Sunday, October 24, 2010

Randy Shot A Groundhog

Randy went hunting with Josh today and came back with a groundhog....I spent the day putting pine needles around our blueberries.

The blueberries are all tucked in for winter.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Josh and Jessica's Wedding

Another Cloud Creek wedding...our neighbors Jessica and Josh finally tied the knot. Jessica looked just like a princess walking down the isle to the song "Butterfly Kisses". It was the most beautiful wedding and everyone was dressed to the hilt. I worked in the kitchen and helped serve, manning the chocolate fountain. Randy came home for the weekend, making it that more special. We pray God's blessing on this special couple. Congratulations Josh and Jessica♥

My dear neighbors and family in Tennessee!

Jessica and Josh

Husband and wife♥

Ethan, Gabe, TJ, Thomas, Randy and Scott at the reception.

This picture turned out a little blurry and I was very tired from working behind the scenes in the kitchen! Ethan, Becky, Jessica, Josh, Scott and Randy.

Randy caught the garter belt♥

Thursday, October 21, 2010


While Ethan was at 4-H camp years ago he learned how to play Ga-Ga. He loved it and the game has stayed with him. Our city school nearby didn't want their pit anymore so he went over and asked for it ...and they gave it to him! Well, he spent time fixing it up, giving it a cool paint job and now we have a nice Ga-Ga pit. For all of you who don't know what Ga-Ga's kind of like dodge ball; if the ball touches you below the knees, you're out. The game is fast paced and you've got to be quick. Below, Ethan is playing the day after his wisdom teeth were pulled...wisdom teeth didn't stop him from playing the game he loves.

Ethan, Dylan and Kenny

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Honey Night

A couple weeks ago Scott finally worked on his hives, removing several of the supers for honey. He's been working so hard this summer he just didn't have the time to do it earlier...usually we take the honey off in June. Late season honey is darker than normal, and the flavor is a little stronger tasting, but it's still yummy. Elizabeth, a friend of Charles, came over and helped out. It was a new experience for her and I got tickled just watching her. We are so fortunate to have hives and make our own honey.

Here Scott is removing the frames from several of the supers.

Scott, Ethan and Elizabeth removing the caps so the honey can be removed.

Charles and Elizabeth posing with one of the frames.

After the caps have been removed, the frames are put in the extractor.

And then you spin it.

...and spin it.

..and out comes the honey. We let the honey sit for a day and let the wax float to the top. After removing the extra wax, we pour it through a strainer, then put it in jars.

After the honey was extracted we made white muscadine jelly from our grapes. We put the grapes through our Squeezo which separated the skins/seeds from the juice. Then I made jelly with the juice. I must admit white jelly (it's kind of green colored) is quite unusual, but if you close your eyes it tastes just like the jelly we made from the muscadine grapes of Crawfish Valley. We planted dark purple muscadine grapes this year so next year I hope to have purple jelly.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heritage Days 2010

Today was Rogersville's annual Heritage Days. It's held the second weekend in October and the weather was sunny and warm. Friday night was the car show. Scott looked at the cars and I visited with friends, so it was a wonderful night. Below is a picture of a car Scott would like to own! Saturday we stayed home and worked in the yard preparing for the coming winter. We headed back to the festival after church on Sunday. We spent all afternoon at Heritage Days, not walking more than a few steps without seeing someone we knew, visiting with dear friends. We feel so blessed to live here in Rogersville. We made our way through all the demonstrations, exhibits and booths. We purchased several things including a homemade broom for our porch. As always, we came away with several bags of kettle corn, muscadine juice, and cinnamon glazed nuts. My favorite part of Heritage days is the gospel and country music from our local musicians. I could sit and listen to them all day.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner.

Here we are. Ethan was out and about at Heritage Days with his friends, feeling some better after having his wisdom teeth out.

The petting are some baby alpacas. I thought they looked darn cute!

Downtown Rogersville, center square.

A local craftsman carving out a bread bowl.

Our dear friend Bruce Campbell and I. We used to work together at RUMC church. He was the youth director and I was the children's director. What wonderful memories. We agreed that some things never dear friends.

Making apple butter.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ethan's Wisdom Teeth Removed

Ethan had his wisdom teeth removed this morning. All four were impacted which was good news for us, as it meant our medical insurance covered the cost. No pictures were allowed, however, the nurse said I could take one picture before the procedure began. While we waited for the oral surgeon we played "I spy." We've always played this game while waiting for the doctor. Ethan did just fine. All of the boys were different coming out of anesthesia. Charles was sleepy, Randy talkative and Ethan was wide awake but quiet. I could see his mind trying to figure things out. Ethan's in good hands. He just finished a vanilla shake and I've made him mashed potatoes for dinner.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Visit To Columbus, Georgia

We arrived home late last night from Columbus, Georgia, visiting Randy. It was so good just to hug him and see where he's living. I'll go ahead and brag now as his apartment was spiffy clean. He had spent the day cleaning just for us! He's enjoying working for Kysor Warren and learning many new things. We spent the days eating out and visiting. My favorite part of the trip was attending Randy's church and meeting his church family. He's been attending a small country church in Alabama and the folks are caring and genuine....and they all love Randy. I thank the Lord for this church family and know he's well cared for. I cooked for Randy one night and made his favorite cube steak and mashed potato dinner. We enjoyed sitting around the table talking and getting to know his roommate. While in Columbus we visited the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center which was a humbling experience in and of itself. Fort Benning is nearby and we saw many young men in our military. On our last day Randy arranged a tour at a local Cessna plant that makes propellers. Scott, Randy and Ethan went on the tour and I stayed back at Randy's apartment cleaning and making him a casserole. It was hard saying goodbye and I cried on the way home. We're so proud of you Randy and know you're in the Lord's hands.

Randy and his family away from home...Theresa and Barry

Ethan, Becky, Randy and Scott in front of his church in Alabama.
Randy with his pastor and pastor's wife.

A stop at Kysor Warren.

National Infantry Museum

Ethan and Scott in front of a statue representing our fighting soldiers.