Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 16 Ethan

Today is Ethan's birthday. I woke up and made him his favorite steak and noodle casserole and oreo cookie dessert (he doesn't care for cake). His good friend Josh came over and I treated them to the new Transformers movie that opened today. Tonight it's off to the local golf range with the youth in our church. He's growing into quite the young man and we are so proud of him. Happy 16 Ethan.

Ethan 16 years old.

Ethan and friend Josh Owenby.

At the Rogersville Flying Fish swim meet last night: Daniel Wesson, Josh Fugate and Ethan.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Friends from New York

Mike and Pam Fleming came down from New York to go house hunting in Tennessee. Mike is a friend of Scott's Dad. They were looking into the possibility of retiring in Tennessee and Scott's Dad said "My son lives there!" So we met each other while we were in NY last month and made plans for them to stop by our house during their trip. They spent the week looking at homes in the area and now have many ideas going through their minds. We made time to eat dinner at Di's Diner with the uneven floors...all you can eat catfish night. By the end of the week we had made new and dear friends. Best of luck to you both as you make decisions on your future. They loved the beautiful state of Tennessee.

Scott, Mike and Pam Fleming and Becky

Pam and Mike Fleming in front of Di's Diner.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


It's June and our blueberries are starting to ripen. Some are as big as my thumb. I love to go out in the cool of the evening and pick blueberries, sampling some as I pick.... Boy, are they good. Last Sunday Scott went out and picked a bowl full of blueberries and I made everyone fresh blueberry pancakes. Delicious.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our First Cutting Of Hay

Steve, our dear friend and neighbor, cuts our hay every year. He cut our first cutting a couple days ago and today we baled it. Scott raked the hay and Steve worked the hay baler. We square bale so its easier to handle. Then came the physical work of loading the hay on the wagon. Everyone worked hard and got the job done. It was a good day on the where you look back and see all that you accomplished. Bet they sleep well tonight :)

Scott raking the hay.

Steve Elkins baling the hay.

Randy loading the hay up.

All the men taking a break Left to right front row: Ethan, Justin, Randy and Josh. Back row: Danny, Scott and Steve.

Randy posing for the camera!

Josh, Ethan and Justin loading the hay.

Ethan, Randy and Steve loading the hay.

Resting on the way to the barn. Justin, Josh and Randy.

Ethan on top the hay wagon riding to the barn.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Radical Academy

As you know, Charles works for Mike Brown at Amen Chassis Works. They have been busy filming a new reality TV show there called "Radical Academy." The show is about 9 students who are learning while customizing a Volkswagon bus and converting it into a vehicle that will transport a custom built motorcycle. What an awesome opportunity for all these young men. The show will be airing in July on Fox Sports Net and is produced by RevmaMedia. (I think around July 7th or so). For more information about the show see

Here is a picture of Charles from the Rogersville Review (our local paper). They had a big article yesterday about the show.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rogersville Flying Fish

Tonight was the Rogersville Flying Fish's first swim meet of the season. All year long swimmers and parents look forward to summer and our Tuesday night swim meets. Parents get to cheer the swimmers on and visit to their hearts content :) It's quite the social event in Rogersville. This is Ethan's 10th year with the RFF summer swim league. Ethan is at the pool every morning 9-10 am practicing with the other team members. Tonight we went up against the Church Hill Stingrays. They are a much smaller team than ours, but we all had fun. Ethan swam the IM, free and back strokes.

Ethan swimming the butterfly.

Ethan swimming the breast stroke.

Ethan doing the back stroke.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tractor Driving

I came home from town and found Ethan driving the tractor around our yard. Scott was giving him instruction and he did very well. Ethan is growing up. Our tractor is not much to look and was once voted the ugliest tractor around. It's an old highway Massey Ferguson, but it drives well and gets the job done.

Lucy's New Calf

Lucy, our cow, had her first calf yesterday. Scott came upon her when she was newly born with the umbilical cord still attached to her (yes, it's a girl). Lucy is Angus-mixed. We've had Lucy since she was around 1 year old. Scott noticed she was bagging up so we knew she'd be having a calf soon. Lucy had her calf nestled back in the cedars on our farm. Mom and calf are doing fine and we'll take better pictures soon.

Lucy's new calf. Ethan is in the background.

Lucy and her new calf