Monday, July 30, 2012


Our Patio is finished!  For the last couple of days Scott and Ethan have been preparing the patio and making the form.  Today the cement truck came and poured the patio and pad our shed will go on.  With the help of our neighbors who have a cement business, Scott said everything went very smooth.  He was only able to take one picture as they were so busy working.   We are so happy our project is done and that it was a perfect,cloudless day to pour cement.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Over the weekend we've been working on our future patio, something we've wanted to do since buying our farm. Scott used our tractor to move the red shed that sat directly in our back yard.  I must say it's nice to have finally moved it as that shed has always blocked our view...our yard feels so open now.  A friend of Scott's lent us the backhoe. I've decided a backhoe is a man's toy as Scott and Ethan have both enjoyed working this piece of equipment!  After Scott used it a while, he turned it over to Ethan. It must come naturally to men as Ethan knew instinctively how to operate it.  They did allow me to take a few pictures :)  Next up...digging the area where the shed will go. 

Ethan and Scott.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

World Changers Mission Trip

Our ERBC youth left yesterday morning for their World Changers Mission trip to Henderson, KY.   275 youth from surrounding states are gathering in Henderson to help their community by repairing roofs, painting houses, building decks etc. Ethan has a heart for missions and has been going on summer mission trips since 7th grade.  Please keep these youth in your prayers as they serve the Lord this week. We are so proud of these youth! Scott took these pictures as Ethan left the day before I got back from Utah. Love you Ethan. 

 Ethan, Jason, Sam and Caleb

Goodbye Katie Coon

Katie has not been feeling well since winter and noticeably losing weight; she's 14 and very old for a raccoon. The day after Scott returned from Utah, he let her out for the last time to run around and she never came back. Scott says it's not unusual for animals to run off in the woods to die.  He had a feeling she might do that at any time as she wasn't eating well. I was going through our memory box and found pictures of Ethan holding Katie when she was 3 weeks old, Nana bottle feeding Katie, the boys climbing in our tree with Katie and Katie swimming in Gandpa and Nana's pond in Butler...lots of memories! What a wonderful pet the boys had during their growing up years.  We sure loved our Katie Coon...she'll be so missed♥   While checking on our animals, Scott also found our baby elk had died.  He thinks maybe the extreme heat might have been a factor or maybe Samson accidently stepped on her.  Needless to say, it was a difficult day for Scott to find both animals gone.   

Scott and Katie taken last year.

Katie this spring.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Becky's Last Night

From Brenda's blog:
Playing Four Square in the cool summer evening breeze is heaven. Young Grandkids change the game a little and make us play nicer... for now. They also get extra chances and sometimes extra extra extra chances. I laughed when Conrad's chances were up and he told his Grandpa, 'But I want to get you out so bad!' He stayed in and did eventually get his Grandpa out. Everyone wants to be in the king's square :)

Cooling Down

From Brenda's blog:
What to do on a hot Saturday afternoon? Thoughts of going to the park quickly went away when we thought how hot those slides would be. No one wanted to sit in the car for too long to go anywhere. We took a picnic lunch to Larry's Mom and Dad's and swam for a few hours to cool down... Conrad and Carter had chicken fights with Becky and I, then played Colored Eggs. The guys threw a football around and some just enjoyed reading. It was a good idea to go... then we had J Dawgs for dinner and Cold Stone for dessert. Heaven in a hotdog and the ice cream filled in the cracks nicely. Becky is going home tomorrow.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Swim Lessons

From Brenda's blog:
Katie signed Conrad up for more swim lessons at the Scera Pool his summer... and he is in heaven! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


From Brenda's blog:
We made a quick run on our bikes to Harmon's for some fireworks, then came back to participate in our neighborhood fireworks celebration on the street. Each year I start to think they are a waste of money, but seeing the delighted look on the grandkid's faces reminds me how wrong I am. Happy Fourth of July everyone! We love America!


From Brenda's blog:
Our Phoebe. Every once in awhile, we can snap pictures of her when she is playfully happy and it is magical. But once the mood is over for her, well... there are just no more pictures to be taken. She is through. Done. Period. Oh! How we love this little strong willed girl. Abby made her dress for Katie.  

Fourth of July

From Brenda's blog:
I love summer holidays the very best at Larry's Mom and Dad's. We may do the same thing every year... but we are together. This year we had the chance to go to Stadium of Fire to see the Beach Boys and every one of our kids said no. Not interested. We like being by the pool and with Larry's family. This year Becky came with us. The girls surprised her and made her a Fourth of July t-shirt and we visited, played card games, Joe made his best ice cream and we spent the majority of our time watching the fire that burned in the mountain's above their home in Highland, keeping an eye on the planes and helicopters that would dump water on it. It is so very sad to see it burn. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Larry's Bday and Mountain Biking

From Brenda's blog:
Yesterday, some of the guys that were able to go went mountain biking. Ransom's brother David is here from Arizona too. When they came back... they loaded up and went again on another trail. Crazy on this hot day. Later we all went together to Brick Oven (Heaps of Pizza to the older ones) for dinner... Scott is leaving to go back to Tennessee in the morning and Becky will stay for another week. We were all so happy he came out and are looking forward to many more visits more often :)

Today is Larry's 54th birthday and the day hasn't been going quite like I thought. Plenty of air conditioning problems at Pebbles right now and it looks like we need a new one. Meanwhile, our new tenant is pretty unhappy upstairs in their 85+ degree space.
-Brenda :)


Sunday, July 1, 2012


From Brenda's blog:
Sunday we went to church and had a quiet day at home. I went up to bare my testimony and Carter came and sat down beside me to bare his. A delightful surprise. Sunday School was especially good with Ron Smith teaching. She loves our church family and feels comfortable with them. In the past I  and have held my breath sometimes at church and prayed we wouldn't have awkward moments... but I don't do that too much anymore. We may believe differently, but we all love the Lord. The next best thing to being able to Conrad's being able to play on his Aunt Becky's Ipad is being read to... actually I think it is the very best! He loves his time with her.