Sunday, January 30, 2011

Litter Pickup With Neil

What a beautiful day the Lord gave sky and 64 degrees. After a cold, snowy January it feels like a breath of spring. After church I got on my levis and went for my usual walk with Duke, then decided to pick up trash along the road. I do this every month or so to keep our road clean. Today I did it with Neil Diamond. I had bought me a Nano while in Utah and decided to walk with music. Who else would I listen to but Neil? So there I was picking up trash, dancing and singing to Neil using my grabber as a microphone!" Actually it made me miss my sister Brenda as she would have been there singin' along with me! ...Oh, I love my Rosie child, you got the way to make me happy

Look at all the trash I picked up!

Play it Neil....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monster Jam

We finally made it to the Thompson Boling Arena, but it wasn't for a UT basketball was for the Monster Jam! All I can say is Scott has a good wife to go with him and see monster trucks. It turned out to be a fun, loud evening (yes, we wore ear plugs). The best part was seeing all the dads and their sons together. I'm sure it was thrilling through their young eyes.
Below are some videos of the monster trucks doing their stuff. The Mohawk Warrior truck won though I couldn't tell you how they scored it. I enjoyed the half time entertainment with the motorcycles best. Now I can say I've been to a Monster Jam!

A Visit With Randy's Friends

Randy's friends dropped by last night on their way to Sugar Mountain for a day of snowboarding. They spent the night and after breakfast this morning were on their way. It was good seeing them again and I let them know they always have a place to stay when traveling. The only one missing was Randy who couldn't make this trip...missed you son!

John, Jake and Derek

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awana Store

Tonight was the much awaited Awana store at our church. We hold the store twice a year, once in January and then at the end of the year in May. The kids earn Awana bucks throughout the year for attendance and passing off scriptures and sections in their handbooks. The store is their reward night. It runs like a store where they purchase items with their money earned. We all love it , but I must admit I'm exhausted by the end of the evening. A big thank you to all the leaders who volunteer their time to make Awana possible and the children who are hiding God's word in their hearts♥

Here are some of our Sparks group purchasing items at the store.

Becky, Awana Commander.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Randy Off To College

Randy left for college a little while ago. I never gets easier saying goodbye. This Christmas break sure went by fast. After a quick family prayer he was off. Love you Randy.

Ethan and Randy loading up.

One final picture of Randy before leaving.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Randy's Late Night Adventure

Randy was out last night with his buddies having fun on the icy roads...We went to bed. When he woke up the next morning he said "Mom, I have something I need to talk to you about...I kind of wrecked my truck..." It was parked in our driveway so surely it couldn't be that bad. Apparently he didn't make a curve doing donuts near Walmart, hitting his rear tire hard against a curb...hard enough so his wheels came off the ground. The impact also bent his rear axle. So here he is on the day he needs to leave for school fixing his truck outside on the freezing, snowy, ground with wind dropping temperatures to the single digits. We spent quite a lot of time on the phone trying to find replacement parts. He ended up going to a salvage yard in Kingsport to get the axle and Charles, Ethan and I went local to pick up a tire rim. Ethan helped him with the repairs. It's now 8:00pm and Randy and Ethan just came in all coated with grease....the truck was finally finished. They were both cold and hungry and Randy still needed to go through his things in his room, pack and get on the road for the three hour drive. At the last minute I decided to look up TTU's website because of all the snow we've had and guess what? Tomorrow's classes are cancelled due to snow. I gave him the good news! Now Randy can pack tonight and get a good nights sleep before hitting the road. PS. I told him, no, he couldn't go out with his buddies tonight!

Randy and Ethan working on the truck.

The damaged rim.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lost, Now Found

Charles took this photo on his cell phone.

When I came home from Utah I found out that Charles had become the owner of a hamster. His friend, Tom, gave it to him... cage and all. Lucky us! The first night we had it, I woke up in the middle of the night with sounds coming from the closet...I'm thinking mouse as my sister, Brenda had a pet mouse on her porch steps and I had mice on the brain. I wake Scott up from a sound sleep and say "Do you hear that?" I think he thought I was crazy. I quickly got up to get a mouse trap. When I came back, there was Scott standing in the middle of our bedroom with the hamster on his shoulder. Good thing I couldn't find that mouse trap! Two nights ago the hamster disappeared again. Charles found the hamster's wheel precariously close to Duke's pad who was sleeping in his room. No hamster to be found. Charles looked everywhere and finally came to the conclusion that our Duke had probably eaten him. Yuk. I mean, could Duke really eat a hamster? I took Duke on my routine walk up the road and Duke pooped good. I looked real close to see if I could see any hair or sign of hamster remains. I got so tickled at myself looking at that poo along the road. I thought about it all day and the next. When I came home from work the next day Charles told me he'd found the hamster in his room scurrying across his floor. I gave Duke a big hug! Well, the hamster is now back in his cage and I'm back to drifting off to sleep listening to the hamster run his wheel. I'm hoping to find find a nice family that would like a hamster...cage and all!
Duke our dog and the hamster.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beautiful Morning

This morning was absolutely breathtaking. Snow had fallen last night and the trees, fences, telephone wires were coated with white. Scott called on his way to work and said "Babe, go out and take pictures." These pictures don't begin to capture the beauty that God blessed us with. Because the back roads are slick it's a snow day and all the boys are home. I'm cooking and baking for them. It's nice to have them home. All too soon Randy will be back to school.

Looking out from the front of our house.

Our back field.

Looking through the elk's fence to our other barn.

One of our barns by the house. PS. When we got home from NY we found our chicken dead. Scott said maybe a coyote got it.


Cloud Creek Valley

Our neighbor's barn across the street.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To Work

After a wonderful Christmas vacation in New York, the time finally came to head back to work. Funny how getting three weeks off school makes you want even more time off! There's no better place than home for sure. The first day back to school is the hardest, for staff and students alike. All the nurses and Amy, our health educator, met for an in-service luncheon at Pizza Hut. It was so nice seeing everyone after our break. We have the best school nurses in Hawkins County and it's a priviledge and blessing to work with such fine women♥

Front row (L to R): Tina, Wendi, Teresa, Rebecca, Michelle, Regina and Keri. Back row: Amy, Virginia, Debbie, Becky and Melita.