Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Nurse Pinning

My niece, Kelsie, called me the other night inviting me to her nurse's pinning ceremony in April. I'm so excited for her and it brought back many memories of my pinning at Weber State College June 3, 1982.  Brenda's been asking for pictures of my ceremony, so here they are.  I  sewed my uniform/dress for the occasion too. Looking back, times have sure changed.  I was so excited to have finally achieved my goal of becoming a registered nurse and know that's how Kelsie is now feeling. I've watched her work towards her goal, with hours of studying and clinicals, persevering through her classes. Along the way, she's also worked part time at a local hospital, gaining more experience in the nursing field. She's been showered in prayers by many and soon her ceremony will take place.  Honey, I wish I could be there for this special time, but know I'll be there in my heart.  I'm so very proud of you!!  You' ll be an awesome nurse with that big caring heart of yours! Most important, may you bring glory to God through this calling.  I'll see you this summer sweetie. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

New York Trip

Scott and Charles left for NY last Sunday for a visit with his folks. Charles had to scramble to get off work for the week, but it all worked out. I'm so thankful he was able to go, spending time with his dad.  They brought the goose-neck trailer along just in case...Scott had plans to stop in New Jersey to check out a hay baler; we've been looking at them for our farm. They had a great time in New York, visiting Grandma and Grandpa, spending most of the time in Grandpa's shop...that's what the trip was all about ♥ Scott and Charles spent one day snowmobiling with friends in Vermont, getting their fill of snow and speed. They also went night skiing at Jiminy Peak, with Charles and Chantal getting their cousin time in! It was a great trip, spending time with family and friends.  Scott took a couple pictures, but no pictures of Grandma and pa...We send you our love!  On the way home they stopped in Jersey and picked up the square hay baler as Scott was pleased with it.  Can't wait until our first hay cutting in May.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Bear Hit By a Car

It's been quite the week while Scott's in New York.  Usually our dog, Bear, excitedly greets us when we get home. I came home Tuesday from work and our Bear was laying in his dog house, unable to move.  I got a bad feeling he was hit by a car, which the vet later confirmed. The next morning I somehow got Bear into the car and took him to our vet, Dr. Slaughter.  An x-ray showed his left hip was dislocated....pelvis was okay.  While under anesthesia, they readjusted his hip and found a huge cut ...about 12" long on his side. They stitched that up and put several drains in.  He finally got to come home tonight with orders of bed rest. Bear is such a good dog, never complaining the whole time, just looking at you with those big brown eyes. Don't worry guys, he's being well taken care of and thank  the Lord he's going to be okay!     

Before Scott left, he gave me instructions on how to feed and care for all the animals. I never realized how difficult this would be!  Last night I got home and listened to our messages. Our neighbor had called...our cows were out on his front lawn and he sounded none too pleased.  What in the world could I do as it was dark and late ... I called my neighbor Steve.  Thank you Steve for fixing our fence! Then this afternoon I went out to feed the elk and found Samson all tangled up in the rope that opens and closes the barn door.  No way I could even get near him to get it all untangled; he's so strong and could crush me in a second.  The rope was still hooked to the top pulley, so I got a tobacco stick, reaching for the rope and quickly tied it to the stall.  Then I got a knife and cut the rope as close to Samson as I dared.  I called Scott and he said whatever I did, don't go in the stall.  Well, my next problem  was the barn door. Samson had broken part of the barn door, jamming it shut.  I had no choice but to go in the stall. After putting extra feed in Samson's bucket to keep him busy, I quickly went in the stall to push the door open. I was nervous as could be and thankful it all worked out! I got so tickled looking at Samson with the rope and ring dangling from him..He didn't look so majestic anymore!  I never thought caring for all our animals could be so much work.   

The girls at the vet took this picture of Bear just out of anesthesia.

Here I am visiting Bear at the vet this morning.  Happy Valentines Day!

Bear's stitches

Samson's new majestic look!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Dinner at The River Place

Tonight we had a special Valentine's dinner at the River Place on the Clinch sponsored by the Kyle's Ford Club that Scott belongs to.  We visited with all of Scott's shooting buddies and their  families.  You'd love this country restaurant set along the Clinch River...the meal was delicious.  Happy Valentines to my Babe♥ and a big thank you to the Kyle's Ford Club for our special dinner.