Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick Road Trip to New York

Scott, Charles and Ethan left for New York tonight...a quick road trip up and back to pick up some things from Grandpa's house. Scott and the boys helped load the trailer with wood boxes and tie them down. They grabbed some snack foods, a jug of water and their pillows and were off. I'm glad Charles was able to go as he missed our last trip. I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa and his cousins are hugging him right now.

Scott, Randy, Ethan and Charles

Loading the wood boxes on the trailer.

Making sure everything is secure.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Championship Swim Meet

Today was the East TN Summer Swim League championship swim meet. 10 teams from the surrounding area competed and it's an all day competition. Ethan came in 7th for the Open IM, 3rd place for the Open Backstroke and 3rd for the Open Butterfly. He did great! The Rogersville Flying Fish came in 3rd place overall and we are so pleased as several of the other teams are year-round swimmers (the RFF only swim for two months each summer). I thought about it ...this is our 15th championship swim meet. Charles and Randy joined the swim team back in 1996 and Ethan when he was in kindergarten. The boys grew up swimming each summer on the RFF; they all love the water and know how to swim with confidence. I hope they'll look back one day with wonderful memories plus they'll have a skill they can use throughout their lives. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this year possible. See you next year!

Ethan during the IM

Ethan just completed his relay.

Some of the RFF team members displaying their 3rd place trophy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mud Volleyball at the Littles

Our church's youth group came over to our farm this evening for some mud volleyball. Jason (our youth pastor) and Ethan tilled up the field by our house. We had our local Lakeview Fire Department come and they sprayed 1800 gallons of water into our field making a perfect mud bog for the kids. Many of our neighbors stopped to see what was going on. I was pretty excited myself watching that fire truck spray water, especially since it was 90 degrees and humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife! I would have loved to get under that water.... as it was, I took pictures and stayed clear of all that mud. The youth had a fantastic time and by the end of the evening they forgot all about volleyball and just played in the mud. Afterwards, they walked to our nearby creek and played in the water hole. It was a night they are sure to remember.

Lakeview Fire Department preparing the water hose.

Ethan, Sam and Jason having fun spraying the field.

The fire truck spraying the field.

Here is a view of our farm and the mud bog.

The youth playing volleyball.

They are still semi-clean!

Here they are at the end of the evening...forget about volleyball!

A group picture.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friends from New York

Our dear friends from New York came down to Tennessee to look for land...thinking of moving here one day. They spent the week driving lots of miles and we showed them the sites of Rogersville. Of course we made it to the music junction on Thursday night; they really enjoyed that. For their last night we all went out to Amis Mill for dinner. We count ourselves blessed to call them friends.

Randy, Becky, Mike, Pam, Evelyn (Pam's mom) and Scott.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

World Changers Trip 2011

We got back from NY just in time for Ethan's mission trip. The youth from our church left this morning for their World Changers Mission trip to Neptune, NJ. They were all so excited and will be God's hands, touching many lives. We are so proud of them and being willing to serve.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New York Trip

We had a wonderful time in New York visiting Scott's folks. We went up for Grandpa Tim's memorial service and stayed the week visiting with mom and dad Little and family. It sure was good to see them and other relatives we hadn't seen in quite a while. We also spent time with our dear friends Brian & Diane and their family. Our week was packed with activities and of course lots of eating. We drove the 13 hour trip, only stopping twice each way. We missed you Bud!

Our first day the boys chopped wood for Grandpa. Then we all weeded his garden together. We love the rich New York soil, so different from the red clay of TN.

Grandpa and Jim, a crow that hangs around their house. Jim knows Grandpa's voice and comes when he's called. Every morning I woke around 5:00 am to their rooster crowing and Jim cawing. Scott wore ear plugs to bed!

On Friday, July 1 we had Grandpa Tim's memorial service at the cemetery. Afterwards, family and friends were invited to the Littles for a luncheon. Uncle Perry made some of his great barbecue. We spent the afternoon visiting with family and friends and remembering old times. Above Randy, Michelyn, John Ross, Darshan and Ethan.

Uncle Randy, Scott, Aunt Jane, mom Little and members of Tim's side of the family.

Scott, Uncle Dave, Aunt Jane and Becky

For entertainment Randy and Ethan tried to catch Grandpa's chicken. They were something to watch running around the yard with that chicken squawking. Ethan finally got down to business, taking off his shoes. He caught the chicken!

July 3: Happy 22 Randy! We spent the evening with our good friends Brian, Diane and family. Boy, can Diane cook...we had the best meal ever. Plus we got to visit with all the Hunt family. Above is Ethan, Krissy and Randy. We made plans to go on the alpine slide at Jiminy Peak in a couple days.

July 4 at Lake George. Darshan and Perry invited us out to her father's condo on the lake with it's own private beach. Wow! We spent the day on the lake sun tanning and riding Scott's wet least until the LG police put a stop to it! Afterwards we went back to the condo and had steamed clams on the grill. The men were in heaven. After dinner we drove over to Bolton Landing and watched the fireworks on the lake. What a site seeing all those boats in the water with the fireworks going off. It's something I'll never forget. We topped the night off with Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Thank you Claude for your gracious hospitality. Above, Scott on our Wet Bike. He rode a wet bike for the first time 26 years ago on this very lake during our honeymoon!

Our day at the lake ended with excitement. Uncle Randy was learning how to ride the wet bike when he got pulled over by the LG police for being out of control. They eventually were asked to get out of the water and into the lake patrol's boat. When the policeman flipped open his tablet we knew it wasn't a good sign. Yep, he gave Uncle Randy a ticket. No more driving the wet bike for the rest of the day.

Here is Scott, Uncle Perry, Uncle Randy, Randy and Ethan carrying the wet bike out of the water.

July 5 we went to Jiminy Peak with the Hunts on the alpine slide and coaster. We had a ball! We would secretly stop around the curve at the top, lining up to race one another and making sure the track was clear. I was in the back, but I kept up pretty well only wiping out once. Diane and Krissy's adventurous spirit came out too! 'We spent 3 and 1/2 hours going up and down the alpine slide. Did I ention how competivitve the men were? By the end of the evening, most everyone had wiped out, showing each other the burns on their elbows. What a thrill. Above is Brian, Scott, Randy and Ethan. Afterwards we stopped at Kays Pizza and picked up the best New York Pizza I 'd ever had in my life. When it was dark we all went back to the Littles and lit the fireworks we had brought from Tennessee. We made some noise!

Here we all are at Jiminy Peak's alpine slide: Diane, Brian, Krissy, Jeremy, Randy Ethan, Becky and Scott.

July 7 Time to go home. Here are the men with mom and dad Little just before leaving. We had the best trip. We sure love you more than words can say. And a big thank you to Uncle Randy for all the kettle corn!