Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home From Our New York Trip

We just got home from upstate NY visiting with Scott's side of the family. It was so good seeing Mom and Dad Little and hugging them! They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this month and we went up to spend time with them. We visited lots and ate too much. I did manage to get my 2 miles of walking in daily...their rooster woke me up bright and early each morning. We spent Memorial day with Scott's brother, Perry and Darshan and girls. He made us some fabulous B-Q ribs, pork roast and chicken with his secret recipe. Scott and Ethan spent time in Grandpa's shop getting the moped running...their annual project for every visit, early morning breakfasts with Grandpa and removing dead limbs from their tree. We visited with dear friends and neighbors, Great Grandpa Tim across the road, went shopping, and Dad and I had a strawberry pie bake off.... both of our pies got gobbled up! My favorite place to be is around their kitchen table talking. We thank the Lord for the most wonderful parents and their committment to marriage and family. We pray the Lord blesses you with many more wonderful years together. We love you!

Ethan and Grandpa Little

Ethan, Scott and Grandpa in front of Grandpa's snowmobile shop.

Mom and Dad Little (Chuck and Lillian). Happy 50th wedding anniversary!

Front Row: Aunt Darshan, Michelyn, Chantal, Becky and Grandma. Back row: Ethan, Uncle Perry, Scott and Grandpa. (Uncle Randy was in China)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Horse Ride

Randy's home from Cookeville and newlywed Josh is home for a visit. They both saddled up their horses and went for a ride. It sure is good seeing them together. Things change, but their friendship never will :)

Randy on his horse, Skip and Josh on his horse, Midnight.

My New Silpat

Living out here in the country I sometimes don't get the news of the latest inventions. When Ashlee was visiting in April, she made note I didn't have one of these for baking. I've just always used Parchment paper. Well, a couple weeks later a package arrived with this Silpat. I'd never heard of one before, but this is the coolest thing. I tried it today and it works...the cookies didn't stick. I love it! From one baker to another...thanks Ashlee :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Hay Cutting Time

The first cutting of hay is usually around Memorial weekend. I came home from doing errands in town and found the field across the road all round baled. Pretty huh? I love this time of year where all the farmers are out in the field. Steve, our neighbor, will be cutting our field in the next couple of weeks. We square bale ours so it's easy to handle.

Awana Closing

Last night was our Awana Closing at our church, East Rogersville Baptist. What is Awana? It stands for Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed (2 Tim 2:15) It's a Christian club where kids ages 2 - 6th grade come and learn about the Lord while having lots of fun! Our club meets Wednesdays 6-8:00. The kids rotate through 4 areas: group time, handbook time (where kids are memorizing God's word and passing off verses), music and game time. Each group wears a club uniform. I'm blessed to be the Commander (kind of like a director) where I get to use my organization skills. We have lots of parent volunteers and believe me, they do most the work! It's our prayer that all boys and girls come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and we praise the Lord for all He's doing through our kid's club! Last night the children were recognized for all they have accomplished throughout the year.

This is the Puggles group (age 2 years)

Cubbies (ages 3 and 4)

Sparks (grades K-2) We are Sparks for Jesus!

T&T (Truth and Training): Grades 3/4

T&T Grades 5/6

Here I am on Groovy Glasses Day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Time For Change

Today was my last day as the director of the Health Services Department for our school system. I've enjoyed eight years of service in this capacity and admit I'll miss it and my coworkers, because they are much more than that...they are my dear friends. Due to cut backs and our present economy, the Health Services Department is combining with another department and I'll be a full time school nurse at Mooresburg Elementary. I've been juggling being a school nurse there and the director this past year, so I already know the staff and children. I couldn't pick a better school to serve in. Change is hard and one thing I know for certain is that change always comes, sometimes when you least expect it. God is so good and knows all our needs and I pray that I will glorify Him in this new career move. I'll also be praying for Rena and Amy during this time of transition. For now, school is out for summer and I need the rest:)

My co-workers and dearest friends: Rena Seymore and Amy Lipe (taken this morning)

Mooresburg Elementary

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Josh and Dakota's Wedding

Josh and Dakota were married today in the little church just up the road from our house, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. It was a beautiful wedding with family and friends gathered to celebrate their special day. I know it meant a lot to Randy to be his best man. We wish them the best and pray God's blessings upon them as they start their new life together. We love you guys.

Dakota and Josh Elkins

Josh, Dakota and Randy

The wedding party...notice the bare feet! They all went barefoot, even the bride.

Josh and Randy taken outside the church before the wedding.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Charles and Scott

Today Charles turned 22 and Scott 49! It's getting dark out and Brenda just called to say I love you to them and "take a picture!" Charles got off work at Amen Chassis and Scott just arrived home from Indianapolis, so the picture is "as you are." They got clothes for their birthday and we had a hamburger barbecue for dinner. Somehow I also got 4 recipes of freezer strawberry jam made during this evening too. It's called juggling. It was a low key evening after a very unsettling day, but the Lord brought peace by the end of it. Happy Birthday to my men :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amen Chassis Open House

Last weekend was Amen Chassis Open House. Charles has worked at Amen Chassis for around 2 years now. Mike Brown, Owner of Amen Chassis, is the designer of the hubless wheel. Right now they are filming a production that is soon to be on TV. How cool it must be to work in a shop where they make chopper motorcycles. He's Mike's right hand man and learning from the best. Charles is like a son to him and their creative, thinking minds compliment each other. I thank Mike for this opportunity he's given Charles and mentoring him along the way. Charles comes home exhausted and dirty, working 14 hour days lately and he's enjoying every moment of it!

Owner Mike Brown is first and foremost a Christian and his business name reflects that.

Ethan, Scott and Charles at the Amen Chassis Open House

Owner Mike Brown (right) talking with Scott and Charles and Ethan.

The bagger chopper bike, one of Mike's designs.

The "Discovery" another of Mike's designs.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Randy Is Home For The Weekend

Finals are done and Randy is home for the weekend. Randy's best friend, Josh, is getting married to his high school sweetheart (Dakota) next weekend and last night was a special wedding shower for them. It was a nice gathering of family and friends. Randy got to see his buddies and I got to see Randy! He hasn't been home for about 6 weeks and everyone thought he'd grown taller. That's the last I've seen Randy...he's off with his friends, catching up with them and I'm sure having a great time. God has blessed him with some great friends growing up! Below are pictures of Randy and his friends. I'll be sure and blog the wedding next weekend. Randy will be Josh's best man :)
Left to Right: TJ Payne, Randy, Gabe Brooks and Josh Elkins...Best Buds

Randy and mom...I think he did grow taller!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bulls Gap Auction

Today Scott and I went to an auction in Bulls Gap, TN. Auctions are pretty popular around these parts and I guess you could just about find one most every weekend. This one had lots of farm equipment. We checked in and got our number (209) and scouted the place out. It was raining, but we came prepared with large umbrellas. Scott saw a goose neck trailer. He's been looking for one the past two years so I knew he'd be bidding. When the auctioneer started the bidding process on the trailer Scott looked uninterested (a sure sign he's going to bid!). Scott was pleased with the bidding price and we are now the owners of a 24' goose neck trailer. Good deal. You can find lots of junk at auctions, but you have to know the value of things. Below are some pictures of our day at the auction.