Sunday, January 31, 2010


What to do with all this snow? The boys came up with the great idea of building an igloo. I had saved the plastic forms to make igloo squares with from when they were small. They came up with a better idea of using a rubber-made plastic container as their square. They picked a spot in the woods and started their foundation. Throughout the afternoon everyone and their friends chipped in, adding to the igloo. By late evening it was done. This igloo is huge and impressive!
Ethan, Josh and Daniel got the idea of sleeping out there all night. They came in to get warm, ate plenty and then we all watched a Hallmark movie on TV...The Magic of Ordinary Days. They gathered their warmest sleeping bags, tarp, flashlights and off they went and let me tell you, it was cold. Last night it got down to 12 degrees. They made it longer than we thought, but finally the cold become too much. Daniel came in first, then a couple hours later Ethan came in. Josh made it all night long coming in at 7:00 am. In the morning over breakfast they were talking all about their adventure. Not many boys spent the night in an igloo in Tennessee! What a memory for them.
Scott, Randy, Ethan and Daniel packing the Rubber-maid container full of snow.

Josh and Ethan finishing up the foundation of the igloo.

Charles and Scott putting another layer on. It's getting evening time.

Tom and Charles working on the igloo.

The finished igloo. This picture was taken the next morning. Pretty cool huh?

Daniel Wesson, Josh Owenby and Ethan Little.

Here are the boys again.

Snow Play Day

We are having a blast in the snow. So many people have been in and out of our house, I couldn't begin to count. All the boys had friends over and they brought friends. Pastor Steve and his family dropped by for quick ride on the snowmobile too. Everyone ate well with cobblers and cookies, nachos for lunch and a huge pot of stew and homemade bread for dinner. I stopped cooking yesterday for some picture taking and a ride on the snowmobile. It snowed throughout the day several more inches.

Here we are on the snowmobile. Scott likes to go fast and I mostly screamed.

Randy and Josh having a blast.

Samson. I thought he looked so nice against the snow background.

Samson, Dee and Sarah. Ruth is in the barn.

Duke playing in the snow. Wherever we were, he was.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Really Snowed!

We've been looking for a decent snowfall since 1996 (our last big snow) and it finally came. It snowed about 5-6 inches, which is enough to get the snowmobiles out. The storm came last night as we went to bed and we woke up to a blanket of white. Yippeee. Charles was up early getting the snowmobiles out, not a sight seen very often in these parts. It's a boy's world at our house. Last night 4 friends of Randys stopped through on their way to NC to ski. ( Actually Randy only knew Derek and the rest of the guys were Derek's friends). They had a great time, sleeping where they could find room and after a great breakfast they were off. Randy decided to come home from college after all too. He wanted to get a weekend in of snowmobiling with his friends. Ethan also has two buddies over and needless to say I can't keep up with who's here....but you can bet I've been cooking. I love it. I'll blog more later...Scott has promised me a ride on the snowmobile!

Charles took the snowmobile for a ride up the road and it broke down. Randy towed him back with the 4-wheeler...they came back with Josh Owenby.

Scott, Charles, Daniel, Josh, Ethan and Randy stopping for a quick photo.

Ethan and Daniel on the 4 wheeler. Look at all that snow.

Here comes Randy towing Charles...

Our visitors from Tennessee Tech. Randy's friend, Derek is the middle with the lighter gray jacket.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sourdough Bread

I'm back to making sourdough bread. I used to make it years ago when the boys were smaller and they asked me to make it again. I made a sourdough start several months back and it's something that just gets better over time. I make bread every weekend and am really enjoying it. When it comes from the oven it fills the house with that home made bread smell...mmmm and of course everyone wants a slice fresh from the oven. I've been using my bread as a ministry too, giving one or two loaves away each week. Below is a picture of today's bread. It's shiny on top as I just put butter on it. If you come to Tennessee, I'll make you some fresh homemade bread!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brrrr...It's Cold

The south is breaking all sorts of records with this arctic cold front. It's going on 9 days of below freezing temperatures and it's not suppose to get above 23 degrees for the weekend. With the windchill, it's below zero. This recent storm hit yesterday afternoon with school dismissing 2 hours early. No school The DOT salts and clears the main roads, but the country roads are frozen over. We wait on Mr. Sunshine. Last night during the snowfall Randy headed into town to do donuts in the parking lots with his buddies. Charles got the 4-wheelers out and rode with friends into the wee hours of the morning. This morning our neighbor Nelda called. Her husband, John, needed some medication from the pharmacy and she was unable to get out due to the snow packed, icy roads (she's got one steep driveway.) Her friend, who happened to be in town, delivered the medication to us. Ethan got on the 4-wheeler and drove about a mile up the road and delivered it to her house. Isn't it great how God takes care of all our needs. We hope John is feeling better :)

Ethan on the 4-wheeler.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Earth Fare

We spent our day yesterday at the Earth Fare market in Johnson City with Kris and Steve. Steve used to work there so he knew his way around and knew all the employees. Earth Fare is a large health food super market, offering organic and natural products, cheeses, meats and the deli is out of this world. It's kind of an upscale, preppy market and a little pricey so we had to watch what we spent. You could definitely get carried away. We took our time going down each isle, stopping at all the areas giving out samples...mmm delicious. After we finished shopping we ate lunch there and spent time visiting. We enjoyed our special afternoon and look forward to our next visit. Everyone was quite cooperative in letting me take their picture. Happy New Year!

Xtreme Youth Conference

Ethan left yesterday with the youth from our church to the "Xtreme" youth conference held in Gatlinburg , TN. It's a 3 day youth conference filled with Christian motivational speakers and great music. I heard the group Casting Crowns was going to be there. I pray that each student will deepen their relationship with the Lord and/or that many will make that life changing commitment to accept the Lord as their Savior and surrender their life to Him. What a super way to bring in the new year.