Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lake Day with Friends From Turkey

The parents of our friends from Turkey are here visiting and we had the pleasure of taking them out on the Lake. What a delightful couple. Khan's parents had the opportunity to tube for the first time and his mom was totally awesome, willing to try anything.  She got right in there and loved it! After our time at the lake we headed back to our house and gathered around the table eating goodies and sharing about their life in Turkey. What a blessed day!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Knit Tie For Randy

Randy's tie is officially done. I made some modifications to it and now it's completely finished....knitted with love♥

Friday, July 29, 2016

School Nurse Conference

Today was our school nurse conference, hosted by Kingsport City Schools....meeting up with other school nurses in our region. Very informative speakers on school nurse topics, lunch, venders and goodie bags equals a great conference.  Next week is in-service week for Hawkins County Schools, with school officially starting on August 8.  Back to school!   

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lake Day With Friends

Scott invited his new co-worker from Poland and his wife out on the boat for some tubing and lake time....they had a blast.  We met up with some of his other co-workers, taking their kids out on the tube too. Scott ended up having what I thought was a pretty serious crash..I got a picture of him in the air.  He was okay, but took it easy the rest of the night. These guys like to go fast, trying to throw each other off the tube...scares me to death sometimes. Scott said "me too!"  

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Working Up Our Corn

This was a summer of drought, but somehow we grew the most beautiful corn with very little worms. We grew Ambrosia and it's so sweet tasting.  Charles helped me shuck the corn and then headed to work, so I spent the rest of the day working up the corn. I did everything outside on our patio as it can be a pretty sticky mess.  I thought of the Littles as I used their corn holder they made us in 1986...a piece of wood with a screw in it to hold the corn as you cut it.  I was scalding the last load when Scott came home from work. He helped me clean up and bag it for the freezer.  We ended up putting 45 quart bags filled to the brim in the freezer this year. I was bone tired by the end of the day and slept good that night. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Snapshots

Blueberry picking is still in full swing.  We are picking over a gallon every couple days, putting them in the freezer for winter eating. Once in a while I get some rest time on my hammock, but there's so much to do on the farm...well, I don't rest as much as I should. Farm work never ends, but I wouldn't trade my country life for the city anytime.  On a side note, Scott found a cocoon in Grandpa's wood pile and we brought it  back with us to watch it hatch. About a week later it appeared to be turning moldy and we thought it had died.  The next day we saw a large moth in the cage! After taking a picture I said, "Welcome to Tennessee," and opened the cage to freedom.   

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Job For Randy

Randy is now working as a quality engineer at JTEKT, an automotive industry, in Morristown. With only 30 minutes away, I met him one day for's so nice having him work nearby. He's living in Knoxville with some of his Campus Outreach friends, but still manages to pop in almost weekly.   We are so proud of him.  Most of all we'd like to thank the Lord for answered prayer in opening up this employment opportunity for Randy, all in His timing.  

Friday, July 15, 2016

Rusted Skillet

We brought home a rusted cast iron skillet and griddle that we found in Grandpa's barn while in NY. We looked up on youtube how to remove the rust and it mentioned soaking them in white vinegar/water.  We let it soak over night and with a little scrubbing, we have new skillets.   

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New York Visit July 4-12

We had a wonderful time in New York visiting Mom and Dad Little! I couldn't wait to hug them and sure miss them now as I'm blogging; thank goodness for pictures. Mom and Dad were both feeling good and we were really encouraged with Dad doing so well, plus being compliant with his medications. Mom is his back up, helping him remember pill time!  We spent the days mowing, trimming, working in the garage, moving old snowmobiles, cleaning, scrubbing, laundry, window cleaning, shopping and cooking...whew! Our days were quite filled and I know I slept well at night! We visited with family and friends, ate some great lobster from first (thank you Perry and Darshan), Randy came over and made seafood stew and Dorothy Moles showed me how to make Baklava, one of Scott's favorite desserts. It turned out awesome! Scott and his Dad were able to drive to Mass., visiting Uncle Bill.  It was a brief visit, but one we're thankful for as Uncle Bill passed away several days after we returned home. So glad they were able to see him and thank you Lord, for providing that opportunity.  The last couple of pictures are of Mom which show her sweet personality. We were going through old pictures and found their wedding photo taken May 16, 1959. Beautiful! We sure love you mom and dad and count it all blessing being able to care for you. God bless you both and hold you in His hand until this fall♥