Monday, December 31, 2012

Visiting Randy at SouthEastern

We visited Randy this weekend in North Carolina, about a 6 hour drive as we made several stops along the way. I happily sat in the back with a book and some Sees suckers; Scott and Ethan were up front, managing the directions...though Scott called me his "little helper in the car" from Christian comedian Tim  Hawkins...I monitored how fast he was going!   NC is beautiful with rolling hills and lots of pine trees.  We passed Pilot Mountain and Mount Airy, home town of Andy Griffith. Hopefully on our next trip we can stop and visit the museum. Randy mentioned he was working that night at Harris Teeter and we surprised him at the grocery store.  He was busy checking the isles so I walked up to him and said "Excuse me sir, I'm looking for a specific cut of meat..."  he turned around and hugged me, so happy to see us. Randy had to work that night at his second job sweeping streets and parking lots so we headed to our hotel.  We met up in the morning and I know he was so tired!  We let him sleep for an hour and then it was off to meet Randy's church family. Randy attends Treasuring Christ Church held at the Imax Theater in downtown Raleigh. The service reminded me of Nana's church in MT. City, except much larger. We were welcomed so warmly, with many folks sharing how much they loved Randy. I watched Randy visit with everyone and know the Lord is already using him to spread the gospel. We had an amazing service worshiping our Lord and our hearts are filled with joy and thankfulness for God's continued provision. After church we stopped at Randy's dorm, meeting his roommates, then lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and finally off to SouthEastern for a tour...we took lots of pictures for you all.  Randy starts his first class (Greek 1) Jan 2nd. We love you and miss you Randy...get some sleep:)   

Randy at work at Harris Teeter Grocery Store.

Scott, Randy and Ethan in front of the Imax is inside!

Inside the Jacumin-Simpson Missions Center

Binkley Chapel

Becky, Randy and Scott at the steps of the Binkley Chapel

This tree was loaded with mistletoe!

The men: Ethan, Randy and Scott

Randy, Jeff and Timon in front of their dorm.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hobbit

Every year during the holidays we try and see a movie. Last night we saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure...the first of a trilogy.  We're big fans of  The Lord Of The Rings so we've been excited about the Hobbit being made into a movie and we weren't disappointed!  I had one of the theater employees take our picture for the blog and my family happily complied ☺

Brittney,  Charles, Becky, Ethan and Scott

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve At Nana's

We enjoy our tradition of spending Christmas Eve with Steve and Nana. We love being with family on this special night and Nana is the best cook.  This year we have a special memory of waiting for dinner to cook...  Nana had a senior moment, not reading the clock right so the turkey was put in several hours later than planned!  Needless to say, we got in plenty of visiting time :) The turkey was tender and the meal delicious as always and so much food that we took plenty of leftovers with us. My favorite time of the evening was sitting around the table sharing about our Lord and the unfathomable gift He's given us through His Son...yes, it's difficult to comprehend a love so great! We pray this day finds you surrounded with the love of family, a love that comes from our Heavenly Father to mankind below. Merry Christmas.

Nana returning from the neighbors.  Her oven had the turkey in it and she used her neighbor's oven to cook the rest.:)

Steve carving the turkey.

The men patiently waiting for supper watching "Living as a Turkey" and "Ip Man." We missed Charles who was spending Christmas Eve with Brittney and her family.

Scott and Becky

Christmas day..saying good-bye to Randy as he leaves for NC

Randy and his mom :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cross Stitch Completed

It took me two years, but I finally completed my cross stitch project.  I noticed last year (even with my glasses) I was straining to see the tiny stitches on the 32 count linen...time to get my magnifying glass out.  Mom Little had given me a big magnifying glass I could hang from my neck years ago. I never thought I'd use it at the time, but am happy to use them now. Whenever I do my cross stitch, I get tickled and think of mom Little and me being just like her :)  I love this cross stitch because of the's how we should live our lives; helping others in service to our Lord. I enjoy needlework and will proudly hang the sampler in our home. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

TRW Christmas Party

Tonight was Scott's work party at the Meadowview Convention Center restaurant in Kingsport.  Many of Scott's co-workers came and we all enjoyed the sea food buffet...delicious.  After dinner we did a Chinese gift exchange, with Scott leading the way in trading gifts; many had never played this game before. We came home with a blanket which will be perfect for Ethan's dorm. I enjoyed getting to know his co-workers along with their wives/girlfriends. It was nice having a date night with my babe :) 

