Monday, October 31, 2016

ERBC Fall Festival

On Halloween, our church hosts a family fall festival for our community.  Our outreach has turned into an annual event and it's such a blessing for those that attend and for those that work it. We had over 400 attend this year.  Those that came enjoyed booth games with lots of candy, free hot dogs, popcorn, drinks and cotton candy, bouncy house, tractor ride and great christian fellowship!  Both Emily's in our church came all dressed up, ready to work their "duck pond."  Randy helped with the bouncy house and I was in charge of the registration table.  When Scott got off work he helped with the corn hole booth.  It was a wonderful night of service.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Aunt Jane and Uncle Dave Visit

Aunt Jane and Uncle Dave called out of the blue, saying they were heading our way.  They were finishing up an eight week vacation, driving across the county visiting friends and family. We were their last stop.  This is the first time to our farm and  they thoroughly enjoyed the cows and elk. They spent the weekend with us, visiting away and we made plans to meet in NY next summer at the Littles.  They surprised me the day they left with a ceramic chicken in honor of our chicken caper several summer's back...inside joke!   You can read all about it on my July 2, 2015 blog.  In August that same summer, "Beck the Chicken" was mysteriously  mailed to me, from you got it...Uncle Dave and Aunt Jane!  Well, when I arrived home from work I found another chicken sitting on the bed and he's a big one!  Thank you Uncle Dave and Aunt Jane. You guys are crazy!    

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Heritage Days

Our city of Rogersville does a great job with our annual Heritage Days. This is one of our favorite events and the weather was perfect this year.  We walked downtown stopping at the booths, running into many of our dear friends...which is the best part of Heritage Days.  The quilt show at the court house was beautiful and I'm in awe at our local talent.  We ran into Randy and Emily while visiting Bruce and stopped for a picture.   On top of that, our ERBC choir sang and it was a joy listening to them.  What a blessing it is to live in our community.  

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bowling Date Night

Charles and Tressa, our dear friends, invited us out for a night of bowling at our local bowling alley   Scott and I hadn't been bowling in years.  We laughed, ate pizza and all broke over 100 points!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Crawfish Valley

On the way home from New York, Scott wanted to visit Crawfish Valley, near where our Virginia farm is, to check out the muscadine grapes.  I really didn't want to stop as we had no protection with us.  In all the stories Scott's told, he's always mentioned having protection when hiking back there. Well, we did stop and ended hiking over a mile on the trail.  On the way back, Scott stopped suddenly, seeing a bear cub in front of us.  Was I nervous!  Scott mentioned something about not wanting to come in-between a momma and bear cub.  He whispers for me to pick up a stick and he pulls a knife from his pocket. We started our hike again, walking loudly, with me hiding behind Scott. We never saw the bear again... thank goodness.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

New York Trip

For fall break we headed up to see mom and dad Little and had the most wonderful visit.  The fall colors were out of this world gorgeous.  We arrived safely and spent the week visiting and working around the house.  Mom and Dad are doing well.  Dad had cataract surgery recently and it's weird seeing him without glasses; he wears glasses only to read now.  Good news is that Dad passed his vision test for his driver's license.  Scott hung out with dad in the shop and I got some quality time with mom who has hearing aides now...which means she can hear!   We visited with family, having a nice dinner at Perry and Darshan's and seeing the girls. We also spent an evening with Brian/Diane and kids, gathering around their table.  My husband, the great squirrel hunter, had a hunting paradise right at the Littles and I'm super proud of myself for frying him up some squirrel for dinner one night. Dad had a Havahart trap sitting on his deck. Not sure what he was trying to catch, but while we were there, he caught many birds.  He'd catch and release them throughout our stay, much to the delight of Tipper. We love you mom and dad and miss you so much while we're away.  May God hold you in His hand until we're together again♥