Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dee Stuck

Dee hasn't been feeling well and has lost quite a bit of weight in the last several weeks. We found her stuck in our elk pond after we got home from church. She'd been thrashing around for a while and didn't have the strength to get out, plus she was getting hypothermia from the cold water. Scott and Charles worked several hours getting her out of the pond and into the barn. We made a nice warm bed for her in the hay and did all we could for her. She died around 6:00 pm tonight. We're not sure what's making our elk sick...possibly some bad water. We've lost two of our elk now; Sam and Sarah look healthy at this time. It was not a good day today.

Scott is tying a rope around Dee.

Scott and Charles trying to pull her out. She was unable to help at all.

Scott and Charles finally pulled Dee out with the 4-wheeler. She was hypothermic and had little strength.
Scott feeding Dee corn syrup to give her energy.

Taking Dee to the barn...

Scott and Charles made her a nice bed of hay and blankets to keep her warm.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Trip To Indiana

It's our spring break so I hopped in our car and drove to Lafayette, Indiana to see Scott. I've never driven that far on my own and I'm super proud of myself! Charles lent me his GPS, plugged in my destination and off I went. I just followed the voice and it took me right to Scott. We had a great time being together♥ Scott's boss, Marcus, invited us over for dinner on Sunday...I really enjoyed meeting him and his wife, Rose, and all their friends...they are all from Brazil. I don't believe I've laughed so hard in years. Rose is a wonderful hostess and cook. I did some shopping, visited Purdue, home of the BoilerMakers...I almost got lost there as I'm not used to all the one way roads! We also went to dinner at Don Pablos and lunch at SGT Preston's Pub. A special thankyou to Ron, Scott's roomate for the last little while. I know it was probably difficult having me there. What a nice gentleman; maybe one day I'll get to meet his wife and family...I hear she is a Beth Moore fan too! I arrived home safely and thank the Lord for his protection. I drove home to talk radio and heard this Irish riddle....Why does Irish soup have only 239 beans...if it had anymore, it'd be 240 ("too farty" get it?) It's cute when you say it with an Irish accent! Happy St. Patricks Day to ya ♣

I quickly snapped this photo on the road...

Scott and I at Don Pablos. I asked a nice man to take our's the only one I got the whole trip!

Charles and Ethan did just fine while I was gone. They made hamburgers on the grill. I don't know if I'm more tickled that they made their own dinner or that they took pictures for me!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ruth, Our Youngest Elk, Found Dead

This morning Scott went out to check on the animals as he always does, feeding and petting them. He went out to the barn to feed the elk and found Ruth, our youngest doe, lying by the barn door dead. He's not sure what happened. She was alive yesterday and Scott said rigor mortise was just partially setting in, so it must have happened last night sometime. Maybe she was trampled by Samson; we didn't see any puncture marks or wounds. Leaves us with an empty feeling as they are part of our family. Randy is on spring break from college. He's always happy to be home on the farm. He spent Saturday fishing with his buddies. Last night all the boys and friends went caving. There's a large cave in the mountains nearby and they went exploring. They came home dirty, covered in that red Tennessee clay :)

Scott just loves his Katie Coon... and I believe Katie Coon loves her Scott!
All the men walking on the farm.

Our neighbor took this photo several months ago of our doe elk lined up eating. The smaller one in front is Ruth. Thanks Nelda!

Hers is Samson, Dee and Sarah this morning.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Teaching CPR

Last week and this week I am teaching CPR to our 3rd graders. I'm a CPR instructor with the American Heart Association and teach CPR to school personnel throughout our school district. This week is the 3rd graders special time. We teach every year, targeting this age group as they are so receptive and eager to learn. We practiced our compressions and breathing and then put the whole CPR sequence together. They love the demonstration of the AED (automated external defribillator). We end our week talking about choking. All the children did a super job and learned so much!

Talking about our sternum for proper hand placement on the chest.

Demonstrating compressions to the class.

Now it's their turn to practice...

Putting the whole CPR sequence together. The first step is to make sure the scene is safe!