Friday, April 27, 2012

Ethan's Jr. Prom

Tonight is Ethan's Jr. Prom...his first and last high school dance.  We met at Crockett Park and took lots of pictures of him and his group.  Ethan chose to attend Jr. Prom alone as he felt he'd have more fun being friends with everyone... and he's probably right.  Several are going single this year and meeting up at the dance. I know he'll have a great time with all his friends. He looked so handsome in his tux and grown up!

Ethan looking so handsome in his tuxedo.

Ethan and friend Justin

Ethan, Logan and Maddie

Ethan looking very handsome


Logan, Maddie and Ethan...007

Ethan with Hayden &Ashlee, Logan & Maddie.

Becky. Ethan and Scott

Sunday, April 22, 2012

We Love Rog-Vegas Weekend

This weekend was mission week at our church with missionaries visiting from Macedonia and Ohio. As part of mission weekend, our church celebrated Rog-Vegas Day.  On Saturday we had over 140 members serving our town, letting the people of Rogersville know how much we love them and more importantly, how much the Lord loves them.  We sent seven teams out doing various projects around town: a construction team building a deck for a family (Ethan was on this team), free haircuts, free car wash, block party at a local park with inflatables and free lunch, mowing lawn/yard care team, painting team-painting the fence at our local high school (we'll do this project in a couple weeks due to threat of rain) and our Gas Down team, which Scott and I were on.  Scott was our leader and in charge of organizing the event.   Basically, we took over a local gas station and our church paid .50 cents on each gas was $3.29/gal.  Everyone was so appreciative and we have many stories to tell of the wonderful people we met.  We serviced 309 cars, filling their tanks up.  This was the first time we held such an event and we hope to do it again next year.   By the end of the day our feet were tired, but our hearts were full.  I'm so proud of our church family and their willingness to go out and serve the Lord in this way.  It was an awesome day!

We all wore red shirts with the above slogan on them. Our red shirts were visible everywhere :)  

Scott visited with each driver, directing them to the pumps.

Here are members of our church family pumping the gas. 

Here I am posing by our sign!

Betty, Jeanette, Emily and Robert

Nancy, Becky and Emily.  We visited with each family, writing down contact information and sharing the Lord with them. 

Here is our group with the owners of the gas station. They were so appreciative of all we did and came to our church the next day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Came Home To Our Men Playing

I came home from work to find Charles and Ethan having a ball. I quickly got the camera out. These boys are so inventive and I guess it's as close to water skiing as you can get without being on the water. All the boys learned how to ride a motor cycle on the minibike that Ethan's on. It still runs Grandpa!

Ethan and Charles

Brittney was also visiting and learned how to ride the minibike for the first time. Here they are playing follow the leader around the yard.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Randy and Nathan

Randy came home this past weekend, catching a ride with Nathan, a friend from college. It's such an occasion when Randy comes home. We spent the weekend visiting and of course Randy got his Josh time in, with the guys spending Saturday together. We had a wonderful Easter weekend. I thought about it..this is Randy's last visit home as a TTU student. Next time he comes home, he'll have graduated. All I can say is the time flew by and I believe Randy agrees.

Randy and Nathan

Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Chickens Have Arrived

We ordered 50 chickens this year and they're already tucked in the brooder all snug and warm. They'll be there for the next several weeks before we transfer them to the chicken house. Happy spring to you all♥

I love to hear their peeping.

This is a better picture without the flash on.

We also ordered 25 pheasants, but sadly most of them didn't make it in the mailing and through the first 24 hours. Right now only 5 are alive...

I took this picture of Sam so you could see his new antlers growing in.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dresses For Phoebe

Today I finished Phoebe's summer dresses. I had fun sewing them and tried to imagine what girls like when picking out the material. They're not perfect by far, but I think they turned out cute. Now if they'll just fit her... I made size two, however she is a little thing. She can always grow into them. Love you Miss Phoebe♥

The Digging-est Dog

Newfs are not supposed to be diggers, but Bear is proving them wrong. I woke up this morning to this! Bear started digging a couple days ago. At first I tried putting up little fences to keep him out of my planter (like a little fence would keep a newf out!) I woke up the next morning to another big hole and my fences tossed aside. Then we tried putting rocks over the place he dug, but he just keeps digging next to the rocks. What do you think he's looking for? At any rate, I'll have Scott get more rocks...