Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sleepy Salve

My dear friend, Debbie, who works with me at Hawkins Elementary, has started making creams and lotions with all natural ingredients and essential oils.  She gave me a sample of  Sleepy Salve to help me sleep better at night and my dear husband wanted to try it too. We both slept good and I've been using it almost every night since!  Debbie also makes homemade deodorant which Scoot is using and likes, especially since it's made with all natural ingredients. You can find these awesome products and much more on her website called Kenda Naturals. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We finally Made it to the Saw Mill

Our goose neck trailer has been sitting in the front yard of our neighbor's house since November.  It's a long story. We started out last November with plans to haul our logs over the mountain. Scott was sick with pertussis and should have been home resting, but instead was determined to take his logs to the sawmill over the mountain. It was already dark and we got as far as Lakeview Market (less than a mile away) when the truck's alternator went lights. I think it was the Lord telling us not to go over the mountain in the dark with a heavy load of logs! We drove the mile back home and parked the trailer and as we parked it, the truck's transmission went out. Yep, it was a sure sign not to go over that night.  Today, we finally made the trek over the mountain, and I was happy to do it in the daylight as those switch backs can be a challenge.  All went well, picking up our wood the next week, cut and ready to use for our barns.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Randy Sold His Truck

We said goodby to Randy's truck today. He sold it to Josh, an old friend that Randy knew.  The truck has seen Randy through his growing up years and it was kind of bittersweet watching it go. I quickly snapped a picture for you Randy.     

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chickens Arrived

Our chicks arrived at the co-op today. We ordered 50 chickens (Cornish Cross Rocks) and were expecting them on Monday.  They came in today and we learned they got lost in the mail with only 36 surviving.  It breaks my little heart to think about those chicks sitting at the post office literally dying of thirst.  Alex and Leeann at the co-op took good care of our chicks, giving them plenty of water and feed until we could pick them up this afternoon. They ordered us replacement chickens which should be here Friday...these things happen. Scott and I got the brooder ready and they're all tucked in for the night, toasty warm. I just love this time of year, hearing their little chirps...they are the cutest little things! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Randy Is Home For Spring Break

Randy was able to come for the weekend on his break, just returning from Florida!   He had spent five days on the beach with a bunch of college kids involved with Campus Outreach. I believe he was happy to spend time at home "chilling" and resting up. He got lots of friend time in with Preston and Josh and we also had our friend, Mike Flemming, over for dinner one night. Today was extra special as Scott's co-workers were in from TRW. Ivan is from Shanghai and Buck was from Indiana.  We met for lunch and then had them over to the farm, giving Ivan the new experience of 4 wheeling.  It was so good to hug each of the boys this past week and cook for them.  Miss you Bud!  We sure love you guys and you're always in our hearts and prayers. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ethan Is Home For Spring Break

What a difference a couple weeks can make. The snow is gone and spring is in the air.  Ethan came home on his break from college, staying a couple days. He left back early for a hiking trip with his buddies from school. While home he helped Scott remove the vents from the roof in preparation for our metal roof, visited with friends and hung around with us.  He left with freshly baked cookies and lots of goodies from Yoders for both him and Charles.  We love you both.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Extreme Vagal Response

It's been a crazy couple of days, both for my babe and I. Scott hasn't been feeling well lately, running a low grade temp, night sweats, plus the pertussis cough he's still battling and on top of that, the stress from work.  Sunday morning he awoke throwing the covers off of him, saying, "I don't feel well." Next thing I knew he was turning this yellowish pale color, eyes rolled back and he stopped breathing... I thought he'd died. Everything happened so quick.  I immediately called 911 and as I was talking to them I could see his color returning. After several minutes I was finally able to take his BP 90/70. This whole thing reminded me of his vagal response he had several years ago.  Even though he was alert and coherent when the EMS arrived, I thought it was a good idea for them to transport him to our local hospital to be checked out.  As he got to the hospital, he had another small episode with his HR dipping down to 40, but he came out of it. They started an IV, hooked him up to an electrocardiogram to monitor his heart and allowed him to rest. About 2 hours later he says, "It's happening again" and he stopped breathing. Before I knew it the Dr and nurses came running in, grabbed his bed and took him to the cardiac room down the hall, with the Dr. shouting orders. I just sat there, crying and praying like never before. Scott opened his eyes to see the Dr. holding paddles about ready to put them on his chest. Thank goodness this vagal response was recorded! The Dr. showed us the cardiogram strip:  2 second asystole, small 1/4 of a beat  then 8 seconds asystole with another 1/4 of a beat and another 3 second of asystole before his heart starting beating again.  To make a long story shorter, they shipped him to CCU, Holston Valley Medical Center, Kingsport to be monitored, thinking he may need a pacemaker. Scott was in CCU for one day with lots of monitoring, blood tests, echocardiogram and all the tests came back normal. Three cardiologists conferrred, saying it was an extreme vagal response.  Most vasovagal responses have your heart slowing down, but his nerve said stop for 8 seconds! A robust response they called it.  He was sent home after a good talk on safety and how Scott should get on the ground when ever he feels these episodes coming on so he doesn't fall and injure himself. He also needs to be aware of the triggers that bring these episodes on:  illness, dehydration, exhaustion and not eating. They said he would have these episodes again and to be safe when they occur.  I asked at what point do I call 911 and they said if Scott should have a siezure or if his heart stopped more than 30 seconds.They also mentioned Scott has a low resting pulse of 50 and low BP and recommended him eating more salt and fluids to build up blood volume. Scott has told me many times how he feels so much better when he eats salt and now we understand why. I'm so glad my babe is okay...he just needs to take care of himself so he doesn't get overly exhausted. Thank you Lord for watching over my babe.