Monday, September 12, 2011

She's a Girl...Rachel

Our baby elk is growing...we named her Rachel. She's gradually getting to know us but is still skittish. Hopefully one day she'll eat out of our hand like Sarah and Sam. You can bet wherever mom is, she is. She still has her spots, but will soon be losing those. I thought you'd like to see some pictures of how she's growing.

Sarah, Rachel and Samson

Little Rachel

I love her eyes.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Corn Surprise

While I was at my Beth Moore woman's conference at our church today, little did I know the men were busy at home putting up our corn. Talk about surprised when I came home! I'm speechless and still can't believe what they did for me. To think Scott, Charles and Ethan picked all the corn, shucked it, scalded it and removed it from the cob. They did it all outside so there was no mess in the kitchen. And on top of that, Scott documented the whole thing! OMG! I gladly put the corn in freezer bags; we ended up with 13 full quart bags for this winter. Do I have awesome men or what?!

Here is what I found when I opened the fridge...a roasting pan full of corn.

Here are the pictures Scott took. The men's set up under our tree. I'm impressed.

Making preparations for the corn removal. I'm tickled Scott had everything layed out "just so" for the picture. He put some thought into the pictures he took.

Ethan scalding the corn.

Ethan removing the corn from the cobs.

Beth Moore Live Simulcast

Our church hosted the Living Proof Live Simulcast today with Beth Moore. It was televised in Lubbock, Texas and seen by over 180,000 people in the US and in 11 countries... and it was as awesome as ever. Women gathered together from local churches learning and discovering God's Word through the words of Luke and praising and worshiping our Lord. Thank you to all the women that organized this conference, praying over it for months and to the men who served our lunch. Here are the main points of our conference today:
  • We were created for good company
  • An individual calling can only be fulfilled in a "we" context
  • God never overlooks a single "me" in the bigger "we"
  • Jesus became a friend of sinners so we could become a friend of God
  • We can revel in the certainty of the things that we've been taught
  • Jesus has passed us the salt also
  • We can also be many convincing proofs that Jesus is alive

Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Win For Big Red Valley

Tonight was the Hawkins County Superbowl....the biggest football game of the season. The Cherokee Chiefs claimed the victory with a final score of Cherokee Chiefs 49 and the Volunteer Falcons 18. The stadium was packed like usual which gave Scott and I some good socializing time. There wasn't a dull moment between watching the cheerleaders and all the touchdowns. The whole game reminded us of when Randy played football. This is Ethan's last year at Cherokee High so the night was filled with memories. Way to go Chiefs!

Cherokee Vs Volunteer

Scott and Becky at the football game. A picture for the blog.

Everytime Cherokee got a touchdown a flash of fire would come out with fireworks.

At the end of the game all the kids rushed out onto the field.

Monday, September 5, 2011

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Junk

Our NY friends, Mike and Pam, recently bought land nearby. Randy's helping them clear the land and remove all the junk and old trailers that were on the property. He's been working diligently this last little while tearing down the trailers. Randy came home from college this weekend to clear the property and today was the only day available to remove everything, even during our tropical storm "Lee." It's been raining all day and it's a muddy mess. Little did I know all the junk would come to our farm! We're happy to be helping out our dear friends and I'm thankful the final resting place for this junk will be the crusher!

Ethan and Randy going through the old trailer.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brittney's First Time Fishing

Brittney, Charles' girlfriend, was raised in the city so country life's a bit new to her. She hasn't experienced many things we take for granted that all know about. Charles took her fishing for the first time several weeks ago in our nearby creek. I'm guessing he baited her hook! Anyway, he said he knew she got one when he heard screaming :) They were just small creek fish, but fish never the less and she was excited. Charles and Brittney brought them home for Katie Coon's supper.

Brittney next to her first catch.

Scott helping Katie Coon with her special fish

You should have seen Katie coon trying to catch the fish, balancing on the rim of the tub, using her little paws to catch them. We've had our Katie Coon 14 years now.

Randy's Chopper

Randy finally finished his chopper; he's been working on it all summer. He bought the frame and took the parts from his old Buell motorcycle and came up with this chopper. He designed it out, buying a new seat, gas tank and miscellaneous parts. He's pleased with how it turned out. What a cool bike... and to think he built it himself. It rides pretty nice too.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clinch Boat Race

The 2nd Annual Clinch River Eagle Run Boat Race, Kyles Ford, TN was held today on the Clinch River. Josh and Randy entered the two-person canoe race. It's a 9 mile boat race with the winners receiving $50.00 each. Josh and Randy brought home the big win. Three canoes entered; Josh and Randy finished the race with a 10 minute lead over the others. They had a great time and have plans of asking their friends to participate next year. Thanks Dakota for taking these pictures. Congratulations guys!

Randy and Josh near the beginning of the race.

More paddling pictures.

Here they are heading toward the finish line.

Randy said the race took about 2 hours...that's a lot of paddling.

Our winners..all smiles.

Randy and Josh.