Saturday, June 29, 2013

Uncle Randy and Jennifer Come For A Visit

Uncle Randy and his girlfriend, Jennifer, arrived Tuesday for a visit and it was so good to see them! Their first night here Randy made us a "Decadent Chocolate Cake" topped with strawberries in balsamic vinegar and sugar.  Yes, I was impressed by the delicious cake and his culinary skills in the kitchen! We spent lots of time visiting and showing them the quiet life of East Tennessee.  We ate at some of our local great restaurants, taking them to Amis Mill and McKinney's for lunch.  Friday night we headed over to  River Place on the Clinch, listening to some good blue grass music. One evening we were able to take them out on our boat, showing them Cherokee Lake.  They loved the farm and Jennifer had a great view of the elk each morning from her window. Thank you Randy and Jennifer for an awesome visit and your time mowing, weeding and fixing our broken glass door window (my sweet husband locked himself out of the house while we were in Utah!). They left early Saturday morning to get a start on their 14 hour drive home.  We send our love with you both!

Jennifer's view from her window...did you see our new baby elk?!!

While at River Place we ran into our friends, Martha and Steve.   

Monday, June 24, 2013

Leaving For Haiti

Ethan left this morning with our college men and women for their mission trip to Haiti.  Charles and I just got home from Utah  and while driving home, we saw the church van in front of us!  Charles and Brittney were able to catch up with the van and wave to Ethan! We're so proud of Ethan and these young men and women for being willing to serve the Lord through this mission trip. We can just imagine the impact the orphanage will have on them...a life changing impact!  Please keep this team in your prayers. Happy Birthday Ethan!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Becky and I ran down to Lowe's Extreme Air Sports in Provo Saturday night to watch Charles, Ransom and the kids have a great jumping time... I think the trapeze was a huge favorite and Phoebe was happy doing her somersaults all in a row :) 


Even though it's not winter, there's still plenty to do at Sundance Ski/Mountain Resort up Provo Canyon...including riding the chair lifts up and biking down their trails.  This evening Charles and Ransom did some amazing mountain biking down the trails and had a blast.   

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wasatch Crest Trail

The guys headed up to the Wasatch Crest Trail area for mountain biking... I believe that Charles has gone on more mountain bike trips this past week than most go on all summer... the guys were right. Charles was most definitely their ticket out this week and they had a great time. He loves Utah and will hopefully come back for another visit soon. 

Quick Dip

It was one of those days... should we go or not go? It was a bit cloudy and windy but we took a chance and headed over to Larry's parents. Water was perfect as always, but for me it was the getting out that was the problem. Cool and breezy! Kids had a good time, Becky and I were quickly in and out, doing our best to get warm. Conrad of course was the last to get out. We also found out that Larry's Dad rolled his golf cart today and was at the ER getting checked out. Thankfully, he is okay.


We headed up Southfork Canyon for an 'everyone brings their own' picnic dinner and playtime. Once the sun started going down, it got cold quite quickly and we bundled up in blankets to keep warm.

Game Time

Becky's trip this year is centered around Charles. The guys are mountain biking most days... many times during the day. Ransom said it best... Charles is our ticket out! They are having a great time and it is so good to see Charles loving Utah. We are happily watching over the little kids with the girls and hanging out... with plenty of smaller hikes, card games like Canadian Salad, Rummikub, walking, biking and reading. Life this week has been filled with a lot of noise and plenty of love and when the guys are done... they often join in :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stewart Falls

We have been hiking up to Stewart Falls the last few times Becky has been here. It is still a beautiful hike that is perfect for kids too. Tonight we had a few hiccups and started a bit late and we were not quite prepared for the cold in Utah mountains when the sun starts to go down. Thankfully we had big people jackets for the little ones and they stayed warmed. We ate a quick dinner and headed back down before dark to card games at home :)



The girls no longer wonder where I get my lack of shopping sense (their words). Becky and I clearly came this way :) "These two cannot go shopping by themselves" was over heard. We found a great deal on a coat at Eddie Bauer which was Kelsie approved. Seeing her different facial expressions as we showed her what we liked was priceless. In Kelsie's world, she believes that buying one top in only one color is a must. For Becky and I, buying a favorite top in all the colors makes sense... maybe even a smaller size to tuck away for a hopeful day. I see it as a major time saver. Thank you Kelsie for coming along and doing your best to guide us... both frustrating and fun!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mountain Biking the Upper Timpooneke Trail

Tyler, Trevor and Charles started this mountain bike ride up on the upper 
Timpooneke Trail and headed down towards the G on the front of 
Timpanogos having a great time along the way...

