Saturday, September 22, 2012

Opening Day of Bow Hunt

Randy got up early this morning, like many other hunters in's the first day of the bow hunt.  He dressed in camo, painted his face and I heard him leave before dawn, meeting up with Josh. A couple hours later he came home with a big smile on his face...he got one and shot it right underneath his stand. Scott, Charles, Josh and Randy are now sitting around the table talking about their morning over a breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs and bacon, with love from mom.  

 Randy and his first deer shot with a bow


Randy gutting the deer. I saved the heart for our health fair this spring at school!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

On The Lake With Friends

Today was homecoming at our church which meant no evening service :)  We invited Jason, our youth pastor, and his family out for some fun on the lake....we had a ball. Charles and Brittney were able to came along too.  It was another perfect day on the lake with very few boats and water like glass.  Charles took out the Wetbike which was new for them. It didn't take Jason too long to get his balance on it and even Jeremiah asked for a ride. Scott also taught Brittney how to drive the boat. It was a great day of fellowship. 

Jason and Jeremiah on the tube with Charles in the background, getting some air!

Charles taking Jeremiah on his first Wetbike ride.

Becky and Scott

Charles skiing barefoot

 Brittney driving the boat for the first time, pulling Sam and Jason with Charles following on the Wetbike.

Scott and little Sam

Charles and Brittney

Scott on the Wetbike

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ethan's First Visit Home

I called Ethan Thursday and asked if he was coming home over labor day...he said something like "most likely, but not definitely."  On Friday, Scott and I had an evening planned with friends and we arrived home very late. When we drove up our driveway the first thing I did was look for Ethan's truck...and no truck.  I  couldn't believe he didn't come home! We went to bed, praying for the Lord to bless him wherever he was. In the morning I got up and started my Saturday laundry. Randy had already been up and gone so I went in his room to get his laundry and there was Ethan sound asleep in bed.  I ran to my sleeping Scott and shook him awake saying...he's home!  To make a long story short, Ethan decided to play a trick on dear old mother, hiding his truck behind the barn.  It's so good seeing Ethan and having him fill us in on college life :)  

 Ethan, Randy and Scott working on Scott's truck

Sunday morning, taking our Buick Electra to church.  Ethan started packing his truck that morning for college.  We just all kind of looked at him asking why he was packing so early...I think he's liking college as he left Sunday late afternoon to get back!