Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rogersville Flying Fish 2010

This is Ethan's 12th year on the Rogersville Flying Fish swim team....hard to believe. He started out the summer before kindergarten and now he is one of the oldest on the team. All of our boys have a love of the water and spent their summers swimmming with the RFF. The RFF is part of the East Tennessee Summer Swim League competing with other teams in the area. Last night was our 3rd swim meet against the Ridges. Ethan is up early every morning heading to practice and our swim meets are scheduled every Tuesday evening. A big thanks to all the volunteers making the RFF possible this year!

The Ridges are a smaller team so we ended up combining some of the events to make it fun and more competitive. Here they are getting ready for the boys/girls open 50 back.

Ethan swimming the boys open 100 IM (butterfly, back, breast and free)

Ethan (far end) preparing to dive for the boys/girls open 50 free

Ethan and his buddies Justin and Tyler.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday Ethan

Ethan's actual birthday was during his mission trip. We celebrated it today as a family. We had friends (Squire family) over for a hamburger BQ and then went out on the boat. We had to wait out a storm in our car. It was kind of comical as we thought the storm was over and we started for the boat... then the rain would start again and we ran screaming back to the car. We did this several times laughing. Finally, the skies cleared and we had a wonderful afternoon on the boat being pulled on the tube. Afterwards, Ethan had to rush off to prepare for his youth mission night and we stayed and had his cake and ice cream.

Dylan and Brooke
Becky and Scott

Faith had a ball on the tube.

Ethan and Dylan being pulled on the tube.

Ethan, happy 17.

Ethan and Dylan.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Webb Wedding

Today Andrew and Stephanie were married at the First Baptist Church. It was a beautiful ceremony with family and friends in attendance. The reception was held next door at the Hale Springs Inn. Scott and I enjoyed the wedding as we also had time to visit with dear friends. We pray God's blessings on Andrew and Stephanie.

Stephanie and Andrew Webb during the ceremony.

Family Members: George and Charlotte are near the middle.

Stephanie and Andrew Webb at the Hale Springs Inn.

Our dear friends the Bundys

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mission Fuge: Mobile

The First Baptist Church youth left on their Mission Fuge trip. This year's mission Fuge is held in Mobile, Alabama. It's Ethan's fourth year of being involved with this wonderful ministry. The youth spend the week serving the Lord in various ways. They can choose from the following tracks: children's ministry, social ministry (food banks, homeless shelters etc..), painting/ construction/yardwork (PCY), creative ministry and games/rec. Ethan chose PCY. We are so proud of these youth and sharing their love of the Lord with others.

They stopped at Pensacola Beach on the way home.

25 Wedding Anniversary Trip

Scott surprised me with a special vacation for our 25th wedding anniversary. We had the most wonderful time. While on vacation we had the opportunity to see Scott's old college roommate and his family. What a reunion and the highlight of our trip. Here we are on the plane...we had the flight attendant take our picture. It's hard to believe we've been married 25 years as it seems like yesterday that we were married. The Lord has truly blessed our marriage and family. Thank you Babe for a most memorable vacation and being my husband♥

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Visitor

We've had a white pigeon hanging around our house for a week. Last Monday we found him walking on our driveway. We noticed he'd been injured as he had a wound on his neck. We quickly got some cracked corn from the barn; he let Charles get pretty close to him. We've seen him frequently perched on top of our garage. Needless to say, I've been keeping our driveway sprinkled with corn. When I first saw him I thought it was a white dove, a sure sign from the Lord. I was talking to our neighbor, Doris, who saw him perched on their electrical wire...she thought it looked like a chicken! We love you Miss Doris♥ Our neighbor, Edda Sue, had a visitor too. A couple days ago we were all talkin' next door at Doris' house and a big ol' black snake fell out of the tree and landed right next to Edda Sue. She screamed hysterically "Get him," she cried. It took us a second to figure out what she meant...then we saw the snake. Life is always exciting on the Creek!

Charles feeding the pigeon corn (taken on Memorial Day).

This picture was taken today.
Perching on top our roof.