Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Brittney Comes Visiting

Brittney came over today and it was so nice to finally give her a hug.  Missed that girl.  She loved feeding Brad the Bull, bottle feeding a calf for the first time...and doesn't she look cute in those farm boots :) Brittney also brought her dog, Rocky, with her and we delighted watching him explore the farm and Bear. Rocky is a Shih Tzu and I shared how my mom loved that breed too. We sure love you Brittney.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Charles is Home

Charles is home! We haven't all been together since Christmas and we sure missed him. Charles has been busy this last semester attending school in Cookeville and working at Harbor Freight and Tools. He sure looked happy to be back home, checking out the farm and new changes. We took a selfie family picture for you and I'm one happy momma with all my men under our roof!  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Friends From Poland

Our friends, Maciej and Sandra, from Poland came over for a farm day.  Her daughter  (Natalia) and niece (Vicki) were visiting from Poland for the summer. I believe it was Natalia's first time to America.  One of the first things she fell in love with was Doritos and she was extra happy when I said she could take the bags home. They spent time learning about farm life, feeding our little bull, checking our elk out,  riding four wheelers and having a hamburger barbecue.  We sure enjoyed meeting the kids and pray they come back soon. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Ethan's Car Project

If you look around our farm, you'll see several old cars waiting to be restored.  Scott, Charles , Randy and now must be in the family.  Ethan brought home his project today and I imagine he'll be working on it gradually through the years as time and money permits. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Church Wide Pool Party

Our church held a back to school pool party tonight at our local city pool.  Swimming was open to all ages, however, most of our church family gathered to socialize while the kids swam.  Scott and Ethan were pretty much the only adults swimming, having some fun on the diving board. Our new pastor and his family are getting settled in their new house.  We thank the Lord for bringing him to our church and look forward to knowing him more. God bless you Pastor John. 

Adam, Pastor John and Associate Pastor Doug 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Picking Up Round Bales

Our neighbor down the road asked Scott if he'd like to cut his field and we could have all the bales too.  Great deal.  Scott spent several days cutting, raking and round baling. We ended up with 36 bales. Scott and Ethan spent part of the day loading up the hay, making four trips to our farm.

Brad the Bull is gaining weight

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Health Services Department 2017-18

A new school year is ready to begin, my 17th year as Director of our Health Services Department. Today was our annual nursing in-service and it's the one time of year we're all together.  School begins next Monday and then our clinics will be busy.  I sure love these women and consider it pure joy to work along side of them!  

First Row (L to R): Virginia, Regina, Amy, Lisa, Michelle, Heather, Misty and Rebecca
Second Row: Amy, Kristen, Sheleena, Tina and AdraAnn
Back Row: Melita, Lacey, Amanda, Debbie, Keri and Becky

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Randy's Truck Motor

The project for today...putting Randy's motor into his truck.  It's now bolted in, with the help of his brother. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Letter From Aunt Jane and Uncle Dave

Look what I got in the mail.  I knew it was from Aunt Jane and Uncle Dave before I even saw the address...the stamps were a big give away.  When we were together in NY, they had mentioned the huge stamp collection they'd recently received and plans to put them to good use...Christmas in July! I got so tickled with the address Becky "WC" Little, AKA White Chicken, named after what else, our white chicken (see my previous blog 6-5-17). Cute guys.  Inside the envelope was pages of our family genealogy  that Aunt Jane and Uncle Dave had researched. I set the envelope on the table to read when I had more time.  A couple days later, I was relaxing at our kitchen table reading through the information and I came to the last page, a picture of my possible ancestor!!  I'm still chuckling as I write my blog and will treasure this, keeping my chicken attached to the family history always.  We'll let our grand-kids look up the possible family line. Ha. Love you guys♥

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Brad the Bull Feeling Better

After a day of clear fluids and electrolytes, Brad the Bull woke up hungry and feeling much better! He is drinking a little over 2 qts at each feeding, two times daily. Cows are much hardier than elk and the no night feedings is a plus. 


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Brad the Bull Scours

Brad the Bull slept in the barn his first night as we were expecting a rain storm. In the morning Ethan carried him to his pen, no easy task as he weighed over 60 lbs.   Brad did fine that morning, sucking from his bottle well. That afternoon we noticed he was having diarrhea and starting to scour, a pretty common thing that happens to bottle fed animals.  We tube fed him, giving him electrolytes that night and the next day. He tolerated the feedings well. We also gave him a shot of antibiotics  to prevent any sickness.