Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Tree Cutting

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Your beauty green will teach me, that hope and love will ever be, the way to joy and peace for me

Scott, Ethan and I headed out back to cut our Christmas tree down, choosing the perfect one from the white pines growing on our farm. Actually, it's not a perfect Christmas tree like the Frazier furs, but we chose a good one. It has several little pine cones attached to it and will have country charm once it's trimmed with lights and ornaments. Randy caught up with us later as he was gone hunting.  The tree is already in it's stand in front of our living room window waiting to be decorated.      

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Let the  peace of Christ rule your hearts...And be thankful.  Col 3:15

Happy Thanksgiving from Tennessee. Once again we were blessed to gather around the table with our family and dear friends. I'm not sure how many years we've all been together and we were trying to figure it out over thing for sure, is the love we feel for one another.  I thank the Lord for each of you: Nana, Steve, Frank, Susan, Kenny and Leah Beth and Brittney and of course our men and my babe.  One of our favorite parts of the evening is our tradition of going around the table, sharing what we're thankful for. I love listening to the responses, seeing how we've all grown and changed through the years. The Lord's blessings are indeed overflowing. After our goodbyes, we ended the evening with the men and Scott and I playing card games. We got our Rook cards out and with a couple calls to Utah (thank you Tyler and Lindsey, plus I got to hear Brenda's voice ever so briefly!), we played Canadian Salad and Lucky Unders.  We send a special Thanksgiving wish to our families in NY and Utah and even though we can't all be together, our hearts are♥

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I made good use of my snow day yesterday- I finished sewing the tepee I'd started for my dear friend at work. She has children ages three and five, just perfect for a cool tepee to play under this holiday. As you can see I made this one out of camouflage material.  For the poles I used PVC pipe and painted them a camouflage green. Scott helped me drill the holes at the tops and put the end caps on, plus the tepee is collapsible for easy storage.  It brings a smile to my heart, knowing the joy it will bring this family. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our First Snow Day

Woke up to snow and our first "snow day" with our school system.The concern is, it's only November and we're already using our snow days.  Today's high is 22 degrees and tonight will dip down to the low teens...burrrr. Winter doesn't officially start until December 21st.  This may be a cold, snowy winter. I'm tucked in with Bear, hot cocoa and my bible study.  

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Quick Visit By Randy

Randy is moving into a new apartment and came home to pick up some furniture. He drove home and back to Cookeville in one day so it was a quick visit, but we'll take a hug anytime we can. Randy spent part of his day catching up with Josh next door, helping him skin a buck he shot in Indiana the day before...a good sized one too. He also helped Bear get used to his new actually took Scott and Randy both to push Bear inside as he wouldn't go in.  The rest of the day was spent with Randy loading up furniture for his new apartment; one of our couches, desk, end table and kitchen dishes and table we picked up from the VA farm house. He walked around the house saying "Can I have this?"  It reminded us of  ourselves when we were newly married and going to Scott's folks, asking them the same thing! Scott and I have always wanted a lazy boy recliner and now with one of our couches gone, we have room.  Love you Randy!    

Friday, November 14, 2014

Scott off To Shanghai

Scott is finally home from his TRW trip to Shanghi, China.  Two weeks was a long time and I sure missed my babe.  Below are pictures of us dropping him off at the airport in the early morning hours. I must admit I cried a little, imagining the two weeks without him. Somehow the time passed and I thank the Lord for his safe trip home. He brought back cool gifts and it's always like Christmas watching him unpack his bags.  Welcome home babe. 

Scott coming home

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hand Print Memory

The picture Brenda took of the boy's hand prints at our farm in Virginia brought back wonderful memories of when we first had the hand prints done. Charles was four years old and Randy was just two.  We bought our farm in 1990 and in August 1991 Grandpa and Grandma Little and Uncle Howard and Aunt Barbara came down for a visit. They helped us put in our back walkway...what memories! I'm so glad we took pictures. 

Charles and Randy's hand prints October 2014

Uncle Howard and Grandpa

Uncle Howard, Grandpa, Scott and Charles

Scott and Charles

Here we are helping Charles put his hand prints in the cement

It's Randy's turn

Grandpa, Scott and Uncle Howard. See our goose in the background?!

Grandma and Aunt Barbara

Here is our farm 1991

Our farm today

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Last Mow And Stuck!

It was a beautiful Saturday, and our last warm one before our first "polar vortex" arrives next week. A perfect day to get in the last mow of the season.  I love to mow and took my time enjoying the blue sky, colorful mountains...a time to talk with God.  We have two muddy areas in our yard and somehow the wheel of the mower got stuck in the mud by our apple trees. The more I tried to get out of it, the deeper I got...I was stuck. I tried pushing it and of course it wouldn't budge. Scott was in China with TRW, so I headed next door to see if our neighbors could help and found out no one was home.  What's a farm girl to do?  "I can do this," I said. I got Randy's truck and backed it up to the mower, hooking a tie down strap to his bumper and tying the other end to the lawn mower. Yep, I pulled the mower out and I was so tickled I did it myself.  I undid the strap, parked Randy's truck and continued with my's amazing what a person can do when they need to!   After mowing I finished raking and smoothing out the dirt where our septic repair was, spread grass seed and put two bales of straw over it for winter. Scott will be so pleased when he comes home. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chairs Restored

This past summer while in New York, I was prowling around Grandpa's barn and found these metal chairs...great find.  We brought two of the chairs home with us to restore for our patio.  Scott helped me take the chairs apart and then I took them to Dave's Sandblasting.  He put a dura-coat finish on them, guaranteed to never rust again. I picked the chairs up this week and I'm so pleased with them...they turned out beautiful!  Thank you Dad and Mom Little♥