Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Bees Have Arrived

We had lost two of our bee hives over the winter and our new bees arrived this week. Some of you may be thinking you can't believe Scott is still working with bees after being stung and almost dying of an anaphylactic reaction last year. What can I say, but this man loves his bees and he's promised me he's taking every precaution by wearing his bee suit and using his smoker.  He checked each hive, inspecting the frames and removed the unwanted wax (I've got lots of beeswax for candles.)  Scott smoked the new bees, making them lazy before adding them to their new home. The last thing he did was add the queen. He repeated the same process with the other hive and I'm thankful to say he didn't get stung all night. I admit I was a little worried and had an epi-pen with me just in case.  

Our chickens are growing.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.  Come, see the place where the Lord lay.       Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter from our family to yours.  We spent the morning in church, worshiping our Lord and celebrating His resurrection...He is risen indeed! Charles was unable to come home and Randy came up with the idea of taking our family photo with his picture...to let him know how missed he was! After church we had our dear friends, Jerry, Mary and their kids Morgan, Rheanna and Jesse over for an Easter luncheon. Of course they got the motor bikes out and Jerry rode a motorcycle for the first time since having a stroke.  God is good!   At the end of the day Rheanna had a small wipe out on the minibike getting burned on her leg, but all in all she was okay and so brave.  We bandaged her up, gave her an ice pack and Bear gave her a hug. It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine made extra special with our friends. At the end of the day it was goodbye time for Randy and Ethan as they both left back to college. We love you and send our love to Charles. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Truck Projects

Throughout his week home, Randy's goal was to get his truck running again. His truck had been parked out back since last August when the clutch went out of it. He worked almost daily on his truck, putting in that new clutch and by Saturday he was taking it for a drive! Ethan's front right wheel of his truck was making noise so he took that wheel off and found the problem. I'm glad both of their trucks are running safely! 

 Kenny and Leah Beth coming over for a visit

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bee Net

Every spring the carpenter bees (or as they call them around here...bore bees) come out of the woodwork!   They look like huge bumble bees, hovering around the barn.  I read that the females bore into the wood for their nests and the males are the ones that hover around and actually don't sting you.  In the past, we hit them with bat. This afternoon, Scott mentioned he wished he had a net to catch them. I went into the house and made him a net, out of a PVC pipe and a hanger.  I had some netting material left over from my wedding dress that I sewed 29 years ago...I can't believe I held onto it that long.  It made a perfect net and pretty I might add!  I sewed it around the hanger and then hot glued the end of the hanger into the PVC pipe.  Scott tried it out and caught a bee!  

Ethan is Home

Ethan arrived home last night and I ran out to greet him with hug. First thing we noticed was how long his hair was as he usually keeps it buzzed.  It looks good!  He spent the day around the farm, helping his dad.  Scott, Randy and Ethan removed the tree stump in front, got the mini bike running, spread old hay in the elk pasture and tilled the garden. It was a productive day. We miss you Bud and send our love♥

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dogwood Winter

In Appalachia, we have three spring time winters: Redbud, Dogwood and Blackberry Winters. Sure enough, each year when the dogwoods are in bloom, a cold snap will come known as Dogwood Winter.  Below is a picture of the red dogwood in front of our school that I took this afternoon.  It's so beautiful! Tonight we have a hard freeze warning with temperatures expected to drop to 24 degrees, which will kill all the blossoms.  Not only are the dogwood blossoms in danger, but also the blossoms on our blueberries. Scott and I spent  time covering all our blueberry plants with sheets and black plastic. I thought of Grandma Timber as I put the sheets on our plants as most of the sheets came from her home♥  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Adam Visiting From China

Adam (his American name) was back in Rogersville for TRW, visiting from Shanghai, China.  He's headed back home tomorrow so we're glad to have him over for dinner before his leaving. It was so good to see him again. He loves the farm and the elk and enjoyed meeting Randy for the first time, with Randy sharing about his visit to China. For dinner I made a typical country meal of meatloaf, potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli, which Adam seemed to enjoy. Adam brought us a gift of cupcakes and watermelon for dessert. Josh, Keeley and Riley also came over for a visit and we all sat around the table talking with the kids enjoying the cupcakes.  Adam invited us to his home when we're ever in Shanghai :)

Randy was working on his truck and covered in grease and still let me take his picture.

Randy and Riley

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Randy is Home For Easter Break

Randy is on Easter break from Southeastern and it's so good to have him home...I think he feels the same. He's so ready for a relaxing break.  He spent his first day going to the shoot out in Kyle's Ford with his dad and then off to the lake fishing with his buddies. This morning we went to church sitting next to Tom and Sherry who were visiting from Clinton.  Our church family greeted him with hugs.  Randy has lots of projects lined up for the week.  We're looking forward to Easter and are hopeful to have all our men home at the same time!  Love you all. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Logging Adventure

Scott purchased five poplar logs a couple days ago to be cut into lumber for our chicken house.  He knew a guy at work, Mickey, that had a lumber mill which sounded perfect for our needs.  Mickey met us on our road so we could follow him to his house.  He mentioned he lived 3-4 miles from road 31, which was about 5 miles down the road. Great. We followed Mickey up 31 thinking we'd be stopping in 3 miles, but we soon realized that's not what he meant. We started up the mountain switch backs and mind you, we're hauling 10 tons of logs and these are big switch backs, driving over the mountain. To make a long story short, after smoke coming from the transmission, oil pressure dropping, temperature gauge reading hot, and burned brakes, we finally made it to his house on Clinch Valley road, about 3-4 miles off 31 like he said :) On top of this we almost ran out of diesel...thank goodness for the "Last Chance Market" at the bottom of the mountain in Thorn Hill. Mickey's house was set high on a hill and we knew our truck wouldn't make it up their driveway. We stopped across the street at a church where Mickey and his brother hooked up their tractor to our trailer with plans to haul it up their hill.  Well, their tractor made it half way up their hill when it got stuck, blowing a tractor tire.  After fixing the tire, back down the hill they took our logs and decided to try their other driveway entrance. That looked just as steep to me, but by the grace of God, they made it! I took a picture from the top of their hill to show you  how high up they lived. The saw mill was in their back yard (bottom picture) and not at all what I pictured a saw mill to look like. They unloaded the logs and Scott said we'll pick up our boards in a couple days. And that was our logging adventure. We are still wondering how one has a saw mill business in such a difficult location to get to!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Samson Lost His Antlers

Samson lost his antlers a couple days ago.  Scott found one of the antlers by the barn and saw the other by the pond in back....he'll have to go in with the tractor to get that one. The area where his antlers fell off is already healed up.  You can tell Samson is kind of shook up right now without his antlers to protect the herd. His antlers will be growing soon enough.

Jonesville, VA Farm Auction

This morning we went to a consignment farm auction in Jonesville, VA, about a 30 minute drive past Clinch. When we arrived, there were trucks parked everywhere...the place was packed with farmers. I stood in line to get our number and Scott scouted the auction. He was looking specifically for a hay tedder. They had one there, however a part on it was broken so Scott decided not to bid on it.  We walked around, checking out the tractors and farm equipment, listening to the bidding.  Scott got to talking to a farmer who we found out went to school with our next door neighbor, Danny! We left without bidding on anything, but it was a beautiful day for a drive, plus I was with my babe♥