Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our 2000 Mile Quick Road Trip

My babe asked me, "Do you want to go on a road trip?"  to which I immediately replied, "What did you buy?"  He just smiled and said "A wave runner, but it's a special one!"  I quickly found out it's in Michigan, outside of Detroit. "And while we're at it," Scott said,  "how about we swing up and say hello to mom and dad and bring up his blueberry bushes." Plus, it was Dad's birthday on Sunday. There was one small (big) factor...Scott's truck was getting a new transmission and at the last moment we learned it wouldn't be ready and this was our only weekend available with our schedules. God is so good and gave us the go ahead as a friend and co-worker of Scott's lent us his truck. Wow, we were overwhelmed.  We left Friday night and drove into Virginia where we spent the night at a hotel.  We called Perry the next day to say we were heading to NY and he just happened to be in Oley, PA at a antique Harley Davidson show at the fair grounds. We met up with Perry and spent a couple hours looking at old Harleys (totally a man's world!). The most memorable part of the trip was the drive back to mom and dad's using our "Garmin" road map.  Scott took the lead where our Garmin led us through small towns in PA, taking the long way to the interstate. I got so tickled as I knew Perry was shaking his head at this Tennessee driver.  We finally made it to the Littles where everyone was waiting.  Dad had a nice homemade dinner for us and afterwards we all sang happy birthday to him.  What a blessing to have everyone together for Dad's 79th birthday. We left the next morning and drove through western New York, through Canada and into Detroit.  We spent the night at the Embassy Suites with a beautiful waterfall and river through the hotel!  Next day we picked up our wave runner and drove home.  We had the best time together and I was so glad I went along. The truck ran great with no problems and we have lots of memories to look back on.... including driving 2038 miles in three days. I know it meant so much to mom and dad to see us.  We love you all.  Life is never boring with my babe! 

A lock on the Erie Canal

Waiting to get into Canada

Monday, April 15, 2013

Life Threatening Reaction to Bee Sting

Little did I know my next blog would be my beekeeper husband having a life threatening reaction to a honeybee sting.  When Scott was 7 yrs old he was hospitalized with an anaphylactic response from a bee sting. He spent over 8 years receiving bee venom allergy shots and has had no problems. As a beekeeper he's been stung numerous times with no problem...but not so Sunday night.  On Sunday evening he was stung on his arm and within minutes his arm and face began to swell and his lips were tingly.  After getting ice and giving Benadryl, the swelling gradually went down.  He woke around midnight saying he was having a difficult time breathing and that his chest felt heavy...he then got up and collapsed near the bathroom floor, still alert and talking, but too weak to get up.  Thank goodness Charles was home!  By the time I thought about calling 911 Charles was already on the phone to them.  Living out in the country, Charles and I made the decision to take him to the hospital ourselves to save time. Charles drove him to the ER with me following shortly after as I still had to get dressed. Time I got to the ER Scott was already in the back and in the process of receiving several types of epinephrine.  The nurse said later they'd never seen a reaction like his and that his color was as blue as his pants with his heart rate in the 20s. I don't think we realized how close we were to losing him. He spent the night in the ER being closely monitored and by 5:00 am he was discharged.  I thank the Lord for watching over us and for the wonderful  staff that cared for Scott. God is so good and I saw His hand many times throughout our ER stay.  When I got home I researched a little about allergic responses to bees...it said that a delayed reaction to a bee sting (which is what Scott had) is much more of a cause for concern than an immediate one. I believe it!  The article also mentioned that as the years progress after bee venom therapy, a person has a 20% chance of having a severe reaction again.  Yep, that's my babe. Well, our epi-pen prescription has been filled. Scott will need to carry it whenever he's outside. Not sure about our honey bees yet, Charles mentioned he could help care for them. I do know that Scott can't get stung again! 

This was taken around 4:30 am. He was doing much better.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Beekeeper Husband

Scott checked on our new bees today and was so pleased saying they were strong hives and the queens were living...good news.  He also checked on our older hive, removing several  frames and checking their honey production. We put the new hives behind our chicken house on the hill so we can keep a closer eye on them. I love watching my beekeeper husband at work, knowing he enjoys this hobby. He's so knowledgeable about many things, including bees. I'm still feeding the bees their sugar syrup daily until the spring blossoms come, which won't be long with this warm weather we're having.   

Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Bees Have Arrived

Our bees have arrived.  Over the winter we lost several of our hives.  Scott ordered 4 more hives and he picked them up today.  They come like this (see below). This year he's combining the bees, hoping to make two strong hives...so he put two boxes of bees into each hive. He'll check on them next weekend and in the meantime, I have my instructions for making sugar syrup to keep them well fed. 

Samson's New Antler Growth

It's only been a little over a week since Samson lost his antlers and already they're growing back.  He loves to have them rubbed, especially by Scott's gentle hand. When Samson sees Scott he comes running to the fence knowing he'll be petted.