Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tie Dye Date

Charles has had this tie dye kit hanging around the house for years. This past week Charles and Brittney decided to try it out. They went to the store, bought their shirts and washed and dried them. Before beginning they checked out You-tube and came up with a cool pattern. See below. They had lots of fun and didn't the shirts turn out way cool!

Planning their project.

Folding their shirts in a circular pattern.

Applying the dye.

After letting the shirts set for several hours they were unwrapped and rinsed.

The finished shirts. Pretty cool huh?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Charles and Brittney

Today Charles surprised me and brought Brittney to church. During greeting time I turned around and there they were....smiling, sitting several rows in back of us. I could hardly concentrate on the sermon, I was so excited. Charles has been dating this special young lady for a short while and I can tell he cares for her. After meeting several of our church family we all headed home and had lunch around the table. I'm sure she was out of her element with all the men! We look forward to getting to know her more.

Charles and Brittney

Ethan's First Truck

Ethan has been looking for a truck for months now and finally found the perfect one from Josh and Jessica down the road. It's a 1996 Dodge and in pretty good shape. It has a distinct truck sound so I'll always know when Ethan gets home. I'm still pinching myself that our youngest is old enough to buy and own a truck. We're so proud of him and his smart purchase.

Ethan and his first truck

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Big Catch At Cherokee Lake

Randy is home for the weekend. It's so good to see him...longer hair and all. This morning he headed out to Cherokee lake with Josh and Ethan to do some fishing and they came home with a 22 inch Walleye weighing 4 and 1/4 pounds. Josh had something to smile about as he caught it!

Ethan, Josh and Randy

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amis Mill Eatery

We have an new restaurant in our area called Amis Mill Eatery . Scott and I went before Christmas and really enjoyed it so today we decided to go after church, taking Ethan. The new restaurant is built on the historic site of the old Amis Mill and dam back in the 1770's where settlers stopped to get their supplies before heading out west. The restaurant is on Bear Creek Hollow Road overlooking the historic site on Big Creek. I remember Randy, Charles and their buddies used to hang out at the dam frequently when they were younger... We'll be back.

Scott and I in front of the restaurant ( I loved the chocolate Lab on their porch!)

Scott and Ethan with the dam and spillway in the background.