Saturday, June 28, 2014

Helping Hand

Our neighbors, Josh and Jessica, are adding a porch to their home and Scott, Randy and Ethan have been lending a helping hand. Hopefully soon, Jessica will be swinging on her porch!

Release Of New Cows

We bought a new Angus cow from Butch, our friend and neighbor while living in St. Clair.  He sold us two heifers a couple years ago. This morning we released them in our pasture.  Only one of them is ours and the great news is she's expecting and ready to calve any day.  The others are Butch's cows that will be bred with our bull.  We've already named her Lucy.

Randy, Butch, Jaycee, Scott and Bear.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scott Is Home From China

Scott's home from China and Adam, his co-worker from Shanghai, traveled back with him.  We all drove to the airport to welcome him home. Scott was not feeling well as he was in a car accident while there. Scott was in the back seat (seat belt on) and his driver was doing around 40 mph when their car was t-boned.  All were okay, however, Scott's chest and neck are sore whenever he coughs or deep breaths and now that he's home we'll have him checked out.  I thank the Lord for his protection.  So good to have you home babe!   

Ethan Turns 21

All last week I was wondering what to get Ethan for his birthday...something special since he was turning 21. I kept thinking what makes Ethan tick...what really excites him?  Ethan is so quiet and such a thinker that I had no clue. I asked several times what he wanted for his birthday and all he could think of was fixing his truck's axle, which in my mind wouldn't be special at all. I called Charles.  Charles and Ethan roomed together last year and Charles knew exactly what to get him...Arduino!  "Ard what?" I said, and had him spell it for me. I had no clue and turned to the internet to find it was a micro controller. Charles came home yesterday and while Ethan was working, Charles, Randy and I secretly headed to Radio Shack and bought an introductory Arduino kit and some accessories. We were so tickled and couldn't wait to see Ethan's face when he opened it. First thing this morning Randy and I had him open his gift and we weren't disappointed as he was thrilled!  I nonchalantly said, "Charles is going to love this! and Ethan replied, "I'm not gonna to tell him for awhile...he'll never know."  Randy and I smiled and showed him our Radio Shack picture!!  Happy Birthday Ethan.  We love you!  

Friday, June 20, 2014

Home Made Wedding Gift

Randy's friend, Martin, from South Eastern,  is getting married this Sunday in Georgia. Randy's been enjoying working with wood and he's spent this last week making Martin a special home made pen out of the box elder tree from our front yard.  He also made a box out of the same wood to store the pen in...the red color throughout the wood is beautiful. What a special wedding gift and I know Martin and Chandler will treasure this for many years to come.  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Putting Up Hay for Scott

While Scott is in China we thought we'd surprise him and bale the back field.  The weather's been hot and dry, perfect for baling.  Randy cut the hay on Monday, raked on Wednesday and Ethan handled the baler; it worked so good...the best ever in fact, spitting out bale after bale.  We had sold our hay to our neighbor, Kitty, who's also the mother-in-law of our youth pastor. She lives just up the road from us so we took our loaded trailer to her farm and had great little helpers waiting on us. Thank you Jeremiah, Sam and Molly! This morning Randy and Ethan took the last load over, barely beating a summer rain shower. We delivered a total of 211 bales and will deliver the rest of her hay at our next cutting.  Thank you Randy and Ethan...I've never seen our men work so hard!   

Monday, June 16, 2014

Shanghai, China

Monday morning came too quick.  We were out the door by 4:00 AM to make the drive to the airport for Scott's trip to China. Randy came with me to drop Scott off and after a quick picture we headed home...I was already missing my babe.  About 10 minutes down the road Scott called for us to turn around as he had left his small knife in his pocket. I ran to meet him inside the airport at the security area to pick up his knife and time Scott arrived at his terminal, they were loading his plane.  We text throughout the day and he called me the next morning to say he'd arrived safely in Shanghai.  

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lake Time

After working on the barn roof, we headed to the lake nearby for some much needed relax time. As we were putting the boat in, it began to rain. Scott was determined to go, so while all the other boats were coming in, we were going out. I huddled under the cover feeling like a drowned rat and wanting to go home, but within minutes changed my mind...we saw the most beautiful rainbow!  On top of that, we had the lake to ourselves for skiing with not a boat in sight. Ethan drove the boat, while Randy and Scott skied to their heart's content.  Thank you Lord for your beautiful rainbow and our family time before Scott heads to China. Miss you Bud. 

Barn Roof Repair

As you can tell by the pictures , it was one of those rare, low humidity, beautiful days that remind me of Utah. The sky was so blue and the clouds white and fluffy...Tennessee is beautiful! Scott, Randy and Ethan spent part of the day repairing the barn roof, replacing the tin. Samson kept looking up wondering what was going on and Randy hammed it up for the camera. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Windows For the Chicken Barn

Randy's been filling his days with projects around the farm and the chicken barn was on his list.  He removed the tin from the chicken house and has finished one side, complete with windows.  Our dear friend, Jerry, came over and helped out.  The open ends will eventually be two big barn doors so we can use the chicken house as storage in between chicken time. Good job Randy. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bike Time With Friends

Jerry and Jesse came over for some bike riding time with Randy and Ethan.   Jesse got a new bike this past week and was anxious to ride with the guys.  Later, we all sat around visiting, playing with our new kittens, commenting how dry it was and how we needed a good rain for our soy beans.  Clouds were starting to form above and Jerry mentioned how he's been praying for rain. "The rain will come sister, just watch."  And the rain came just like Jerry said, with the guys dashing for cover.  Jesse helped Randy change the shock on the 4 wheeler while Jerry and I visited on the porch, sharing how the Lord was working in our lives. It was one of those lazy summer days, spent with our good friends.  Later that evening another storm rolled in, bringing wind, rain and hail. Jerry called and said "looks like I prayed too hard!"

Monday, June 9, 2014

Planting Soy Beans

A year ago we watched a farmer plant soy beans in the field across the road and Scott's been thinking of growing soy beans for the elk ever since. Last week Scott had a guy come out and spray poison on several of our hay fields in preparation of the soy beans. This past weekend Scott rented a seed drill from our local coop to plant the beans.  The machine drilled holes in the ground, putting a soy bean in each's a cool process.  Ethan helped his Dad run the tractor, going over each field several times. Meanwhile, the poison is doing it's thing, killing all the grass.  With a good rainfall, the soy should be popping up soon.

Stronger Oak Bat

Randy was ready to make another bat, this time out of a piece of oak his friend, Preston, had given him. He put it on the lathe and began shaping it.  Charles came home from the river for the day and all the men pitched in and gradually a bat was formed....I'm so amazed they know how to do this. They sanded it smooth and it turned out quite beautiful!  The next morning Randy and Ethan tried it out in our field and it passed the test, holding up hit after hit without a dent in the wood.  He's ready for our next church softball game!