Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter From Tennessee

Happy Easter to everyone. We spent the morning singing and worshiping the Lord...He is risen! Afterwards we had our dear friends the Squires and Farrows over for a hamburger barbecue. You can't beat great food and fellowship with wonderful friends. Ethan got his ga-ga game out and we spent the afternoon playing this fast paced game. We also had an egg competition, cracking each other's eggs to see who's cracked the last. I was out after a couple hits. The best comment of the day was from Randy. Frank and Susan had brought some homemade spearmint tea. Susan was talking about squeezing the mint leaves...Randy piped up "I'm drinking Egyptian tea, made by the hand of a Farrow!" I wonder where he gets his quick wit! We are glad Brittney was able to spend the day with us too. Happy Easter to our family and friends.

Here we are after church. Ethan, Brittney, Charles, Randy, Becky, Scott.

Playing ga-ga.

Randy, Ethan and Scott. Ethan won most of the games!

Charles jumping from the trampoline onto the shed.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

M-Now Weekend

This past weekend was our annual M-now weekend for the youth at our church. M-now, which stands for "missions-now" is a weekend where the students serve the community. Our church offered free haircuts, face painting/ kids activities and a free car wash for anyone in Rogersville. Ethan volunteered his time washing cars all day. They had a good time even though the weather was cooler and windy...very windy actually. I stopped by and got my car washed and took some pictures!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hail Storm

Boy, did we have a storm. When it started hailing we got really excited. The hail was the size of marbles; some of the hail was bigger than X-large grade A eggs! In the city of Rogersville they had hail the size of baseball-softballs. Just when we thought it was finished hailing, it began again. With the thunder and lightning came the rain....the news said we had anywhere from 2-4 inches of rain and I believe 'em. Our Cloud Creek was a raging river and our elk pond a large lake. We took pictures of the hail for proof and then quickly put them in the freezer. The next day at church we were talking about the storm and everyone around us froze their hail too! We were like kids! Marble sized hail
The next hail storm brought these!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hewed Beam

Scott and Ethan are making a hand hewn beam. They're using an antique broad axe that was specifically designed for hand hewing. I really don't know what they'll do with it, but it's a fun project for them both.

Charles and Brittney

Brittney's first ride on the boy's childhood motorcycle. still runs.

Mail Order Chicks

Our chicks arrived in the mail today. We counted and there are 122 baby chicks♥ We ordered Cornish X chicks which grow quickly. Time Scott got home and got the brooder ready it was dark. We headed up to the barn and put them in their new home... at least for a couple weeks until we transfer them to the chicken house. I couldn't beat Charles' pictures he took last year, so I videoed Scott transferring the chicks into the brooder. Listen to their chirping...Don't you just love spring! This is how the chicks came in the mail.
Scott and Charles transferring the chicks to the brooder.

Duke checking the chicks out.