Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heading Home

The day finally came for us to head home. Here we are at Perry and Darshan's house with the trailer all loaded up. We had the most wonderful visit with Scott's family and love you all so much♥ We feel so blessed to have been able to spend the holiday together. We'll be back soon!

Chantal took this picture...Scott, Perry, Randy, Ethan, Michelyn, Becky and Charles and dog Fargo

I took this picture...Scott, Perry, Randy, Ethan, Michelyn, Chantal and Charles

Chantal, Charles and Fargo

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Loading Up

We took the goose neck trailer with us to New York and now I know why...we brought home the old 49 Plymouth that was sitting in their yard for years. We now have another yard ornament. Pretty isn't she?... I wonder how long it will sit in our yard. Below are pictures of the car being loaded up.
Backing the car onto the trailer. Scott and Ethan

Hi Randy!

Randy, Scott, Charles and Ethan guiding the car on the trailer.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skiing At Gore Mountain

Grandma and Grandpa surprised the grand kids with ski tickets to Gore Mountain for a day of skiing. Scott and Uncle Randy also went. They had a ball and came home with stories of who beat who as they raced down the mountain. Randy came home with lots of excuses on why his dad smoked him on the slopes! Thanks Scott for taking pictures for me.

Ethan and Chantal renting skiis

Ethan, Randy, Chantal and Charles on the slopes of Gore Mountain.

Stopping at the lodge for lunch

When they got to Gore Mountain Uncle Randy realized had forgotton his boots and clothes back home. He headed back home to get hour drive each way. They got one run in with their Uncle Randy! Photo: Uncle Randy, Ethan and Randy.

Finally, A Chance To Snowmobile

The day after the storm came with blue sky. Cold temperatures and lots of snow made perfect conditions for snowmobiling. You could hear the snowmobiles going all day long around the Little's yard and nearby woods.

Randy taking the Polaris for a ride

What a beautiful picture of the field near the Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Ethan snowmobiling

Ethan taking his mom for a ride

Off on my ride.

Charles on the snowmobile. He came home later that day and went on a night ride with grandpa's friend Geno.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Reunion With Scott's College Buddies

While in New York we found out several of Scott's college buddies would be in town the same time we were. Plans quickly got under way to meet together. We met at PF Changs and had a wonderful time. Randy came along to meet Mark, a retired pilot in the Marines and talk about flying. We stayed 3 hours visiting. Good friend Jack was unable to make it. As we were driving home, we got call from Jack who happened to be only several miles away. We quickly met at Starbucks and had a wonderful visit!

Scott, Becky, Randy, Mark and Lora, Sherry and Marty.

Randy, Jack and Scott.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Nor'easter

After Christmas, a Nor'easter storm came. I had prayed for snow (without a power outage) and the Lord said yes...and boy, did it come! It started falling while we were at Perry and Darshan's house, driving home late at night with only us on the roads. Was I glad we had a big 4-wheel drive truck! We woke up the next morning to around 15 inches of snow. The wind was howling, making snow drifts up to our knees. In Tennessee, this storm would have paralyzed the city for weeks, but not so in New York. By the afternoon the roads were cleared and snow blowers had cleared the driveways and sidewalks.

Mike, a friend of Grandpas, snow blowing their driveway.

Look at all that snow!

Ethan and Randy warming up in Grandpa's garage (Charles spent the night at Perry's house visiting with cousin Chantal).

Ethan and Scott checking out the snow drifts.

Becky and Ethan

Here I am having fun making a snow angel. I hadn't made one for quite a number of years!

Our Dear Next Door Neighbors

The day after Christmas we had a chance to visit with dear neighbors, the Gagnons. Their son, Marcus, is around the same age as Charles and Randy. Throughout the years, when we came for a visit, the boys would hang out together. Every visit they got the mopeds working again in Grandpa's shop and headed back into the woods...lots of memories. Now they are all grown up! They hold a special place in our hearts and feel like family.

