Friday, August 30, 2013

TRW Test and Tune Night at the Drag Strip

Tonight a bunch of the TRW gang got together at the Cherokee Dragstrip to test their cars...or in other words, race them! It was fun to watch the many cars entered, all with loud hot rod engines. My favorites were watching the street motorcycles and the dragsters... and man, were they loud and fast.  Scott tested our red Firebird several times throughout the night to find out how fast it could go on the 1/8 mile track.  We spent the night visiting with friends and even ran into our neighbor, Dennis. It was a guy's night and I ended up really enjoying myself, plus I got to spend the evening with my babe. 

Travis, Emit, Scott, Becky, Jesse, Mary, Jerry

Buck, Steve, Martha, Jerry, Mary, Jesse and Emit

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another Hay Day

Tonight was another day in the field putting up hay, and we couldn't do it without the help of our dear friends. Jerry drove the tractor while Scott worked on the baler. Mary and I went around straightening some of the rows up; the hay is so thick this time of year. Meanwhile, the kids jumped at the chance to ride the motor bikes :)  When loading time came it was Mary, the kids and I, to get the job done. We worked in teams picking up bales together and stacking them on the trailer, five rows high....those kids can work! I'm so proud of our little farm hands as they didn't stop until all the hay was loaded. I'll pat Mary and myself on the back also...we kept up with them! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Salsa and Peaches

It's been a busy summer and finally found the time this past weekend to make our salsa and put up peaches for winter cobblers.  I bought a bushel each of roma tomatoes and  peaches from our local produce market and spent Saturday canning the salsa and tonight putting the peaches in the freezer.  Anyone who cans salsa knows it's time consuming to peel all the tomatoes and chop everything up, but it's so worth it. This year our salsa has a little extra "kick" to it as we added banana peppers from Mary and Jerry's garden; and just the right amount, if I say so myself... it's delicious. My favorite part of canning is hearing the ping of the lids as they seal, music to any canner's ears.  I ended up with 18 quarts and wondering if I should make another batch. Scott and I did the peaches together; Scott pealed and I sliced and within an hour they were bagged in the freezer, enough for 10 cobblers...our family's favorite.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shucking Corn with The Justice Family

Tonight Scott and I went over and helped our dear friends, Jerry and Mary, put their corn in the freezer. Our Sunday School class had planted their garden this past spring and it was nice seeing how the garden produced. Mary had never put corn in the freezer so we showed her the process step by step. After the men picked the corn, we all sat around shucking it, laughing and talking away.  We brought our little stove over for the scalding, and after removing the corn we ended up with 11 full quart bags....which they'll enjoy this winter. Jesse tried his Halloween costume on for us and I had Scott snap a picture as he was just too cute! We ended up taking the corn shucks and some of the stalks home with us for the elk. 

Ethan Off to TTU

Ethan left today for his second year at Tennessee Tech University.  He's getting so independent and this year left on his own; we know he's anxious to see all his buddies and get settled as classes start on Monday.  He stopped by my work to say good-by and so I could give him one final hug! We love you Ethan and are so proud of you!  

A Surprise Visit From Randy

Last night I stopped by Susan and Emily's house for one last visit and who do you think greeted me at their door?  Yep, Randy!  I quickly hugged him and then got filled in how Randy arrived late that afternoon...he had traveled 6 hours to see Emily one last time before her trip to China in the morning!  He had class that next day and  planned to leave early, early in the morning to make it back. Emily was thrilled♥ I didn't get a picture of them together, but I did get a picture of him at home when he briefly stopped by to change the oil in his car...then back to Emily's house. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scott's Co-Worker From China

Scott was involved with a global meeting at work, where engineers from around the world meet together to discuss ideas; this year the meeting was in Rogersville.  We were able to have Adam, from Shanghai, China over for dinner.  Sometimes I don't know what to cook for guests we have from other countries. Tonight I served tilapia, wild rice, and a variety of vegetables, which he seemed to enjoy. He loved the farm and rode a motorcycle and four wheeler for the first time. We enjoyed learning more about his country and of course mentioned Emily and where she worked!       

