Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Quick Visit With Randy

Randy attended a Campus Outreach conference nearby and stopped by real quick to say hello, bringing a friend with him. It was nice meeting Thomas, who also attended the conference. Bear barked when they arrived, not recognizing Randy at first. Our Bear is quite the watch dog! I took a quick picture of them before they left♥

Thomas, Randy and Bear

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scott and Bear

We got bear while Scott was in China. Nothing like telling your husband you have a new dog while he's half way across the world! We talked on the phone and I sprang the news on him. I believe Scott said "I thought we were looking for a puppy?" After telling him the story of Randy and Bear he just chuckled and said "okay." I knew Scott would love him and I was right. Bear sits on the porch waiting for Scott to come home, going to the barn together while Scott does chores. I can see why they say a dog is man's best friend. We love our Bear.

Bear and Scott