Sunday, March 27, 2016

Randy Back to Cookeville

He is not here; for He is risen as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. Matt. 28:6 

Happy Easter everyone. We spent the morning with our church family, worshiping our Savior. He is risen...He is risen indeed!  Hallelujah!  We pray God's blessings to our family and friends on this very special day.  After church, it was time to say goodbye to Randy who once again headed back to Cookeville. Yep, our crazy Randy! We pray blessings on you as you minister and disciple the college students of TTU.  We love you. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring On The Farm

What a difference a week makes...Samson shed his antlers, our chickens grew, the grass turned green and the Red buds had blossomed.  Charles  had mowed and the back porch was cleaned with the help of Brittney,  even putting daffodils on our table.  A woman's touch for sure...thank you Brittney! I love the rearranged chairs with Bear's dog house in the corner.  Charles also worked on the go-kart track, smoothing out the dirt. No place like home. 

Hello and Goodbye

We took two days driving home from New York, stopping overnight in Staunton, VA.  We got home late in the afternoon to find Randy and Charles home....all my men together!   I quickly snapped a picture. We were not home more than 30 minutes when Ethan left back to west Tennessee, stopping in Knoxville to see his buddies.  We love you Ethan and thank you for making the effort to come with us. We'll be visiting you soon and always keep you in our prayers.    

Spring Break- New York

We spent our spring break in New York, with Mom and Dad Little. My dear husband surprised me by hooking up the goose neck trailer...a sure sign we were bringing something home. I was thrilled Ethan was able to get off work from his Co-op and spend the week with us. I sure miss that man when he's gone and there's nothing like a long road trip to catch up on each other's lives.  Right before we left, Scott remembered something...oh yeah, his CDs from the 80's!  The first morning at the Little's, I looked out their window and saw Becky, the chicken. She's the chicken that somehow sneaked out on the butchering last gal!   I took a picture for you Uncle  Dave!  Scott and Ethan spent much of their time out back with Grandpa, working on the wood for next winter.  I spent my time  with mom, catching up on the cleaning and cooking. She had recently fallen again, bruising her arm and spent much of her day resting.  And what did we bring home? Scott's 1948 Plymouth that he bought years ago.  One day it will be his retirement project.  We had a wonderful trip and a safe one, stopping once on the way home to change a tire on the trailer.  We send our love to you Mom and Dad and only wish there was some way to be in both places at once! You are in our prayers and we'll see you again soon. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chicks Are Here

Our little chicks arrived today at the Co-op.  All 70 of them are fine and peeping away.  They'll be in the warm brooder for a couple of weeks as they get their feathers. Hello spring! 


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Surprise Party For Doris

Later in the day we went to a surprise 80th birthday party for our dear neighbor, Doris. It was a small family gathering and we were tickled to be invited too.  She was in tears and totally surprised.  I had made her a special candy bar poster to let her know she was the "Swedish Fish" in the sea and we wouldn't trade her for  a "100 Grand!"   Randy was able to come as well and we all enjoyed visiting our neighbors, who are like family to us. Happy birthday to my dear, dear sweet Doris!