Friend Time

Catching up time with friends... Becky and Anita (daughters McKelle and Alexa too) visited non stop this afternoon. It was wonderful to see them :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quick Moab Trip

The guys are in heaven. With Charles here, they have a green light to show him a great time... a win win all around.  Charles, Ransom, Tyler, Trevor and Rick. They have had a great time! Took off last minute Friday night, slept under the stars and got up early and rode "The Whole Enchilada" an insanely crazy downhill trail that thrilled them. We are just grateful they made it back in one piece... something they don't always do. I will never forget seeing the look on Charles face as he told us the stories :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Becky and Charles

Our countdown to Becky and Charles time has come!  They flew in at midnight and Kelsie, Ashlee and I went to pick them up. Becky immediately said she liked my new natural salt and pepper hair, delivered with a big smile and giggles (I think she was surprised). Time has stopped while they are here. Today we just hung out and hiked up Bridal Veil Falls towards the end of the day. Tyler and Charles went on a couple of mountain bike trails and the guys are planning a quick trip down to Moab on Saturday. I know I have so much to be grateful for, but of all my wishes, it would be to have Becky nearby. Today was a good, noisy day and Becky was completely surrounded by the grandkids.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Charles and Becky's Utah Trip

Charles and I are off to Utah. Can't wait to see my family, mountains and feel that dry air with no humidity...and I'm so glad Charles is coming with me this year!  The next several blogs are from my sister, Brenda.  Once I get to Utah I turn all the picture taking over to her :)

Timpanogas  Mountain taken from Brenda's yard.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunday School Class Garden Planting

This evening, some members of our Sunday school class helped plant Jerry and Mary's garden.   We're all in the same class....Jerry had a stroke over a year ago and through faith and the grace of God, Jerry's health is  improving weekly!  We came up with the idea of putting a garden in their yard which would be so therapeutic for Jerry and healthy too.  Jason, our youth minister, had tilled their garden and we all brought various plants and seeds. We had a wonderful time working together and laughing. I don't know who had the greater blessing...him or us, but I do know the blessing for all was straight from our awesome God!  

Danny, Natisha, Judy and Tommy (background) working in the garden.

Mary and Jerry

Group Picture

Look how their garden has grown!    July 30, 2013

School Nurse Conference

Today was our Twelfth Annual School Nurse Conference sponsored by East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville.  It was a day filled with guest speakers, speaking on a variety of topics pertaining to school nurses.  We enjoyed the day learning and visiting with one another, plus they served us a delicious lunch.   During one of our breaks I had someone take our picture.  I feel so blessed to work with such awesome nurses!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blueberries Loaded This Year

This is a great year for late frost so our bushes are loaded.  The first of the blueberries are beginning to ripen and who would be out there picking, but Ethan.  I remember when he was four years old and we lived in St. Clair.  One morning I woke up early, checking on the boys as usual...and no Ethan.  I searched the whole house frantic and found him outside with his "mankie" picking and eating blueberries. I'll never forget it.  When Ethan picks, very few make it to the freezer!  We've planted several varieties that ripen at different times so we'll have blueberries throughout the summer. 

Don't mind the weeds!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Three New Elk

After we finished getting our hay in yesterday, Scott and I left for Jackson, TN to pick up our new elk. While the men were getting the last load of hay into the barn, I headed to the coop to pick up the trailer.  We had a 7 hour drive ahead of us and needed to get on the road...another road trip with my babe.  We stopped in Nashville and spent the night at the Double Tree Inn, then met up with David Autry, the owner of the elk, by mid morning.  He is getting out of the elk business and we purchased his last three cows.  The transfer went smoothly and we arrived home by 6:30 tonight, releasing the elk to their new home.  I videoed the release for you. It will take the elk awhile to get adjusted and they're a little thinner than we would have liked, so we'll need to fatten them up with extra grain.  Samson is already checking them out.  Randy text us on the way home, asking what their names will be.  Each of the elk have tags in their ears with the letters...X,O and Z so we thought of biblical names that started with the first letter.  We came up with Zipporah, Orpah and we're stumped on X. Any suggestions?   

Ready for our trip to Jackson, TN

Scott and David Autry, holding up one of his elk antlers.

Back home, ready to release the elk.

 And there they are...

Here is Samson. His antlers seem to grow an inch a day!