Friday, May 29, 2015

My New York Summer

Mom Little was admitted to Evergreen Commons, a rehab center, after being discharged from St. Peter's hospital. Our goal was to have her eventually come home. I have the summers off  which made it perfect for me to go to New York, helping care for Dad and Mom during this time.  Our friends, Mike and Pam were heading up to New York so I hitched a ride with them. I promise I did not talk their heads off...too much!  We drove up thursday, arriving that night and the next day Dad and I visited mom at Evergreen. We were so overjoyed to see each other.  We watched her do her PT and of course I took pictures. To be honest, she was anxious to leave Evergreen right then and there, but she still needed additional therapy to gain her strength back.  We visited daily and gave her lots of encouragement. It was so good to be in New York and even though I missed my babe, we knew this is where the Lord wanted me to be.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baby Elk

It's that time of year. We noticed Naomi hanging around the corner of the elk pen for the last couple of days.  Scott drove the tractor down, walking around the area looking for a possible baby and couldn't find one. All I can say is they hide well, because as Scott was driving the tractor back to the gate, we looked over to the corner and there was baby nursing with momma. It 's a good sign she's nursing.

PS May 30 Scott found the baby stuck in the pond. Apparently mom did not have enough milk. He tried to revive the baby elk, but it died the next day.

Ethan Off To Mountain Project

Ethan left for Mountain Project this morning through Campus Outreach Ministries. He'll be spending his whole summer in Pigeon Forge, growing in his relationship with the Lord, becoming a more fruitful laborer for Jesus Christ.  He's excited and yes, maybe a little unsure about how this summer mission opportunity will work, but he's going on faith and trusting God. He'll be building lots of new relationships and growing in God's word, sharing the gospel with others.  Plus, Randy will be there too, leading the group of college students. You are covered in prayer men. Have fun!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Bees Have Arrived

K and K Bees in Jonesborough, called Sunday morning to say our bees had arrived.  We had lost two hives this past winter, ordering more bees in March. K and K mentioned they'd had a difficult time getting bees this year, but they finally arrived. This morning Scott put them in their new home and I took pictures until the bees started flying everywhere, having to run home for safety. I know Scott is well protected with his bees suit on, but I checked on him several times just in case.  Scott opened up our hives then removed the wood door to the portable hive. Once he removed the can with glucose water from the portable hive, the bees started flying. Scott inspected the queen and found her healthy, dropping her and the rest of the bees in their new home. He put several quart jars of thick sugar syrup by the entrance to each hive for the bees to feed on until they are established.    

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lake Day and Hay Day

We took a break from the hay, going to the lake and meeting our friend, Charles, there.  We ended up going home and getting Bear too. He loved the water and had a blast swimming, staying right near us. After our lake break we headed back to the field and this time Ethan and Scott worked it together. The bailer didn't work well with the twine change and what normally would have taken a couple hours, took all afternoon and into the night. After we finished baling, I drove the truck while Ethan picked up the bales, handing them to Scott on the trailer. We worked until 9:30 picking up the last of the bales in the dark. Boy that Ethan worked!... and that's how I spent my birthday. Happy 54 to me.

Randy Leading Mountain Project

Randy left this morning for Mountain Project in Pigeon Forge, the summer ministry through Campus Outreach.This year he's over it, which is very humbling for Randy. God is at the helm! We will keep you in our prayers as you lead and guide these young adults into a closer relationship with our Lord. Ethan will be headed there in a couple days. We love you. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Loading Up the Hay

After chicken butchering, we all headed out back, picking up another load of bales. Charles came home from the river just in time!  The men worked hard, filling up both of the trailers behind Ethan and Scott's trucks. We worked until dark and will be at again tomorrow afternoon.   


Chicken Butchering Day

This year we planned chicken butchering day on Friday as Randy and Ethan were home to help. Wahoo! No chicken plucking for me as I was at work finishing up our last day of school. Yep, I was so tickled for my break this year. All day the men were on my mind, wondering how they were getting along and I came home to a pile of feathers and chicken feet...they did just fine! Plus, Randy took lots of  pictures of their day for me. The chickens were still on ice, waiting for butchering and while Scott and Ethan were in the field baling our hay, Randy and I got to work butchering all 57 chickens together. I must say that Randy kept me entertained for several hours with his wit, saying in his finest English accent "Sir, I've escaped from the orphanage and I'm hungry, can I have your gizzard please?" Where does he come up with that!  Actually, Randy did most of the butchering while I cleaned and bagged them. He told me again of his desire to be a butcher one day and trust me, he'd make a great one with his skill and personality. I can see it now..."The Little's Meat House!" We had the job done in no time and our freezer is full...gizzards and all. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bays Mountain

Today, for our end of the year field trip at my school, the 4th grade went to Bays Mountain. I've always wanted to go there, but never had the opportunity, so I was excited to tag along with them. I also went as the school nurse, caring for my special little guy who is diabetic...we took a selfie together :) He'd been to Bays Mountain on several occasions so he filled me in as we visited the animals.   We started off with a movie in their planetarium on the planet Pluto and why it's not considered a planet anymore. Next, a ranger took us on a tour, pointing out the wildlife and animals that are native to Tennessee. We saw deer, bob cats, raccoons and of course the wolves, which is what Bays Mountain is known for. After lunch we visited the wolves again, saw lots of snakes, visited the raptor area..I loved the owls! and walked across the dam.  It was a great educational trip and most of the questions the ranger asked, our 4th graders knew.  What a great day. Tomorrow is our last full day of school and everyone is excited about summer. I'll miss our kids and will keep them in my prayers....they'll be back as 5th graders before you know it.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hay Cutting

One of my favorite times of the year is hay cutting time and today all the farmers were out in their fields, including us. Randy and Ethan cut the back field and Scott came home from work to a job well done. I also took a few farm pictures, showing you how big our chickens are.  I sure love our bees and chickens!  Our chicken butchering day is planned for this Friday, while the men are home. This year will be a treat as I'm working that day so I'll  miss the plucking part...darn!