Patty and Mark with son Marcus and girlfriend

Randy, Becky, Scott, Ethan and Charles

The Gagnons sent us back home with lots of goodies!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas morning we all woke up gradually. Scott's Dad and I were generally the first ones up most mornings. After a good breakfast and getting the goose and chickens in the oven we headed to the tree. We always read the birth of Christ before opening gifts from Luke chapter 2. It was a very special morning spending it with the Littles. After gifts Scott's Dad and I headed back to the kitchen to get dinner on. We worked side by side and created a feast with goose, stuffed chickens, dressing, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, squash, jello salad and vegetables. We sat down and enjoyed each other's company. After about an hour of talking around the table I started getting sleepy and nodding off. I looked at Grandpa and he was asleep at the table too. We had worked hard! Thank you Lord for this special day and the birth of your Son!

Wearing my special scarf made by my niece, Ashlee
Grandma asleep while Grandpa and I worked in the kitchen :)

The crusty part of the dressing was both of our favorites...and we got to sample first!

At the kitchen table...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Perry and Darshan's house. She is quite the host with her house beautifully decorated. With her family, friends and us there were 30 people. Everyone brought hors d'oeuvres. You ought to see all the food...bacon wrapped scallops, meatballs, homemade sausage, smoked ribs with Perry's special barbecue sauce, smoke trout, shrimp, dips galore and I didn't even mention all the pastries. Now you can see why we all gained weight. It was a wonderful evening visiting with everyone we hadn't seen for awhile. Below are some pictures. I just took a few.

Scott, Becky, Randy, Ethan and Charles

All of us with Grandma and Grandpa Little

Perry, Michelyn, Chantal and Darshan

Grandma, Charles and Chantal

Ethan and Michelyn, both Juniors in high school

Lillian and me

Scott and his brothers (left to right and youngest to oldest!) Randy, Perry and Scott

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Makng Anduille Sausage

Scott's brother, Perry, is becoming quite the chef. We went over to their house the second day we were there. Perry was experimenting with some new sausage recipes, all home-made. We were impressed and got to try the sausage on Christmas eve. He also makes a special recipe of his very own barbecue sauce.

Perry, Scott and Ethan making sausage links

Now That's An Apple Fritter

Grandpa treated us like kings (and a queen). Every morning we woke up to breakfast...bacon frying, pastries and this morning a large box of apple fritters. They were the biggest I'd ever seen and so tasty. Fortunately for me, apple fritters are my favorite and one of my many weaknesses. Unfortunately for me, it was the beginning of my weight gain while at their house!

Grandpa holding up an apple fritter! New York has the most delicious pastries.

I really didn't eat the whole thing... at once any way!

Here is Grandma at her computer.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grandpa's Shop

The men's favorite place to be is in Grandpa's shop. That's where Grandpa is so that's where they are. It's a busy place with Grandpa and friends working on snowmobiles...and shooting the bull. There's a nice wood stove in the garage and it's got the feel of home. Needless to say, Grandpa loved having the boys there!

Ethan, Scott, Randy, Charles, Grandpa and Tipper

Grandpa and Randy

Ethan working on a snowmobile

Scott and Charles

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Off To New York

Today we left for New York to spend Christmas with the Littles, a 14 hour road trip that included lots of family time. Scott, Ethan and Randy sat in the front and Charles and I got the back. We only stopped twice and were ready to stretch our legs. Along the way I asked if anyone wanted to play a game...Randy said "lets play the game the first one to talk loses." Needless to say, Randy talked the whole way and could be known to say frequently "Mom, he touched me!" It was a good trip up.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Randy Is Home

Randy is finally home. I don't know where the time went as it seems like yesterday he left for Georgia. For his first day back they all went skiing...they just left for Beech Mountain, NC for night skiing. Is sure is good to have him home; his friends think so too. Scott and I are having friends over for dinner tonight and I've been cooking up a storm with three different kinds of soup...home made chicken soup, clam chowder and taco soup, plus a double batch of cornbread. I also made peanut blossom cookies for dessert. I kind of got carried away. There'll be plenty of left overs for the boys.

Charles, Randy, Josh, Preston, Ethan