Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sheid Diesel Extravaganza

The men left early Friday morning for Terre Haute, Indiana to attend the Sheid Diesel Extravaganza. This year Jesse was able to go along and we were so delighted. Thank you Mary and Jerry! It's a 9 hour drive and they had a great road trip stopping in Cookeville to drop Ethan's truck off at his apartment and hitting restaurants along the way. Scott says that Terre Haute becomes diesel town for three days and you can see in one of the pictures, it's diesel truck city. They spent Saturday watching the dynamometer, touring the new technology building, seeing trucks all decked out at the Show and Shine, attended the drag strip and truck pull (which rained out this year). It was a guys trip and if you love diesels, this is the place for you.  On the way home they stopped in Nashville to show Jesse the Opryland Hotel then dropped Ethan off in Cookeville.  Their last stop was in men's trip is complete without a stop at Bass Pro plus eating in their seafood restaurant. Thank you Babe for taking lots of pictures. 

The truck pull got rained out. They got a down pour.

Ouch..I cut my finger on the barbed wire!

View from their hotel. Look at all those trucks.

Opryland Hotel, Nashville TN

Church Softball Playoffs

Today was our church league softball tournament.  Randy and I've been playing ball all summer with our church and Scott was able to play one of the games. Today was our playoff tournament and even though Randy and Scott were out of town, I played. I must admit I've always loved softball, but playing ball at 53 is a whole lot different than 20....and yes, I was the oldest on the team! One of the rules for church softball is each team has three women; trust me, it's not because I can play well. Once in a while I can still slug the ball, but mostly I'm out at first base. I was tickled today because I had one good play, catching a foul ball. It'a all about fellowship and we have a blast. I wouldn't be honest without saying that winning the game is good! Today we played Shepherd's Chapel. We ended the game tied and in the 9th inning Shepherds finally got a run in, winning the game. They moved on to play the Methodists and we were out. Good game!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Appalachian Fair

While Scott and the guys were in Indiana, Mary and her daughter, Rheanna and I, went to the Appalachian Fair in Gray, TN.  I love this fair as it's big, but small enough where it still has a country flavor to it. It was Rheanna's first time to the fair and she took home lots of memories. We started our day going through the 4-H livestock buildings seeing lots of sheep and cows.  I loved seeing tradition carried on with families gathered, watching their children show their prized sheep. We toured the museum on Appalachian history, went through the Economics Buildings seeing all the canned goods, garden produce, quilts, flowers, bees, photography display and homemade crafts.  The Wildlife Building had lots of exhibits of snakes, ducks and fish. In the Career and Technology Building, they had displays from each local high school featuring their clubs and activities. Rheanna joined the the HOSA group at our local Cherokee High and we took her picture at their display. We ended our day going to a Christian concert in the band stand featuring For King & County and Francesca was an awesome concert plus I realized I knew many of their songs.  Mary had reserved us tickets on row 18 so we sat pretty close. Throughout both their concerts, they shared their testimony and by the end of the evening we felt like we'd been to an awesome worship service! One of my favorite moments was singing Amazing Grace with King And Country with everyone's flashlights shining from their cell phones. God is so good.  Below are  pictures of our special day.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Septic Problems

We've been having problems with our septic system lately and decided to call our local plumber, Warner Works.  It didn't take long to see our tank needed to be pumped.  The last time it was pumped was almost 9 years ago. They said we may also have a partial blockage in the field line, but there's a possibility that may correct itself now that it's pumped out. We did learn something new...In the past we bought packets of enzymes you add monthly to the septic system to encourage the right bacteria growth and they were expensive.  Our plumber recommended just adding a quart of buttermilk and 2 packets of yeast monthly and that would have the same results, plus a whole lot cheaper.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Precautionary ER Visit for Scott

Scott was working in the barn, moving the old bales of hay around to make way for the new and got into a wasp/yellow jacket nest.  He was stung 4 times before he knew it...once on the head and side and twice on his arm.  With his history of anaphylaxis, I grabbed the epi-pen and  we both decided to head to the ER to be on the safe side. He never did exhibit enough symptoms for the epi-pen so I held off. He had some minor swelling of his eye and the ER gave him a shot of prednisone and benedryl which put him to sleep and snoring like his dad.  I got so tickled as I thought the whole ER was listening to him! They watched him a couple hours for any delayed reaction then let us go. Even though he's highly allergic to honey bees, he must not be to yellow jackets. Still glad we were cautious though. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

2nd Hay Cuttings Begin

Time for our second cuttings to start. Scott cut this lower field and one of the soy fields a couple days ago and today we put up over 100 bales of hay and soy combined. I drove the truck and Randy picked up the bales.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Peach Cobbler Smoothie

Today in the mail we received a special letter from Mom Little with a recipe for a Peach Cobbler Smoothie. She reads our blog faithfully and knew it was peach season.  We had all the ingredients for the smoothie and made it for our evening snack.  It was delicious and we knew Mom would be tickled if we blogged it! We miss you and Dad and send our love♥ 

Ethan Off To College

Ethan is now a junior at Tennessee Tech.  He worked all summer at Sekisui Manufacturing, saving his money for school and this morning he packed his truck and headed to Cookeville. School doesn't start for another week, but he went up early to set up his apartment and get together with buddies. We miss him already.  Randy said with Ethan gone the food will last longer....right!! Thank you Randy for taking this picture.  We love you Ethan  and are so proud of you.  Glorify the Lord in all you do.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Samson Is Losing His Velvet

This evening I went out to the garden to pick some corn for the elk and noticed Sam was losing his velvet. His antlers are kind of bloody for a couple days as he scrapes it all off. Gideon now has spikes and we call him our "Little Spiker."   The elk love to eat corn picked from our garden and Simba, our cat, follows us wherever we go.