Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boys State

Ethan spent this last week at American Legion Boys State held at Tennessee Tech University. 575 young men from high schools throughout Tennessee gathered for a week of leadership and civics. The men were divided into cities, learning how our government operates and the responsibilities of being a citizen. Scott and I attended the Inauguration Ceremony. When I first saw Ethan I was amazed at how much he'd grown. I think all the parents must have felt this with boys and out with men! We'd like to thank the American Legion and the many volunteers that made this week possible. Ethan enjoyed the week and we know will use this experience to be a leader among men.

The first part of the closing ceremony was held in the football stadium. Each city of men marched onto the field. Ethan was in Maddux City. He said his favorite day was Thursday as that was the day his city became unified.

Here is Maddux City. Ethan is in the fourth row back. They are being inspected as they march past.

Ethan is in the middle. After the parade of cities we all went to the Hooper Eblen Center for the band concert and the 2011 Inauguration.

Here we are at the end of the day. We are so proud of Ethan!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turtle On The Creek

I was next door visiting with Doris and Danny when Edda Sue came running across the lawn all excited...there'd been a turtle sighting in front of their house. We all went outside and found this turtle at the edge of the road by their driveway. I ran to get my camera and Scott. It was getting dark quick but I got in a picture without using a flash. What a huge snapper. We all gathered and several neighbors stopped; we were like kids checking out the turtle, trying to make it snap and guessing it's age. A couple screams came from me. The last picture is Scott picking up the turtle; he said it weighed about 20 lbs. He finally flung it back into the field....maybe we'll see it again one day. The best part of the night was gathering with the neighbors and visiting.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Fifty!

Well...I turned fifty today, hard to believe. I wonder where the years are going, but guess everyone feels this way. I mostly thank the Lord for how richly He's blessed my life....with blessings overflowing. It wasn't so bad turning fifty after all. Miss you my dear sister and girls. These pictures are for you♥

I came to work this morning and found my office decorated in black (what else) "Over The Hill" Here I am trying out my blow-up walker! I also got pills for my hot flashes!

Here are my dearest co-workers, Rena and Amy, assisting the "old lady!"

Several of our dear school nurses I work with sent me flowers. I was touched! When I got to my school, the clinic was decorated and a cake was waiting for me by Doris and Glenda. Our principal must have announced my birthday over the intercom as the children wished me happy birthday throughout the day :) with homemade cards and candy.

When I came home I found Over The Hill signs in my yard! Thanks Edda Sue...They look awefully familiar!

Scott surprised me with flowers and a beautiful card. He took me out to dinner at the Bone Fish Grill in new favorite restaurant. I had the best day.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chicken Butchering Day

If I'm blogging, that's a good thing as it means we are finished! We put 93 chickens in the freezer today, keeping three as pets. Ethan left for Boys State this morning so it was Charles and Randy and us. It was one of the smoothest butchering days I remember. The only mishap was Charles cut his hand, but thankfully nothing that needed stitches. He wore a dish glove all day. The plucking took around 2 hours and then we all rested while the chickens got nice and cold. After a couple hours we started butchering and with everyone working together we were done in 2 1/2 hours. Not bad. It was a good family time spent together♥ Below are pictures to remember our day.

Our chicken house this morning..the chickens waiting quietly.

The first chickens in the cone and Scott scalding the first chicken.

Randy killing the first chickens.

The plucking begins...

I'm the scalder. Believe me, I didn't look like this at the end of the day!

Charles and Randy have been working for a while. Their job was to keep the cones full.

Charles took this picture. It shows the whole operation.

After the plucking stage the chickens were put in the large chest freezer (back ground) in ice water. After a couple hours they were nice and cold and ready for the butchering. Here are the men butchering their first chickens.

Randy, holding up a bird. He kept us entertained the whole day.

At the end of butchering. Almost done. My job was to bag them and cart them to the freezer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Men

Happy Birthday to Scott and Charles. We had a good day with special gifts, steak, potatoes, broccoli and homemade ice-cream for dessert. Randy had his friends over and we spent time around the table telling stories and laughing. Brittney got a taste of my world with lots of men! Needless to say, the homemade ice cream was gone in a jiff. After dinner Ethan, Randy and his friends left out back with their camo gear on...the makings of another story around the table.

Charles 24 and Scott 51

Randy, Preston, Grant, Josh and Ethan

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

For my mother's day gift I asked the men to plant my ivy. There were 7 flats of Algerian Ivy and each flat had 8 plants...they got it done in no time at all. My job was to tell them where to dig. And to beat it all, my back feels great as they did all the work! What a great gift from the men in my life♥

We planted the ivy in all the bare spots. This ivy said on the label "requires a minimum of 6-8 hours of sun." Perfect for my bank that has sunlight all day!

Scott, Randy, Charles and Ethan

Happy Mother's day♥

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Morning Frost

The news forcasted a posssible hard frost for northeast Tennessee. I had just planted our tomatoes and green peppers along with my herb garden. The ivy on our front bank had many new leaves on it, which I'm sure the frost would kill... not to think of our blueberries. After a restless night of sleep I woke to a temperature of 35 degrees. I double checked the news which said 32 then ran outside to confirm our windshields were frosted over. Crap! We had read that if you spray the frost off before the sunrise you could save your plants from being I quickly sprang into action. I slipped into a pair of jeans, put a flannel shirt over my nightgown, donned my farm boots and coat, added a black beanie cap and grabbed a flashlight then ran outside to water all the plants. There I was at 5:30 in the morning spraying off the ivy in front of our house. I got so tickled looking down when I saw my nightgown around my legs. Thank goodness I had at least remembered to remove the duct tape from my face (long tell). I didn't know so many people were up at 5:30 in the morning! and can only guess what they thought about that crazy woman watering her ivy at that time in the morning dressed like I was. Good thing it was mostly dark! All I can say is Scott has a good wife. I checked the plants this afternoon and they all looked okay. The tomatoes have a couple black spots, but they'll make it. I decided not to post a picture on this one. Sometimes things are better left to the imagination.