Saturday, October 31, 2015

Homemade Vanilla

This week I made 5 quarts of homemade vanilla and it was simple.  I ordered Madagascar Vanilla Beans from online...these beans have the best flavor for baking.  I simply sliced the bean lengthwise and cut them in half, putting them in a quart jar with 80 proof vodka.  It takes 5 beans per cup of vodka, so I put 20 beans in each quart.  Now all I have to do is gently turn them  each week and wait 6 months. I plan on buying cute little brown bottles with labels saying "A Little Vanilla." Catchy huh?  My sister Brenda (who made over 20 quarts), is going to help with the labels. They will make the cutest gifts!  

Friday, October 30, 2015

Scott's Trip To Mexico

Scott left for a TRW trip to Guadalajara, Mexico for two weeks.  While he was there Hurricane Patricia, a category 5 storm,  made landfall with Guadalajara right in its path.  The news said it's the biggest hurricane in world history with 190 mile sustained winds and 235 MPH gusts.  I put a request out for prayer through our church.  Scott called the next day to say the storm was very minimal and the power did not even flicker. It was the biggest storm out in the ocean, but when it made landfall, it broke up causing minimal damage- even on the coast.  Thank you Lord.  My babe made it safely home.   

Friday, October 23, 2015

School Field Trip: Longstreet House

Our 5th grade visited the historic Longstreet House in nearby Russellville, learning more about the Civil War history in our area. I got to tag along as we have several diabetics in this grade plus I was totally excited to visit this site so close to our home. The students rotated through stations with the volunteers  describing life in the Confederate Infantry and Calvary. Back in 1863 General Longstreet brought 25,000 of his troops to Russellville, setting up headquarters in the William Nenny House, known as the Longstreet House today. They stayed through the winter months, fighting battles in the area. It was the coldest winter on record that year with temperatures 29 below zero and heavy snow. Many troops died with the cold and disease. A hospital was set up in a nearby church which we also visited, along with the cemetery where many were buried. It brought to life the struggle of  having 25,000 men camped in the area, feeding them all.  In one of the rotations they discussed the types of weapons used by the troops and the volunteer chose me to shoot the black powdered gun. We also learned how they communicated with the troops through bugles, fifes and drums.  So interesting and  a great educational day. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jeremiah, Our Farm Helper

A while back, Scott had talked with Jeremiah, our youth pastors' son (who is in 4th grade), about helping out on the farm.   Months went by where it seemed like either Scott or Jeremiah were busy or the weather was bad. Every week in church, Jeremiah asked Scott when he was coming over and they finally got their schedules together today. Scott told me this cute story when he picked Jeremiah up. Scott had asked Jeremiah what he expected for pay and Jeremiah said "$18.00 per hour."  "Your gonna have to come down a little bit son," Scott replied. Jeremiah thought it over and said "Well, how about $8.00?" Scott just smiled and guess what he paid Jeremiah? Yep, $8.00 per hour! Jeremiah was a good help and one day he'll even be able to lift a hay bale! 

Megan's Baby Shower

Today was Megan's baby shower and we were so happy to share this special day with her.  My sister, Brenda, who owns Pebbles In My Pocket  graciously made the  invitations, banner and cupcake decorations with Megan's elephant theme...they turned out so cute!  Check out my sister's store for creative ideas in scrap booking!  Thank you dear sis♥ We really enjoyed meeting Jobe and as you can tell with all the gifts, they are surrounded by loved ones who are so excited for this couple. Congratulations Megan and Job. We can't wait to meet little Logan!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sour Dough Bread

Randy is home for a couple of days and loves sour dough bread. I used to make it when the boys were younger and it's a memory that's stayed with them. When we went to Cookeville last month, Randy mentioned he wanted to learn how to make sourdough bread. One of the ladies in his church had given him a starter...he's serious about this. I went home and began a starter and with Randy visiting this weekend, I made my first loaves. Yummy!  One thing about a sour dough starter, it gets better with age.  We'll see how long I keep it going. I thought I'd start a bread ministry...which my neighbors will be happy to hear about!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Randy's New Project...A Canoe

Randy is home this week on fall break and spent his time on his newest project...building a canoe. He's always had a love of wood and making a canoe is a pretty cool project. Randy worked on the pattern first. Before he left back to Cookeville, he chopped a pine tree down, one that was straight and tall for the future canoe.

My Utah Trip

My long awaited trip to Utah was finally the arms of my sister again! You can't begin to know how we both longed for this sister, my best friend. As Brenda posted on face book, let the sister time begin! I spent my week with family and friends, sharing simple ordinary days with them, walking my loved ones to school, picking out pumpkins, celebrating birthdays, hiking, visiting schools, eating and of course lots of game time around the table.  Each morning we went walking, visiting our neighbors and friends, sharing memories. As we get older, we realize more and more the best gift we give to others is our time with a simple hug and "I love you."  I cherished my sister talks, sharing our hearts  and the struggles and joys that come with life, encouraging one another. We know each others hearts and that's a pretty special relationship.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with this week.  Brenda and Larry dropped me off at the airport early in the morning and that evening I was back in the arms of my babe and Randy!