Scott and I

Scott's co-workers at TRW

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Day Of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving from Tennessee to our family and friends. I love's a time of thanks for the many blessings we've  received.   I had a little ceramic pumpkin on our table this year that says it all "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."  My heart can't express enough the thanks I feel for family, friends and especially God's grace. Mom and Steve, the Farrows, and Kenny were able to join us for Thanksgiving. We all went around the table and shared what we were thankful for...Kenny mentioned that our friends become like family and he is so right!  All of us have a special bond and we praise the Lord for bringing us together once again.  The only one missing was Randy and we thought of him all day long.  I had prayed for a family to invite him over on this special day. Well, Randy called yesterday to say a family in his new church had invited him over! God is so good. I had phone calls from Brenda, Ashlee, Katie and Lindsey!  I miss you girls so much and it was special just to hear your voices.  I also talked with Dad and Mom Little. Even though we can't be with you all, our heart is. We send our love. Happy Thanksgiving♥  

Becky and Mom

Everyone gathered around the table

Charles, Scott and Ethan

Nana and Steve

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short Mountain Fire

There's a fire on Short Mountain, just on the other side of Cloud Creek where we live.  Not sure the cause. It's been burning a couple days, starting Thursday sometime.  When Scott and I drove home Thursday night we could see the mountain all glowing with orange. The word around our community is that someone was burning brush without a fire permit.   Please keep us in your prayers...we have some dear neighbors that live up in these hills.  

The fire has reached the ridge of our mountain now and you can see the smoke from our house. This picture was taken from our front lawn.  It's dark now as I'm posting this...Looking out from our porch I can see over 10 areas that are glowing orange!

A picture of Short Mountain taken behind Lakeview Grocery, our local market.  Cloud Creek is on the other side of those hills.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Randy Off To Southeastern Seminary

Randy left today for North Carolina.  He's been accepted  to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  
He'll be working towards his Masters of Divinity degree with an emphasis in International Church Planting.  His classes don't officially start until January, but he left early on faith to seek employment (yep...a job!) and get settled.  I know he's so excited to start this journey and grow in his knowledge of God's Word. You're in our prayers Randy and may you bring glory to God in all you do. 

One last picture before Randy left for North Carolina

Randy spent his last day with buddy, Josh, working on Josh's latest car project.

Josh and Randy

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Heritage Days

We got home from New York just in time for Heritage Days, our favorite fall festival.  We spent the afternoon checking out the booths and demonstrations, watching the cloggers and tasting some of the treats.  The best part of Heritage Days is seeing everyone we know which means lots of visiting!  We love to go on Sunday to hear the gospel groups sing, which included our own ERBC choir...they sounded awesome. It was a wonderful fall day :) 

Ethan, our dear friend Bruce (wood toy maker), Becky and Scott

Down town  Rogersville

ERBC church choir

We ran into our neighbors :) Danny, Becky, Doris and Scott

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York Trip

We had a wonderful time in New York, visiting with Scott's folks.  Scott's mom was in a rehab center due to a recent fall, but we visited with her in the evenings.  I sure missed her at home; things were kind of quiet without her, but it gave me time to cook and clean :)  Every day I went walking taking in the splendor of the trees...I've decided there's nothing more beautiful than upstate New York in the fall! The men spent most of their time working on the barn with grandpa, squirrel hunting, and working on motors in the shop. We visited with family and friends and the days went by faster than we wanted.  We love you mom and dad and will keep you in our prayers. 


Uncle Randy and Jennifer

Uncle Randy, Randy, Grandpa and Scott.

Grandpa, Randy and Scott working on the barn roof.

Scott, Randy and Grandpa looking for a squirrel trapped in the tree. Little Tipper (their Jack Russell Terrier) got pretty excited over those squirrels!

Grandpa and me early in the early morning before we left for home.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Opening Day of Bow Hunt

Randy got up early this morning, like many other hunters in's the first day of the bow hunt.  He dressed in camo, painted his face and I heard him leave before dawn, meeting up with Josh. A couple hours later he came home with a big smile on his face...he got one and shot it right underneath his stand. Scott, Charles, Josh and Randy are now sitting around the table talking about their morning over a breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs and bacon, with love from mom.  

 Randy and his first deer shot with a bow


Randy gutting the deer. I saved the heart for our health fair this spring at school!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

On The Lake With Friends

Today was homecoming at our church which meant no evening service :)  We invited Jason, our youth pastor, and his family out for some fun on the lake....we had a ball. Charles and Brittney were able to came along too.  It was another perfect day on the lake with very few boats and water like glass.  Charles took out the Wetbike which was new for them. It didn't take Jason too long to get his balance on it and even Jeremiah asked for a ride. Scott also taught Brittney how to drive the boat. It was a great day of fellowship. 

Jason and Jeremiah on the tube with Charles in the background, getting some air!

Charles taking Jeremiah on his first Wetbike ride.

Becky and Scott

Charles skiing barefoot

 Brittney driving the boat for the first time, pulling Sam and Jason with Charles following on the Wetbike.

Scott and little Sam

Charles and Brittney

Scott on the Wetbike