Saturday, April 30, 2016

Visiting Ethan in New Johnsonville

We visited Ethan this weekend and you'll never guess what he had waiting for us...dinner.  He cooked a crockpotful of chili and this mom was impressed and delighted.  The chili was so good but the best thing was hugging him.  Ethan is doing his engineering co-op with Chemours in New Johnsonville, TN, though he actually lives in Waverly, about 20 minutes away. He's doing well, enjoying work and learning new things. We spent Saturday with Ethan showing us the area where he lived, attended church and Chemours.  That evening he took us to a fire observation tower that we climbed. I'm not sure how high we were, but we were looking down on the trees. When we were looking out at the view Ethan smiles and says "let me take your picture smile big."  Here I am thinking how considerate he was in offering to take my picture, but when I viewed the picture I saw food stuck in my teeth from our dinner.  I said "Ethan!"  and this time he smiled!  We're so proud of you Ethan and miss you like crazy, always keeping you in our prayers.  We'll be out again soon.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Strawberry Season

After Scott picked me up from having my car towed,  we headed to Martins Greenhouse to pick up our eight flats of strawberries that had arrived. Charles and Brittney were home and we all went to work, hulling  the strawberries. We had them in the freezer in 40 minutes!  It's true, many hands make light work. 

My Car Towed

This afternoon heading home from work, my car died on the highway.  I calmly pulled over to the side of the road and called our local Meyer's Towing.  Jason was there with the tow truck within 10 minutes.  By the time we dropped the car off at our local D&M, Scott was there waiting for me.  I couldn't ask for things to have gone smoother and thank the Lord for providing all my needs.   

Saturday, April 23, 2016

My First Mow

Charles mowed the first several mows of the season and today was finally my turn to get on our exmark.  I just can't describe how much I enjoy mowing and the satisfaction I get in caring for our land.  Today with the smell of fresh cut grass, blue sky and perfect was a good Tennessee day!  Scott tilled the garden and it's ready to plant, though we won't actually plant until May 5th, the best day according to the Farmer's Almanac. 

A Ramp For a Neighbor

A new command I give you; Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34

Scott, Charles and Steve spent today building a ramp for a local vet who had recently broken his leg and what an awesome service project they did!  Charles had called Shepherd's Center  and they graciously donated all the wood and supplies.  The men worked hard and at the end of the day the gentleman was able to wheel down the ramp and he was so appreciative!  God bless you Scott, Charles and Steve for your giving to this family in need. To God be the glory! 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Digging Holes For Blueberries

After Randy and his friends left back for TTU we spent the evening working on the farm, digging the beginning holes for future blueberries and plowing our garden.  We've got five more blueberry plants to get in the ground this spring...did I mention we love blueberries?! 

Campus Outreach Friends Visit

Randy, Hillary and Ben came for a visit this weekend, spending time on the farm; they are on staff with Randy at Tenn Tech with Campus Outreach.  They got in late Friday night and after a hearty breakfast, spent the day seeing the elk, riding four wheelers, go-karts and even checking out Randy's scrapbooks of his growing up years...they got some chuckles from that!   It was so nice having them over.  These guys have spent the last several years in ministry together and it's nice for them to see the farm and learn more about Randy.   Hillary got in there and kept up with the guys on the go-kart track and we sent her home all dusty!  Ben loved my cooking and I sent him back with homemade bran muffins and sour dough bread. Thank you Hillary and Ben for visiting and you're welcome back any time. Come again soon!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Chickens Moved to the Chicken House

After two weeks in the brooder, the chickens were ready to move into the chicken house. We came up with the idea of turning a pool upside down as a temporary house for them until warmer weather and their feathers come in. Scott cut holes in the top for heat lamps so it's nice and cozy underneath. Aren't they so cute!