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Diesel Run At The Cherokee Dragstrip

This afternoon we headed over to the Cherokee Dragstrip, a couple miles from our house. As Scott says, he needed to "test his motor."  Today was the diesel run where the trucks got to race each other, seeing how well their engines reacted.  Scott ran his truck about 5 times down the strip, competing against other trucks. Boy, the sound of a diesel truck sure gets your motor runnin!  We ran into Preston and his dad while there and got some visiting time in too. It was a fun day and Scott now has a baseline for "future modifications to his truck."  

Off To Southeastern

Randy just left, heading back to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Raleigh, NC. He got up bright and early as classes start tomorrow.  We watched him sort through things, packing and loading up his car, also sending him frozen chicken, pork roast, his frog legs (from frog gigging last week) and a homemade peach cobbler made just for him.  I guess he's set. After a family prayer, we sent him on his way; the hardest part was yet to come...saying good-by to his Emily.  As I'm writing this he's at her house giving her one final hug. She'll also be leaving to China this week for her last year of teaching. Being separated will be more difficult this year, especially since just becoming engaged♥  We thank the Lord again for these last several weeks, watching their love grow. God is good indeed!  So, we pray God's protection  upon them as they leave, serving the Lord and sharing the Good News of Christ...after's all about Him.      

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dyno Day For The Buick

Today was dyno day for the engine of our 1974 Buick Lesabre.  Scott, Randy  and Ethan spent the day in Mooresburg putting the engine on a dynometer which tells the horse power and torque of an engine.  Randy said he was "pumped" watching it and that the engine peaked at 380 horsepower with 516 foot pounds of torque...whatever that means!  It's a guy thing :) 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rafting Down The Ocoee

Ethan drove to Cookeville this weekend, meeting up with some of his college buddies at TTU. On Saturday they all drove to Chattanooga for a day of rafting down the Ocoee River and they had a blast.  After they finished rafting they stopped for a group picture.  Thanks for the picture Ethan! It won't be long till he leaves for his sophomore year of college.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My First Professional Pedicure

Today I experienced my first professional pedicure and it was a little taste of heaven.  Emily and her mom, Susan, called and invited me to go with them for a pedicure. I had never done anything like this before. We sat in chairs that massaged our backs (and buttocks!) while our feet were soaking in special solutions.  I watched as they cut away dead skin from around my toes, buffed my feet, massaged my feet/ legs and finally applying the pretty pink nail polish I had picked out...nothing too attention drawing due to my big toe. My favorite part was getting to know Emily and Susan better, laughing and sharing was a total girl time. Thank you Susan for my special treat and our growing friendship♥   

Randy and Josh

Josh  came over last night for a visit; Riley and Keeley are growing up so fast and they all love seeing Randy. We looked at the elk, picked blueberries, and the kids jumped on the trampoline.  Next thing I knew Josh and Randy were planning to go frog gigging, bringing Riley along.  What an adventure for that little guy. Randy left with his spear later that night and I woke up to find a cooler in the hallway with three frogs on ice. A successful night :)

Josh, Keeley, Riley and Randy

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Cutting in August

It's hard to believe we're still getting our first cutting of hay in. We needed three hot, sunny days of no rain and that's been hard to come by this rainy summer.  Tonight Mary and Jerry, their kids and Emily helped us bale and get our hay in. No way does Jerry let his stroke stop him. He drove the tractor all evening with Scott working on the baler. Yes, the baler is still having difficulty tying the knots, but everything seemed to work out. Mary and Emily drove the truck and the kids helped in between riding the motorcycles! Emily is turning into quite the farm girl, acquiring a tick and even helping load some bales onto the wagon.   A big thank you to our dear friends for all your help.