Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heading Home

The day I dreaded came after all...time to head home and leave my sister and nieces. I love my home in Tennessee and feel so blessed to live there, but part of me is empty, a part that Brenda can only fill. After hugs and kisses and tears it was time to say goodbye to all my nieces and their families. I sure love my girls and am thankful for the time we were given and the memories we will always have. Larry and Brenda took me to the airport. We've learned to say goodbye quickly, otherwise we just sob and get big headaches and puffy eyes. Goodbye is so hard, but we've learned to be thankful for what we have and not what we don't. I thank the Lord for the week given us and my safe arrival home.

Here I am in Atlanta before boarding my plane. The pilot came over the speaker and said there would be a slight delay as we didn't have a co-pilot and we were over the weight limit. Our co-pilot arrived, the gas was siphoned and after an hour we were off. I arrived safely home into the arms of my dear husband, Scott♥

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Becky's Last Day

Post # 3 from my sister, Brenda...

Today Anita and her girls came to visit Becky here. She clearly holds a special place in their hearts. There never is an unfilled moment when we all get together... constant random chatter but somehow we keep up with all of it.

We went to the park today to play Frisbee Golf . I clearly am the dangerous player because I can't seem to control where I throw the frisbee. Sometimes to the side and quite often backwards and they all have to make a quick duck. I ended up just taking pictures :)

Then we headed over to Brick Oven for dinner and home for four square. We topped it off later with our favorite Cold Stone ice cream. Becky is leaving tomorrow to go back to Tennessee and I know she is glad to get back to them. We hold her close when she is gone. Love you Becky!
Love, Brenda

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time with Becky

Here is post # 2 from my sister, Brenda...

We seem to of taken time off from the world this week. Much needed. Complete down time of morning walks, Rummikub, Speed Scrabble, watching movies (Hallmark Loving Leah, A Walk to Remember, New in Town), watching Conrad, visiting, getting me on a schedule and thinking differently, hearing Becky say each night that it is really 1am in Tennessee, competitive Becky plays to win, and everyone just being together. The girls spend every chance at home while Becky is here and time goes by much too quickly.
Love, Brenda

Becky's arm length reading

Material Girls fabric shop in SLC

Becky's first visit to Cold Stone, minus a lense :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brenda's #50 Birthday

The next several posts are copied from my sister's blog site. They are filled with her special birthday and our week together....

I woke up to spring snow and a yummy breakfast made by Larry and the girls. Becky let me know that logistically I am entering in my 51st year and that I have been 50 this whole past year. That was a good way to start my day :) It felt wonderfully strange to have a lazy day and not be hurried. We went for a walk / bikeride in the snow, hail and by the time we got back, blue skies... we even saved some worms along the way.

Becky finally talked me into going shopping for a bit. I knew something was up because we are both non-shoppers, so why would we go on my Bday? Hmmm. Another clue was when Larry told me that today would not be the best day to stay in my pj's. Hmmm again. When we got back, the house had been transformed to tidiness and filled with good food, music and balloons. I had the best time visiting with loved ones. I realized I was much loved and felt overwhelmingly blessed. I think I have wasted years of my life waiting to be loved by a certain few and have not fully thanked the Lord for those that really love me, even though I can be outspoken and yes, irritating at times. I forgot to take pictures (How can that be?) But the girls did take Polaroid's of everyone. You could've heard a pin drop when I announced that my sister Becky may be younger, but she is going through the change first. All eyes went to Becky... who is a young 49 for now :) Overall, I feel thankful to be 50 and to be able to share life with my family and friends. My deeper thoughts can come later.
Love, Brenda

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Utah Surprise

My sister, Brenda, is turning 50 years old and I surprised her with a trip to Utah. I called my niece, Ashlee, over 6 weeks ago with my plans and airline info...Mums the word I said. It's difficult to keep a surprise from my sister, but I think we all did a great job. I called her the day I was flying out just before I headed to the airport. I said I was eating lunch (which I was) and then went into our plans for the weekend, all to get her off our track. It worked. I hated to hear her so disappointed on the phone but new the surprise would be worth it. All my nieces and Larry new I was coming and were hanging around the house as nonchalantly as they could. Paul picked me up at the airport and we made our plans on how we would spring the surprise. Paul went in the house first like he was all by himself while I waited in the car for several minutes. I then called Brenda on my cell phone and asked how she was doing...Not good she replied. I said Brenda, what do you want most for your birthday? You, she replied. Then come to the front door I said. She came screaming to the front door and then there were lots of hugs and kisses!
Below is my sister Brenda and I on her very special 50th birthday.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter...the Lord Is Risen! We hope this day finds your family together celebrating our Lord's Resurrection. Love, the Little Family from Tennessee.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Our Chicks Have Arrived

Today our chicks arrived in the mail, all 100 of them. They are so cute and arrived just in time for Easter. We raise them almost every year. Hard to believe, but we've been raising chickens for 19 years now. I'm the wife of a chicken farmer...who would have guessed! We raise them for the meat and like knowing what's been fed to them, eating chicken without hormones and antibiotics. Right now our little chicks and are snug as a bug in the chicken brooder and will be there until they out grow it. In a couple days they'll start losing their down and getting feathers. We'll butcher them in June... so stay tuned.

They arrived in the mail in this box, peeping away. Duke was fascinated.

Here they are.

Cute huh?

Charles with a chick and a daffodil he picked in our yard. Spring is here, but feels like early summer. It was 88 degrees today!

I love this picture. Charles and Ethan took all these pictures :)