Monday, June 27, 2011

Rogersville Flying Fish Swim Team

This is Ethan's twelfth year on the Rogersville Flying Fish swim team. He loves swimming and knows all the strokes well. Our meets are on Tuesday evenings and the parents spend their time working the meets and visiting. We all look forward to summer and supporting our local swim club.

Ethan let me take this picture before he got out of the pool.

This picture of Ethan was in our local newspaper..pretty good dive.

Ethan coming out of his turn during the breast stroke.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pig Number Two

The guys went pig hunting this evening; this time our neighbors brought their bear dogs with them. The first hour and a half they didn't see anything. Just before dark the dogs picked up the scent at a nearby pond. Scott and Tanner went around the other side of the pond to head 'em off and sure enough the dogs chased the pig right across the pond. When the pig came up on the shore Tanner was there and ready. He shot the pig and the dogs did the rest. Tanner is having quite the memorable weekend with us! And we have more fresh pork for sausage.

This one's a little smaller than the last, but just as exciting to hunt.

Tanner with his first pig.

Leslie, Ethan, Scott, Tanner and Randy

Ethan, Randy and Tanner skinning the pig.

Ethan, Randy, Leslie and Tanner

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Ethan

Today Ethan turned 18. Hard for us to believe. Randy's college buddy, Tanner, is visiting for the weekend. They all spent the day rafting down the little Pigeon River where Charles is a river guide. The men came back with stories of rapids and almost being thrown out of the raft. Randy got hit in the head with an oar. I had dinner waiting for them of home made chicken fingers and home churned ice-cream...they were hungry! Happy Birthday Ethan!
Leslie, Ethan, Randy and Tanner

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday School Party

We attend the Encourager Sunday School class at our church. This evening we had everyone over for a picnic. Our teacher had called the previous day asking what the back up plan was in case it rained. I said I had none :) Well, it rained (poured) all day, but God is gracious and an hour before everyone started arriving the sun came out. It was a beautiful evening, cooler, with white clouds and blue sky. What a wonderful time of fellowship. Below are some pictures of our evening. Our Sunday School class.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Making Sausage

And the rest of the story...Tonight Josh, Randy and Ethan are making sausage out of that wild hog. I still have the meat grinder our mom used to make bologna spread with. Glad I still have it. Josh bought a sausage spice packet at the store. I'll let you know how it turns out. I hear them out on the porch laughing...these guys are having a ball.

Josh, Randy and Ethan grinding up the wild hog.

Hay Cutting Time

It's hay cutting time in Tennessee. I love driving by and seeing the rolls of hay in the fields. Randy is cutting ours today. The hay will lay in the field for a couple days until dry, then it will be baled. For Randy, there's not better place to be than on a tractor.

Randy on Steve's tractor with Duke in the background.

Our hay field.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild Hog

Josh and Randy heard there were some wild hogs in the mountains up our creek. They left to check it out, bringing a shot gun with them...just in case. All I know is Scott got a phone call from Randy asking to hang a pig in the barn! They showed up all excited with the wild hog in the back of the truck. Josh said he shot at the pig, then it started charging him so he shot it again. I imagine it was some work dragging it out of those mountains and into their truck as it was a big one. When they got to our house, Scott and Ethan helped them drag it into the barn for hanging. Steve, Edda Sue, Josh and Jessica came over check the hog out too. Life is always exciting with Josh and Randy!

The wild hog..they are mean! Hog season is open year around. The TN Wildlife Agency actually wants you to kill these wild hogs to help control their population.

Scott, Ethan, Josh and Randy hanging the pig in the barn.

Josh and Randy with their wild hog.

Josh and Randy.

Randy, Josh and Ethan skinning the wild hog.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Baby Elk Is Born

Sometimes it's difficult to tell if an elk is pregnant, as we've been wrong before. Everyday we'd look at Sarah and thought she looked pregnant. About a month ago she started pacing the fence, one of the things Dee did when she was expecting. Usually Sarah and Sam are always together. Tonight he was by himself in the upper field again so I had Ethan get some binoculars to scout the area. He came back smiling and said he saw something with spots. I quickly got my camera. I had to put the camera on telephoto all the way, but you can see our little baby.