  Thank you Ethan for your time spent in rewiring the tractor's lights.  Your Dad no longer needs to use his flashlight to see:)  


Monday, January 23, 2017

Tow Rope

Scott's Dad had given us a large thick rope and Scott recently cut off a small length of it to make a tow rope. He got on You Tube, watching how to braid the end into the rope, making a loop. No problem for my man. He made a loop on each end and now has a strong rope for towing. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coal Country

On the way home from Inez, heading toward Pikeville, we stopped along the road to take a closer look at the coal in the mountain. I remember when the boys were younger, how we drove out to Utah through Kentucky's coal country stopping to take a piece of coal home for them. Kentucky is a beautiful state, with rolling mountains, just layered with coal.  The coal is light weight and crumbles easily in our hand and the piece Scott found was layered with fossils in it. There are still many active coal mines in this area.  On the way home we also saw our first elk crossing sign.  "Stop," I said to my babe. "I've got to take a picture!" 

Inez, KY Backhoe Trip

Scott has been actively looking for a backhoe to start on our garage. He's been spending time each night checking eBay and Craig's list. A couple weeks ago Ethan and Scott took a trip to Atlanta, checking a backhoe down there with no success. Today, Scott and I headed to Inez, KY checking on another backhoe. It was a three hour drive, time well spent with my babe and I together. Scott mentioned this back hoe had everything he was looking for, CAT, 4 wheel drive, the controls he liked, plus an extend a hoe.  A big plus...it was in our price range. The owner was a very nice man  and watching Scott try it out, I knew this was the one. Even though it's used, there was very little rust on it. We put a deposit down, making the necessary arrangements for the coming week. Scott would never say it, but he seemed pretty happy about his new backhoe:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Miracle 7 Weeks Old

Miracle is 7 and 1/2 weeks old and growing by leaps and bounds.  She's on three feedings daily, taking 4 cups of formula at each feeding. She's also taking in a little grain and  nibbling on alfalfa. She paces nonstop, and seems so anxious to be with the other elk; at least she gets to look at them! We're looking at the end of February when she's fully weened as her release time. In the meantime, we visit Miss Miracle several times daily, petting and loving on her. My heart melts every time I look in her eyes♥ 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ethan Off to Cookeville

Time for Ethan to head back to school.  His classes begin on Tuesday and he wanted to get settled. We sure thank Ethan for all his help around the farm and caring for Miracle this last month while on break from college.  We pray blessings on your new semester Ethan.  God bless you!.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sugar Mountain Ski Trip

Scott and Ethan  joined some of the TRW gang for a night of skiing at Sugar Mountain.  It was a warm night with the crowds low, so they pretty much had the mountain to themselves.  Scott said they were the last ones off the mountain, skiing until the very end....who would have guessed! Ha! Everyone had a great time and arrived safely home. Thanks for the pictures babe. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Cows to the Butcher

Scott and Ethan loaded up two of our cows for a trip to the butcher. They spent the night in the cattle trailer as we needed to get on the road early.  The cows had plenty of hay to lay on and when they moved, it would cause the whole trailer to shake, sounding like rolling thunder.  Many times through the night I heard the thunder roll! Ethan and I left by 8:30 the next morning for our trip to McCoy's Custom Meats. Ethan did super backing up the cattle trailer on roads covered with ice.. and they were slick.  I said goodbye to our cows and took a couple of pictures while Ethan waited in the truck.  Our freezer will be full of beef soon.  I know this may sound heartless, but one of the reasons we raise cattle is to feed our family of men.  On the way home we stopped at Porter Tire to check a tire that was low on the trailer.  I can't say enough at how well Ethan did driving on our icy roads and backing the trailer up.  A big thanks to you son. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Our First Snow

Our first snow...Beautiful Tennessee! With temperatures dropping into the single digits at night, it was slow to melt, giving us some school snow days. Yahoo!   

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Little Kawasaki

Ethan has been working on projects this week.  He got our little Kawasaki running again. The boys learned to ride on this motorcycle so it holds many memories.  Hoping our grandchildren will learn to ride on it too...one day.   

Monday, January 2, 2017

Charles Heads Back to Cookeville

Charles said goodbye to Miracle, leaving back to Cookeville today to work.  School will start in a couple weeks.  We love you Bud and shower you with prayer.  

Post Note: Jan 11, 2017.  Charles text me this picture. He received his new winter jacket in the mail. Love the jacket and the one who is wearing it!