Friday, December 30, 2016

Laying Pipes and Wires

Ethan and Charles helped their Dad finish laying the electrical wires through the pipes and putting them in the ground. Scott will work on the junction boxes this next week. We all helped with pushing the dirt back in place and the saying is true that "many hands make light work." Thanks guys for all your help today! I took good care of them, baking them homemade pretzels for dessert♥  


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Underground Electricity to the Barns

Today we began our project of putting underground electric power to the barns. We rented a ditch witch from our local co-op and several hours later we were done. This machinery was worth every penny.  Ethan handled the ditch witch under Scott's direction as he worked backwards. The only snag in our digging was running through the water drainage pipe that leads out back.  We knew we'd probably hit it as it crossed the line where we were digging.  Scott will repair it tomorrow and also lay the electric pipes and wires. We sure thank Ethan for his willingness to help around the farm, working on our projects.  




Miracle's First Night in the Barn

Miracle made it through her first night in the barn. Scott, Ethan and I went to visit her the next morning; she seemed well and happy to see us.  We had carried her cage from the house to the barn so she'd have something familiar with her. We covered it with a sheet and also put a little heater in it for warmth if needed.  She drank all her formula we had given her the night before which was a good sign.  PS. The pictures are a little blurry as she doesn't stand still for long. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Miracle on the Loose

Miracle accidentally got away from Ethan. He had tied her up to the tractor while he was working on it and the next thing we knew, she was heading down the driveway dragging the leash behind her with Ethan running right behind.  Good thing Miracle stumbled in the ditch in front of our neighbor's house which allowed Ethan to catch her. Bet Ethan never ran so hard! We didn't say too much to Ethan as the lesson was learned by experience.  After visiting with Steve and Edda Sue and introducing Miracle to the cows, Ethan walked her back home, tying her securely to the tractor. The last picture is of Charles giving Bear a much needed grooming session. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Miracle Introduced to Her New Home

Miracle is now 4 weeks old, weighs 40 lbs and 31" tall at her withers.  Today, we started making the transition to her new home in the barn. Time to get her out of the house. We've given her a great start, but she is after elk.  Her new home for the winter will be a dog kennel, approx 10' x 10'.  We positioned it right next to where the elk come in to eat so they can see and hear each other.  To keep the winter drafts out, we put a large tarp over the chain link fence on three sides. On the side facing the elk, we draped a large piece of carpet that we can lift up on warm days so she can see the elk. Our primary concern is keeping her warm this winter.  Ethan walked her to the barn and her first day was spent pacing back and forth, making her squealing/crying noises often. I don't know if it was more difficult for her or us, but we visited her several times during the day. Later in the afternoon, we brought her back to the house for the night.