Thursday, July 30, 2009


I put a bushel of peaches in the freezer today for cobblers this winter. Scott and Ethan helped remove the skins after the peaches were scalded, I sliced, and we were done in an hour. We have enough for 10 cobblers...and our family loves peach cobbler! Give me a cold winter's day and I'll be making soup, cornbread and cobbler. It's my favorite dessert. When I was younger living in California, our Grandma Wilson would have a fresh apricot cobbler baked every time we visited...I still remember it and I guess that's where my love of cobblers came from. I thought of my niece, Ashlee, all evening wondering if her peaches were ripe yet. She loves peaches too. I'm thinking of getting more peaches tomorrow for peach freezer jam and maybe more cobblers :)

Slicing up the peaches.

A sink full of scalded peaches (don't mind my worn sink and counters ... this house is old, but there's lots of love in this kitchen!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Canning Green Beans

Last night our dear friends from St. Clair, Butch and Donna Gilbert, invited us over to pick green beans from their garden. Between Butch and I, we picked 2 bushel of green beans...white half runners. Talk about a beautiful green bean. I started breaking beans when I got home and when Scott and Charles got home I put them to breaking beans. We got the first bushel done that night. After my morning walk I started canning and working on the last bushel. Took me all day, but by 7:00 pm. I had 54 quarts of beans processed. Mmm mmm, can't wait to have our Sunday dinner of home grown chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy and green beans!

Just picked...two bushel of white half runner beans.

Here I am finishing one load of beans, removing them from the pressure canner.

The finished product.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pampering Time For Becky

Today I did something I've never done before...I had a manicure. My church family surprised me with a gift certificate to Simply You (maybe they thought I rarely spend money or time on myself and they're right.) So this was a rare treat. The cosmetologist spent time soaking my hand and removing lots of dead skin, then gave me a nice hand massage. I picked out my choice of fingernail polish and I haven't quit looking at my hands, wondering how I'm going to keep them nice while picking green beans this evening! I've got some credit left on my certificate so I'm thinking of a pedicure or facial massage next :)

They quickly my photo during the hand massage :)

The finished hands with polish on them!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sarah and Dee Out

Talk about stress! Scott went into our elk pen to see if he could spot any babies yet and two of our elk, Dee and Sarah, got out. Apparently he didn't latch the barn door securely. We left the barn door open with feed. Dee walked into the barn and Scott secured her back in the field. Meanwhile Sarah was pacing all around our yard. She went into the barn several times but is more skittish being new and out she would go. Have you ever tried to capture an elk? Well, you can't tell 'em where to go :) Sarah went way back in our field and we lost sight of her several times. Scott went in the back field to shoo her out. Charles hid behind the barn door and I stayed in the front yard with a broom stick (praying fervently) to prevent her from going in the road. It took several hours of her going back and forth and finally she went in the barn one more time and Charles quickly shut the barn door! Talk about stress!

Myrtle Beach Trip

Ethan got home from his mission trip to Canada this morning at 3:30 am. He slept fast while I stayed up and did his laundry. I woke him up at 8:30 am to pack for his Myrtle Beach trip. Our pastor, Stephen Owenby and his family invited Ethan to go with them to Myrtle Beach. Cool huh? Their son, Josh, picked Ethan up. After a quick breakfast and prayer, off they went with fruit smoothies in hand. Ethan called to say they arrived safely. He's never been to Myrtle Beach so this will be an awesome trip. I sent his camera with him:)

Good friend Josh Owenby and Ethan.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thornless Blackberries

Our thornless blackberries are starting to ripen and they are so juicy and sweet! We'll be picking them for the next couple of weeks. Off to the freezer they go for cobblers and fruit smoothies during the winter months or just eaten frozen....they make a delicious snack.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mission Trip To Canada

Ethan left this morning on his M-Fuge mission trip with the First Baptsit Church to Kingston, Canada. They all met at the church at 5:00am, packed the church van and were off an hour later. High school/college kids from all over the area will be heading to Kingston to minister to the people there through five different areas: Children's ministry, social ministry (homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc), construction and yard work ministry, creative ministry and recreational ministry. They will be encountering a whole different culture as less than 5% of the people in Canada are evangelical Christians. They'll be staying at St. Lawrence College overlooking Lake Ontario. I hear it's beautiful. They plan on making a stop at Niagara Falls on the way and taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist! Please keep this group in your prayers for safety and that the Kingstonian people will see the Lord through the lives of these kids...and that lots of spiritual seeds are planted. What an awesome opportunity for these youth to serve the Lord in this way.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Would Mike Do?

The Reality TV series that Amen Chassis has been filming (where Charles works) aired for the first time yesterday at 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time on FOX Sports Net. We thought the Title of the show was called Radical Academy, but was changed to "What Would Mike Do?" I heard that it is scheduled for Friday in Utah. There are 13 episodes scheduled to air. Charles and all the guys did great. Hope you are able to watch it...Amen Chassis is wrapping up filming this next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Flight For Ethan

Today Ethan had an experience he'll always remember. He got to fly in a Cessna 172. Bob Dilk, instructor of the single engine plane came over yesterday and gave Ethan a crash course on flying. Bob picked him up this evening and they went to the airport in Morristown, TN. Scott met them there. Ethan was pretty excited since he had never flown in a small plane before. Scott said they practiced stalls, did a 2G turn and went weightless (until everything started to float around the cabin). They were up in the air for an hour and flew over our house while I was waving madly to them from our driveway! They said they saw me... a little dot on the ground. Years ago Scott got his pilots license when we lived in Wichita, KS. He hadn't been up in a small plane for 20 years, so they both had a great time.

Ethan at the airport in Morristown, TN

Instructor Bob Dilk and Ethan.

Completing the plane inspection.

Bob and Ethan in the cockpit.

Ethan taking the controls. He's actually flying the plane.

Cherokee Lake.

Scott took this picture of our farm. Our farm is in the middle of the picture.

Here's another picture of our farm. Clouds Creek is the road in the middle of the picture.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Holiday

I woke up early, took Duke for my daily walk, then picked fresh berries for blueberry pancakes, making my men very happy. We spent the day working around the farm, then headed to our nearby lake to try our Wetbike out (Charles headed over to a friend's house to work on his buddie's car). The Wetbike had been in the barn for over 15 years. With Scott fixing the Wetbike and Charles' creative design for a kill switch, the Wetbike was ready to be tested in the water. Good thing Randy took our boat out with his friends. The Wetbike battery died after an hour and Randy had to tow his Dad back to shore :) Otherwise the Wetbike worked great! We ended the day with a hamburger BQ. Happy 4th of July to all. We hope you spent the day with family and friends nearby. God bless America.

The Wetbike was ready to be tested, all it needed was a kill switch. Charles came up with this temporary design out of a clothes pin until Scott can purchase a new one. I thought it was pretty cool...he's ourMcGyver. The kill switch worked great.

Scott on the wetbike... doesn't he look good!

Randy and friends Preston and Brandon in our boat.
Randy and friends in our boat. (Scott and the boys restored the boat several years ago...It's a Yellow Jacket wood boat passed down from his great Uncle Frank).

Playing in the water: Ethan, Preston and Randy.

Scott giving instruction to Ethan on how to ride the Wetbike.

Ethan on the Wetbike for the first time. He did great.

The boys towing their Dad back to shore.

Me and my Babe. .

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Randy

Randy turned 20 years old today...not a teenager any more. He spent the day working construction and came home to homemade Butter Finger ice-cream and chocolate cake. Had so much ice cream there wasn't much room for the cake. Tonight he is going out with his buddies... We love our Randy. Happy Birthday son, Love Mom and Dad.