Monday, October 27, 2014

A Visit With The Men In Cookeville

On Wednesday, Brenda and I headed to Cookeville to see the men. I sure miss them, but knowing they're all together in the same town brings me happiness. They try and get together once weekly to stay connected.  Brenda loved the university and when she saw the men, tears came to her eyes...a lot of love went into the hugs she gave them!  We met Randy at his apartment and then headed over to Charles and Ethan's apartment to give Charles a quick hug...Ethan was in class. Charles showed us the cool aquariums he's built. We met up with Ethan in the library later that afternoon, which was a hoot in itself, seeing us scout the library, trying to locate him.  We went shopping with Randy and then visited Washington Ave Baptist Church where his Campus Outreach office is. Randy even played us a simple song on the piano...imagine that!  After eating lunch we chilled in Brittney's apartment playing games while Ethan and Charles finished up with their classes.  Then it is was off to the park where we watched the sun set, ending our day at Cracker Barrel together. I'm sure all parents feel this way, but we're so proud of our men, each on their own journey and growing in confidence with each passing day. They're in good hands with each other, but most importantly in God's hands.  

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Visit from Brenda

Brenda is here for a visit and some much needed sister time for both of us. She flew in while we were still in New York so she spent the first couple of days with Nana and visiting the Vissers, our dear friends in Mt. City. I finally got to see her Sunday afternoon and the hug was sweet indeed!  I sure missed her. Sometimes phone calls are just not enough. There is no one like my sister who accepts me unconditionally; we have a love that runs sister deep!  We spent most of our time hanging around the farm working...or should I say she took pictures of me working:)  Most of the pictures she took made it on her instagram before I knew it. Brenda got some much needed rest and quiet time in. We spent one day visiting the men in Cookeville and another at our farm in Virginia doing more clean up. We also went to Scott's co-worker's wedding where Scott and I danced and I believe that made it on Brenda's instagram also....there are no secrets!  We played games, shopped, made burritos and talked and talked. I don't think she cared what we did as long as we were together and I feel the same when I'm in Utah.  I love my sister♥ Thank you God for allowing this over her and her family until we're together again.  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

NY Bound

We headed to NY to visit the Littles during our fall break....just Scott and I♥ We took our time driving, stopping at a Hampton Inn to break up the 14 hour trip.  I got so tickled with Scott walking in the Hampton with his farm boots on.  Why, it wouldn't take two guesses for someone to realize we were from Tennessee.  We arrived  in NY the next afternoon and with a hug to Mom and Dad it was like we were just there. The Lord blessed me overflowing when He brought me Chuck and Lil!   We had a great trip spending time together as a family. Scott spent his time out in the shop with his Dad and I spent time with mom in the kitchen, cooking.  We did lots of visiting with Perry and Darshan and Randy and Jennifer.  One night, Randy cooked for us-Red Snapper, Veracruz Style. I felt like I was eating in a five star restaurant. The weather was wonderfully warm and the color of the trees breathtaking. We love you Mom and Dad and please know you're in our prayers daily. On the way home we stopped in Crawfish Valley, VA to check out the muscasdine grapes we picked years ago and found the place. And as we left Crawfish Valley I couldn't wait to get home...Brenda was waiting for me!

Mike, Chuck and Scott working on that wood pile

I love their home throughout the seasons

Scott trying out his new nut picker upper.  He brought the acorns back for our elk.


Uncle Randy preparing the Red Snapper

Scott and his Dad

Scott and Brian

 Chuck and Lil

Randy and Jennifer

Perry and Darshan

My babe and I