Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Only Saturday, But Sunday Is Coming!

Today is the day before Easter and all day I kept thinking that today is only Saturday, but Sunday is coming! The hope of our Lord wells up inside of me and I pray you  know that same hope. Tomorrow will be a quiet Easter as Randy is away at South Eastern and Charles has to work. We'll be worshiping our Lord at ERBC with our church family....can't wait to say The Lord is risen... He is risen indeed! Ethan's home on spring break from college and today was our first warm spring day.  We had taken our mower to the coop for a tune up (expensive one as they fixed several things!)  The coop called and said it was ready to be picked up, so you guessed it....a fixed mower plus a warm day equals the first mow of the year!  I so wanted to get on the mower, but gave Ethan the first opportunity.  Believe me,  I'll have plenty of mowing time this summer! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samson Lost His Antler

It's the season for antlers to drop and Samson lost one of his today. We look for his other antler to be gone within a day or two.  I took the first picture of Samson yesterday, thinking he would be dropping his antlers soon...little did I know it would be the next day.  You can tell Samson's not feeling well by the position of his ears, plus if you notice closely, he's got fresh blood where his antler was, so it was dropped pretty recently. He'll be growing new antlers soon, stronger and bigger.  


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quiet Spring Break

Ethan was home from college this past week; Scott was out of town so it ended up being a quiet week, one where Ethan got lots of rest.  He spent several days helping friends from our church put a cover over their patio.  He also spent time catching up with Logan, his buddy from high school, who was on his spring break. Charles was happy to have Brittney over and I spent a day with Mom in Johnson city...thanks for the wonderful lunch and visit! Before you knew it, the week was gone.  Ethan has a couple tough classes this semester and headed back to TTU this afternoon to get some study time in.  We did make it to Yoders to stock up on his dorm snack food :) The weather was chilly, but all in all, our family time was cherished.  Miss my babe and Randy!  

Making homemade pretzels one night with Brittney and the men.

Charles and Brittney getting some shooting practice in.

Ethan with Bear before Ethan headed back to school. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Towing Weekend

I received a call from Scott Friday night while he was driving home from Indiana saying something about his transmission and that his truck wasn't moving.  He said he would call me back and I immediately began to pray, knowing God would provide a way through this...small problem and a big God!  Scott was still an hour from Nashville, but found a tow truck willing to tow him to Lebanon.  Ethan's spring break had just started, but thankfully he was still in Cookeville, which was only an hour from Lebanon! Ethan met up with Scott, staying the night at a hotel. Saturday they rented a tow trailer and Ethan towed Scott's dually truck home. It was a huge truck to pull and the four hour drive took more than twice that long. They finally pulled into our driveway late that night safe and sound and I greeted them with a big hug...they were home! I learned shortly the tow trailer would need to be returned the next day and Scott needed to be back to time for my babe to rest.  Scott spent the next morning arranging a rental car and the plans were set.  Ethan and I drove Scott to the Knoxville airport, picked up the rental car, and  followed each other back to Lebanan, returning the trailer. After it was all over, we stopped at Outback Steakhouse for a nice dinner.  My sweetie was so tired and I asked the Lord to sustain him as I watched him turn right onto the highway heading to Indiana. Ethan and I made a left, heading back to home. As we drove home, I thanked the Lord for his blessings and provision.  It all worked out and we could see the Lord's hand in everything. Ethan and I had a great visit on the way home; it's not often I get to spend four hours with just him, sharing our lives.  Of all things, Charles passed us on the road near home, so the last 10 miles livened me up! By midnight we were all home. What a weekend adventure. Some people would call it luck that it all worked out, but we know was the Lord. Our problems are never greater than our God, and we have one awesome God!  

Ethan and Scott in front of the tow trailer on Sunday before we left back to Lebanon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Like A Lion

As the spring saying goes In like a lion, out like a lamb; that describes the beginning of our March in Tennessee.  Last night I listened to the winds howl, blowing in a cold front with expected snow.  We woke up to this...another snow day!  The Tennessee hills are so beautiful in white. Our Bear is home mending now.  His stitches are out, however he's had problems with his hip staying in.  We're hoping the muscles get stronger and build around his hip...he's loved for sure. Bear's got his bark back which is a good sign he's starting to feel better. I'm puttering today with chicken soup on the stove. Tonight is revival at our church with Ron Secrest.  What an amazing man of God and so gifted in singing.  He's challenged us in many ways to be a stronger disciple, exhibiting God through our lives in love and unity♥ Love to you all, from Tennessee.