Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beautiful Rainbow

I woke up this morning and noticed the golden glow of the mountains. I was still in my robe, but went outside to check on things as we're expecting a storm any time...and found the most beautiful rainbow right in front of our house. It went from the mountains on one side of the road to the other and so close I could almost touch it. Sometimes y0u wonder where a rainbow starts and ends, but it was right in our valley! It was awesome. I quickly took a picture, wishing I could get the whole thing in, but I was just too close. And of course the pictures don't do it justice.. It was the most beautiful site and I thank the Lord for His gift! My men are still sleeping, but they'll be able to see the rainbow on the blog.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Hills Of Tennessee

I love fall in Tennessee, with the hills the colors of gold and rust. These pictures really don't do the mountains justice...they are so much more beautiful in person. Sometimes the sun shines just perfect on them reflecting God's glory. You just can't improve on perfection.

Taken from our front yard.

This picture was taken from the hill in back of our house.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Snakey Visitor

We walked out our back door and found this guy in our planter. Looked like a green snake to me. I looked him up in our Audubon Field Guide and sure enough it's a Smooth Green Snake. Pretty little thing that camouflages, blending right in with the grass. I immediately thought of my brother, Brad and his love of snakes and all our childhood memories of pet snakes.

TDR Meeting

Scott and Ethan spent their Saturday attending a TDR (Turbo Diesel Register) meeting at Don's Truck and Tractor, Church Hill, TN. Scott is a member of TDR. Periodically all the men get together and talk about what else...diesels! and learn new ways to make their engines run better. I spent my day running errands, doing my Bible study and making a big pot of stew and peach cobbler for my family. I thought of Randy when I made the peach cobbler. He loves it so.

Look at all those diesel trucks!

Scott's diesel truck.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back To The Cowboy Cafe

On Friday it's country music night at the Cowboy Cafe, so we all headed back there to hear some of our favorite singers. We were blessed again to hear Larry Begley, Jim Bowman and Hale Vance among other fine East TN musicians. We could listen to them all night. It was also Friday night all you can eat catfish so we ate good too. It was quite entertaining watching some of the locals dance along to the music. Everyone there had a great time. The biggest blessing was having our whole family together.

Randy just drove in from college. Grandpa and Grandma and Scott.

Ethan and Charles refused to look at the camera. By the end of the night they were smiling and having a good time :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Smith Family Theater

We just got back from Pigeon Forge seeing the Smith Brothers at the Smith Family Theater. It kind of reminded me of a Las Vegas show if ever I had gone to one. They sang a little country, rock and roll and gospel music with some impersonations of famous singers. The music along with the dancing girls and audience participation made it quite entertaining. Afterwards, we stopped at the Smokey Mountain Knife Works (which is a favorite place of ours) and ended the evening at Cracker Barrel. Below are some pictures to remember our special outing with the Littles.
The Smith Family Theater, Pigeon Forge, TN

Front row: Chuck, Lillian and Scott. Back row: Becky, Ethan and Charles.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cowboy Cafe

Tonight we went to the Cowboy Cafe in Rogersville. It's a local gathering place for musicians on Monday nights. I just found out about it otherwise I would have been there every Monday. Hale Vance, Larry Begley and Jim Bowman and several other local musicians gathered around the table and sang old gospel hymns from songs like I'll Fly Away to Will The Circle Be Unbroken and This Old House. We tapped our feet and sang along. Afterward Jim Bowman and then Hale Vance came to our table and talked with us. That made our evening. We ended up buying Hale Vance's book "Grass Roots: A Musical Heritage of East Tennessee" and I had him autograph it. What a great evening. I thought of Brenda the whole night...she would have loved it.

Hale Vance and Larry Begley

Jim Bowman (far right in the gray sweat shirt)

By the end of the evening, several more musicians had gathered.

Becky, Lillian and Chuck Little listening to some great old gospel music and singing along.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Randy's New Boots

Randy's birthday present: Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake boots! Randy loves them and they make quite the conversation piece :)

Heritage Days

This weekend was our annual Heritage Days, celebrating the heritage of Rogersville, TN. This year was extra special as we shared it with the Littles. The city square was set up with venders and old timie crafts, young dancers clogging, tractor show and lots of great music. Since today was Sunday, there was plenty of gospel music. One thing that's great about small towns is all the visiting and socializing you get to know everyone! Below are some pictures of our day.
Scott and Becky, Chuck and Lillian Little. We spent several hours sitting at center square listening to the gospel music.

Down town Rogersville

Scott and Chuck Little stopping by the apple butter demonstration.

Scott and Becky

Scott and Randy

Hetitage Lites: Ethan worked at Heritage days serving drinks. (Heritage Lites are part of the Rogersville Heritage Association, where kids in high school volunteer their time/service to the community.)
Our church, East Rogersville Baptist, singing at Heritage Days.

ERBC's new group "Revelation" singing at Heritage Days: Susan Thames, Noemi Lawson and Sherri Ives.

A video of Crocket Creek Band. Three of the band members are Jim Bowman, Larry Begley (Sherry Bundy's Dad) and Hale Vance.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Little Are Here

Scott's parents arrived this afternoon from New York. We always look forward to their visits. God blessed me with the best inlaws and I call them mom and dad! This week is fall break from school and we've got a week of visiting and good meals ahead. Randy is home from college and right now they're all gathered around the table talking. I love time spent around the table, listening to their conversation. What a blessing family is :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Office Wedding

Pam and Jim finally got married's been five years of waiting. My sister Brenda got our family hooked on The Office four years ago when she came for a visit. She brought Season One for us to watch and we were hooked....from Michael Scott and Dwight to the tender love of Pam and Jim. My boys think I'm crazy for even blogging this, but I love a good love story!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Second Cutting

I love fall. It's flat out, no competition, my favorite time of the year... especially living in Tennessee. The nights get cooler, days still warm, air crisp, blue sky and best of all, no humidity! Soon the leaves will be turning. Today Steve (our neighbor) baled our second cutting of hay. A perfect day for it. The men all worked together, bringing it in the barn. I heard there were over 500 bales. Our elk and cows will love the hay in the winter months to come.

Our field.

Steve raking the hay.

Josh working the baler.

Charles, Justin, Danny, Zach, Ethan and Dennis.

Ethan getting a ride to the barn.

Charles and buddy Austin.

Bringing the hay in the barn.