Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ERBC: Randy Speaking in Our Church

Randy taught our Wednesday night service in our church and he was so delighted to have been asked. He loves any opportunity to share the Word of God.  He spoke on four spiritual disciplines using a wheel diagram with spokes: prayer, reading your bible, fellowship and evangelism with the hub of the wheel being our union with Christ. He summarized it well. "The love of God turns our duty into delight!"  I know he challenged me in how well I exhibit these four disciplines in my life.

While we were visiting the Littles in NY, Randy spoke again. This time his sermon was video taped and you can catch it on our ERBC website.  Click on "Watch Video Sermons Only." Click on the Vimeo July 10...he's wearing a red shirt!  He spoke on "Being a Laborer For God."  We are so proud of Randy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sewing Time With Friends

Today was so fun, getting together with  my girlfriends and their daughters sewing rice packs with added essential oils. When the packs are heated in the microwave, they give off a wonderful scent. The girls each got new sewing machines for Christmas and this was an easy project to learn on. I really enjoyed helping them with their skills, passing on my love for sewing. 

Tennesee Drought

I came back from Utah in the middle of a drought. It hasn't rained at our place for over four weeks with all the summer showers missing us. The grass is brown and dying, with no need to mow. Needless to say we are watering our berries and garden in the evenings. I'm praying for rain. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Time For Good-bye and Hello

Good bye came all too quick.  I left totally exhausted, yet filled to the brim with the love I have for my family.  I thank the Lord for the wonderful memories  He gave us and that we'll hold dear in our hearts... and the love of a family that no distance can erase.  I love you dear sweet Brenda, my sister♥
I took the red eye flight, arriving at Tyson airport into the arms of my sweet husband.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Family and Friends

We had a wonderful visit with Mom and our sister Bonnie.  We met at mom's house together and then again the following week for lunch, going to Bonnie's house afterwords.  Both of their homes and yards are beautiful.  While there, we got to see Mike and hug him! He is battling an illness but was feeling better on the day of our visit and it's a visit we'll treasure.  I ask that you please keep my sister and her husband in your prayers.  Bonnie is an amazing woman who is showing us you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. She is currently taking her shed down and building a new one!  We thank the Lord for our visit and answered prayer....always in His timing.  I also took pictures of the house we grew up in, which is being maintained well and looks the same as when we lived there. Throughout my visit I saw dear friends and neighbors, ones that we hold dear to our hearts.  Our blessings are overflowing.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pool Day

Pool day equals fun day for the kids. After finishing up the engagement pictures at Sundance, we met the kids at Grandma Betty and Grandpa Joe's house for a swim. Brenda has wonderful in laws and they graciously open up their home for their family.  They've always included me and I sure love them. It was so nice hugging and visiting with them.  Joe recently had surgery and during pool time, the adults/older kids helped out with some yard work, showing the kids the joy of service. You can tell by the pictures that everyone had a blast.

Alpine Loop

We took a drive up to Sundance as Brenda was asked to take pictures for a friend's engagement. While Brenda was taking pictures, I took some myself.  I love Sundance and it's only about a 15 minute drive up the canyon from where we lived.  Brenda and I have both hiked Mount Timpanogos when we were younger and this is where we started.  After picture time, we drove through Alpine Loop to American Fork Canyon, taking in the beauty of the mountains.  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Cecret Lake Hike

This is a day we'll always remember...our short hike to Cecret Lake!  With backpacks packed and all the grand-kids in tow, we headed up to Alta Ski resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We left in the late afternoon giving us plenty of time for our hike or so we thought. When we reached Alta, we found out the road was closed that took us to the beginning of the hike due to snow coverage so we had to start our hike at the resort.  When we walked over a mile and a half  I could hear Brenda saying often...oh my gosh, we're not even at the beginning of the hike yet! Mind you, we had all the grand-kids and twins plus Tyler and Lindsey forgot their carrier for Ellie which meant he was carrying her the whole way. And this wasn't a stroll either, as the lake was above the tree line.   When we finally reached our starting point, we were only half way there.  I must admit the kids were troupers and hiked right along with us.  They actually made it look easy, playing in the snow, climbing rocks along the way and crossing creeks like a champion.  They were troupers alright. Brenda and I took our time, resting often and I'm so proud of her for keeping on.  We got tickled at one point looking at Josh and Kelsie, the true hikers who were well prepared for the hike with boots and wind breakers.  We reached Cecret Lake as the sun was setting.  Ashlee and Paul fed the twins, we ate and took pictures. the kids played, however, the promised salamanders would have to wait until the snow melted and  temperatures warmed up. As the sun dipped, the temps began to fall and we headed back down.  We took our time as the stress on our legs was more than I remembered. By the time we got to our car, it was dark and our legs felt like jelly, but we did it...our 6 mile hike was complete.  I walk three to four miles most days and I still wasn't prepared for how I felt.  That night we all collapsed and my legs ached most of the night. What a hike.  I know there are lots of pictures for us to remember our hike by and a big thanks to Brenda for carrying her camera.  The mountains are simply breathtaking and I thank God for His beautiful world.