Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun Day For Summer Mountain Project Leaders

This evening was Fun Day for the Campus Outreach Summer Mountain Project leaders staying in Pigeon Forge this summer...all 25 of them.  Every year the leaders plan a day outing, taking a break from routine. This year Randy called us, making arrangements to meet at Cherokee Lake with the boat and wet bike. Scott brought the boat and Ethan brought the wetbike. Ethan ended up knowing many of the gang as they all go to school at TTU. Jason, our youth pastor and his family also met us at the lake with his pontoon boat, taking groups out on it.  This group came prepared!  They brought a barbeque grill, food, coolers of water, desserts, utensils, inner tubes and even a table. We got them all to the site where a tree swing was and they set up camp.  They took turns on the wetbike while Scott and I took groups out on the tube.  I had a blast taking pictures...for several it was their first time out on the tube. The most memorable stunt on the tube was watching one of the guys do a complete roll over and stay on, right in front of the crowd! Before we knew it, it was dark and when Scott and I got back with the last group there was a campfire, chicken on the grill, potatoes and corn on the cob!  Everyone was so polite and appreciative of us coming out with the boat.  Believe me, the blessing was all ours!  Around 10:30pm we headed back to the boat ramp (on the other side of the lake) along with Jason. We realized all too quickly neither of us had working boat lights, but Jason did have a light he wore on his head! We made it back and are thankful to the Lord for the almost full moon He provided! It was a wonderful day, spent with these awesome young men and women!  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Evening With Friends

What a blessing today was, having our dear friends over for an evening of fellowship.  Judy and Leonard celebrated their 50 year anniversary this past week and we wanted to do something special for we got on the phone and plans were made. Mary and Jerry and their kids came over too. Their son, Jesse spent the whole evening on the mini motorcycle, taking to it like a fish in water.  Before we knew it, Ethan was on his motorcycle and they were both off to the mountain, having a blast.  We put the trampoline up for the girls and spent the evening laughing, telling stories and enjoying each other's company.  We had a delicious hamburger barbecue, then topped the evening off with homemade ice-cream!  Randy called and we all got to say hello to him.  Missed you too Charles...and hope all is going well at the river.    

Josh and Steve helped carry our new patio table.  We decided to go with a concrete table as it's underneath our walnut tree!

Mary, Judy, Leonard, Scott and Becky, Jesse and Jerry

Jesse and Ethan

Morgan and Rheanna

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Visiting Randy in Pigeon Forge

We visited Randy in Pigeon Forge while on his Summer Mountain Project, meeting him at First Baptist Church of Pigeon Forge.  We had a wonderful time worshiping our Lord and meeting all his friends and church family.   This year Randy's job at Dollywood is working at the Country Fair, helping out with the kid's rides. He seems to be enjoying his job and mentoring these young men.  Please continue to keep this group of men and women in your prayers as they grow in their discipleship, serving the Lord.  After church we all went to McAlister's Deli for lunch and then took a tour of the Titanic Museum, which was so informative. We are praying for you daily Randy! 

Randy's room mates: Dave, Shell, Randy, Braden and Kirby

Scott, Becky, Ethan and Randy

Friday, July 5, 2013


 It's a boy!  Gideon was born June 16 and appears to be doing just fine.  In the evenings all the elk can be found in our front field feeding on the grass and we enjoy watching Gideon with mom (Sarah).  The pictures are taken on telephoto so they aren't the best quality..this is one of those times I wish I had a nicer camera.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ethan's Haiti Mission Trip

Our college mission team returned safely from Haiti late last night. Ethan had a wonderful time and said it's a time he'll never forget. The team drove to Atlanta, flying to Fort Lauderdale, then to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Missionaries met them at the airport, driving them to Leogane, where they stayed the week with them. During their stay, our mission team focused their time in evangelism, splitting in two groups,walking throughout the local homes talking to people about their faith and Christ. Ethan mentioned some people they met believed in voodoo. The language spoken is Creole, a mixture of French and Spanish so they had an interpreter with them.  They also handed out bibles in their own language to these families. The best news is that throughout the mission team's stay, 7 people accepted the Lord as their Savior! What an awesome experience to be part of the gospel being spread  and lives changed for eternity. God is so good!  All the kids love seeing missionaries...and the gifts they bring. Our mission team brought clothing, shoes and balls for the kids. I'm sure they made lots of friends.  Ethan says he hopes to never forget this's the first time he's seen kids that were starving with little food, clothing or shoes- conditions that we rarely see in America. Haiti is still recovering from the earthquake they had several years ago. I'm so proud of these men and women being willing to spread the gospel in Haiti and know this was a life changing trip for them all.    Below are some pictures of the trip.  

Sam, Tyler, Ethan, Ale, Renee, Lea Beth, Emily and Agusto.