Tuesday, September 29, 2009

John Deere

Charles and Ethan got our old John Deere lawn mower out of the barn. It had been sitting there for over 5 years. They took off the mower deck, repaired a switch and gave it a good tune up. The boys reminded me of their Grandpa Little in NY who can repair anything. They now have a motorized play toy and even got some surfing in. That's what you do for fun in Tennessee!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Answers In Genesis

Our church, East Rogersville Baptist, hosted a Creation conference called Answers In Genesis. Mike Riddle, creation speaker and author, presented the conference. Talk about an intelligent, dynamic speaker and his love of the Lord and His word was so apparent. For the last three days he brought out such things as biblical facts that confirm creation and how science and the Bible go hand in hand. He talked about astronomy and how our universe was made, where dinosaurs fit in, power questions to ask an evolutionist and much more. We couldn't wait for the next day to learn more. What an awesome God we have who created this world for us. We weren't made by chance, but by a God who designed us, for we are "fearfully and wonderfully made"...Psalm 139. Check out their website http://www.answersingenesis.org/

Author Mike Riddle and wife Leslie with Ethan and I.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Corn Shucking Time

We planted our corn late this year but got it in before the July 4th planting deadline. My favorite is Peaches and Cream corn. It's so sweet you can eat it fresh from the garden, right off the cob. Charles and Ethan helped me shuck the corn. We only picked about a third of the corn we planted... the rest will go to the elk. Now it's off to the kitchen to scald, cut the corn from the cob and put in freezer bags for some great winter dinners.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gary and Jenna Hylton

Today, our dear Jenna Fugate got married. I've known her since 1st grade when we moved here to Rogersville and have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. She's been dating Gary for a year or two and today they got hitched at Stone Mountain Church, just over the mountain. I say "hitched" cause it was a simple country wedding with friends and family gathered. Jenna was the most beautiful bride. Our good friends Anthony and Jody made it through another of their children's weddings without too many tears! At the end of the day Jenna and Gary rode off on their Harley.
The wedding party

Gary and Jenna Hylton

Dear friends LouAnn, Claudette, Sherry, Becky and Georgia

Gary and Jenna ready to cut their cake

Parents of the bride: Jody and Anthony Fugate

Victory in Big Red Country

Last night was the annual Hawkins County Superbowl between county rivals Cherokee High and Volunteer High. It's the biggest event for Hawkins County and the excitement was running high. Our school hosted this year and Cherokee didn't disappoint the fans with a score of Cherokee 29 Volunteer 16. It was a great game with the refs calling good and bad calls (depending on what team you were for!) Each team was ahead at different points in the game with Cherokee scoring two more touchdowns the last quarter. I thought of Randy the whole night, remembering when he played football. After the game we went to "5th Quarter" at our church...a great place for kids to hang out after the game, with lots of fun activities and food. There was beach volley ball, ping pong, sumo wrestling, Wii rock band and lots more. We had over 100 kids show up and didn't get home until well past midnight.

Cherokee High Marching Band and ROTC Color Guard (to give you the size of our school, the graduating class each year is around 220 students)

A picture of the cheerleaders and field.

Cherokee Chiefs vs the Volunteer Falcons

5th Quarter at East Rogersville Baptist Church. Ethan helping out with the Sumo wrestling.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rescuing Bud

Charles spent Saturday at the Pigeon River, guiding. At 11:00pm he left for home and on the way his car broke down.....with no cell phone. He forgot it at home. He waited two hours for his car to cool and made it to a gas station. He spent the night there until daylight so he could see to work on his car. He bought a new belt and called us hoping to make it home. Well, he got two miles and it broke. Luckily there was a business nearby and he was able to call us. He was about an hour from home in Newport. Scott hooked our small trailer up and off we went to rescue our Bud.

Scott and Ethan directing Bud onto the trailer.

A tired Charles.

Home at last.