Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Parking Lot

Randy is home for the weekend and when Randy is home, the guys gather. Our driveway becomes a parking lot. Randy and his friends spent the day working on their cars, revving up their engines, laughing, telling stories and just hanging out. I turned the oven on and made cookies and steak & noodle casserole. I spent several hours outside picking our berries listening to them... Randy sure enjoys being home and seeing his buddies. They came in later and I made fruit slushies (today it was pineapple-orange-peach), chicken nuggets and tator tots...something to fill them up.

The parking lot.

Randy working on his truck,

Josh, Randy, Preston and Gabe.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Volunteer Speedway

We spent our Friday night at the Volunteer Speedway, right here in Bulls Gap TN. We haven't been to the races in years so it was kind of exciting. I had forgotten about all the noise and dust! The Volunteer Speedway is known as "The world's fastest dirt track!" It's a 4/10 mile high banked clay oval track. Last night they hosted the Southern Nationals Series for the Super Late Models (#49 won). They also raced a Hobby Stocks (Street Stock) division. They reminded Scott of his Lebanon Valley Speedway days when he was younger and used to race them. There were three races with lots of cars and each of them did a qualifying lap to see where they would start. When the big race started even my adrenaline began to rush! The race cars had so much power and you ought to see the dust blowing. Good thing I wore ear plugs and sun glasses. Sometimes cars would wipe out, but no one was injured. It was all very exciting. It was midnight when the races were finished and I was exhausted, sweaty, hot, dirty and couldn't wait for was a fun night.
Ethan and friend, Gabe

Becky and Scott at the beginning of the race, before the dust started to fly. Scott said he'd rather be racing than watching.
They watered down the track and then prepared the surface.

Ethan and Gabe

Here is one of the Super Late Model cars

The race was at night and we were unable to get a clear picture. The cars were going fast!

At the begining of the big race...all the cars lining up. The race was 53 laps.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Berry Time

Our thornless black berries are starting to come on. We'll be picking them for the next several weeks as they ripen. I put them in the freezer for winter cobblers and fruit slushies.

This gives you an idea of how big they get and oh so sweet.

Our pet chicken likes the berries too. The only thing I don't like is he poops purple poop on our sidewalk and the poop stains it. Oh well. Last month we butchered all our chickens except this one. He was small and lame and we actually didn't expect him to live. Instead, he grew into a beautiful chicken and our pet....for a while. He roams the yard and Duke, our dog, leaves him alone.

Our blueberries have been in since the beginning of June. We have many varieties so we're able to pick and eat blueberries all summer long. Yum.

Charles' Pottery On Exhibit

The Walter State Community College Art Department's student exhibition is going on now at their library on campus. Two of Charles' pieces were chosen for the exhibit...and only a few of the students were chosen. He is very creative and if I had the money and room I'd buy him a potters wheel and oven to make me lots of pottery. Congratulations Bud!

The Catron Art Gallery at the R. Jack Fisherman Library, WSCC.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Coat For The Garage

I've been busy this last week painting, painting and painting. Our garage was looking pretty rugged and needed a fresh coat of paint. I had actually bought the paint and started some of the trim last fall. We had friends visit us this spring from New York and I said "Don't mind the garage, we're in the process of painting it." Brian replied "How long have you been in the process?" All right, he got me! Well, the mood finally hit and there is nothing like a big project to get me going...and I don't stop until it's done. I did everything two coats. I'm kind of proud of myself for taking on such a big job and it looks a whole lot better.

Working on the white trim.

Ethan painting. He moved that pile of metal (background) from next to the garage so I could paint. Scott's job is to go through it and hopefully throw most of it away.

Stopping to smile at the camera. I have no make-up on and I'm pretty tired. I used the same paint brush the whole week... It looks as worn out as I feel!

Standing on our 10 foot ladder painting around the chimney.

The finished job.The garage looks so much better! I painted all the white first then painted the wood.
Front of our garage. The wood trim was done in "Classic Burgundy."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

World Changers Mission Trip

East Rogersville Baptist Church youth left this morning for their World Changers Mission trip to St. Louis, MO. World Changers is a project of the North American Mission Board. They hold World Changer projects all over the United States. This weeks is in St. Louis and volunteers will be coming from all around the country to attend. The youth will be staying at a host church and spending their week making housing repairs for those in need. Ethan packed his hammer, gloves and nail apron ready to work...he has a servant's heart. Please pray for these youth, that the people of St. Louis may see the love of the Lord through them. World Changers has a project photo blog. It should be up and running this next week. Maybe our kids will be on it... Click on St. Louis, MO July 12-17.

ERBC senior high youth group.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

This is Randy's weekend... and a guy day. After church we came home and had a hamburger BQ. Later in the afternoon Scott took all the boys and Randy's friends out on the boat for some tubing fun. I sent my camera with Charles and he took some great photos. Thanks Bud. I stayed home, made Randy a cake and had some quiet time thinking of the boys spending time with each other and their Dad. God Bless America...happy 4th of July.

Ethan and TJ. having fun on the tube.

Randy and Ethan tubing...

Scott at the helm.

Ethan, Gabe, Josh and TJ having a blast.

All five at once! Randy, TJ, Gabe, Josh and Ethan on top.

Josh, Ethan,Gabe, TJ, and Randy having a great time.

Bottom: Gabe, TJ and Randy. Top: Josh and Ethan.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 21 Randy

Randy got in from Georgia late last night. It sure is good to see him...his hair is longer. He turned 21 today and spent the morning seeing all his buddies and going for a motorcycle ride. Then he came back and visited a while, telling stories. He loves coming home and seeing all his buddies and great ones he has! Randy tries his best to fit his family in his schedule too☺ Scott ended up taking Randy, Preston and Ethan boating in the evening. They had a ball. Happy birthday Randy. PS 7-5-10 Randy left for Georgia with a nice short haircut. TJ ( another of Randy's good buddies) is now a helicopter pilot and gave Randy a ride in a helicopter! How cool.

Grant, Gabe and Randy stopped for a picture before heading out on Grant's bikes.

Randy, Scott, Ethan and Preston visiting. I love listening to their stories.