Sunday, September 29, 2013

Feeding Time For Our Cows

Scott was feeding our cows and I quickly got the camera. We give them a little sweet feed a couple times a week and boy, do they come running when they see Scott....they love that feed. We have one cow, one bull and one steer that we'll be taking to market soon.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Payne Wedding

Today we celebrated TJ and Allyson's wedding. TJ was one of Randy's good buds growing up and Randy was honored to be a groomsman. It was kind of a reunion for him, as many of his friends were also in the wedding party. The wedding was outside and simply beautiful. If you look at Randy, he's wearing his rattle snake boots. I took lots of pictures, but somehow forgot to take any pictures of the bridesmaids...they were dressed in orange dresses and wearing cowboy boots too. Very cute.  It was so good seeing Randy even though it was a quick visit. We pray God's blessings upon the union of TJ and Allyson. 

Gabe, Josh, TJ, Patrick and Randy

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Farm Auction

Today was the estate auction of Sammy Young, our neighbor and friend from St. Clair. Besides being a farmer, Sam owned and operated the country store next to Di's Diner.  I remember one day, when Randy was around 8 yrs old, he loaded up our red wagon with corn from our garden, wheeling it to Sammy's to sell. He came home with $50.00!  Sam passed away recently and I listened to many of the farmers talk about him fondly, sharing memories. There was a big poster at the auction telling how Sammy lived in St. Clair all his life and that one of his last wishes was that his equipment would be used by people in the area on their family farms.  Scott bought the disk (below) to use on our farm and we'll always think of it as Sammy's disc...we'll put it to good use.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Babe is Home

Scott traveled to Pamplona, Spain this past week on a work related trip and was he missed!   I was so happy to meet him at the airport tonight with a hug. Welcome home babe♥  

Gideon's Spots Almost Gone

While Scott was in Spain I fed the elk each night and I 'm happy to say there were no mishaps this time.  Our Gideon is growing and his spots are almost gone. I also took a picture of the field across the street.  For the last several years, weeds have been allowed to grow in the field. About six weeks ago, the owners sprayed weed killer on it and then planted soy beans...look at the field now.   

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Toad Stools

 I took these pictures last month, keeping this blog in my drafts and finally decided to post it.  Mushrooms are common in the east, but thought they would be unusual for my family out west to see.  I really like the name toadstools instead mushrooms, mainly because I love little toads and the Frog and Toad children's books♥  August in Tennessee brings hot days, foggy mornings and air thick with humidity...conditions ripe for mushroom growth. The toadstools below seemed to grow in a couple of days; the previous week I mowed over one three times as big!

Monday, September 9, 2013

An Unexpected Blessing

Scott and I were working in the hay field this evening when I looked over and saw Doug, our music minister, walking across the field toward us with his farm clothes on, ready to help. Earlier at work I had mentioned to Rena, my dear friend, that Scott and I were putting up hay that night, never dreaming she'd mention this in passing to her husband! To say we were surprised put it mildly...we were so overwhelmed at his kindness.   Doug helped me load the hay onto the trailer while I drove the truck and Scott finished baling.  Then came the tricky part of loading the hay into the elk barn.  I always get a little nervous opening the gate and watching Scott drive the truck in their just never know how the elk will react.  While Scott and Doug unloaded the hay, I took pictures. One of the pictures reminded me of Christmas, but it wasn't snow falling, it was hay flying everywhere. Doug said it had been 20 years since he'd worked in hay and we sent him  home drenched in sweat.  Thank you so much for blessing us tonight Doug. Words can't express how grateful we feel at your thoughtfulness. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Charles' Move To Cookeville

We helped Charles load up and move to Cookeville today. He found an apartment near Tennessee Tech's campus, across the street from the Hooper Eblen Center.  Right now he's taking a couple courses at Nashville State Community College, Cookeville Campus, with future plans to transfer to TTU.  His apartment is unfurnished so last week I went to our local Shepherd's Center and found a used table and chair set, couch, a couple chairs and a bed...perfect for college; I think he was pleased.  We took one last picture of Charles and Bear before we left and headed down the road, meeting up with Ethan when we arrived. Ethan's living nearby in the dorms this semester and it was so good to hug him. Plus Brittney, and her mom (who was visiting), came over and we all  had peach cobbler that I had brought.  Charles apartment is fairly big with one large bedroom; plenty of space for another roommate...who may just be Ethan one day. Before Scott and I left, we took the boys to Cracker Barrel and then on to Walmart to fill Charles' fridge and cupboards, helping him get started until his job with Home Depot starts. We're so excited for Charles and his decision to go back to school. Sure gonna miss that guy.