Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Car Wreck

Today Charles was in a car wreck. A truck pulled out in front of him when he was driving on the four lane heading home. His quick thinking saved both him and the elderly couple in the other truck. Charles' car took most of the impact. Charles called me immediately and said he'd been in a "small" accident and assured me everyone was okay. My next phone call was from Randy (3 hours away) He had already got the news about the "terrible accident" and how the car was totaled. When I got to the scene, Randy's version was correct. Charles said he didn't want to worry me! I hugged him hard and immediately thanked the Lord for His protection. He's got a headache and bruised knees...and a guardian angel.

This is the truck driven by Mr Foster. Charles hit the rear passenger tire.

Our 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Charles talking with the police and the gentleman who witnessed the whole accident (the son in law of Mr. Foster saw the whole thing).

Charles wasn't going to the hospital, but then started complaining of a severe headache and his knees hurting. The EMT's encouraged him to be checked out. Here they are ready to put him in the ambulance.
Charles being checked out by the ER doctor. He had x-rays taken of his neck and knees. Everything checked out okay, just contusions (bruising).

Dwight Foster (the man driving the truck that pulled out in front of Charles) thanking Charles for his quick thinking and saving their lives.
Mike Brown, owner of Amen Chassis (where Charles works) visiting Charles in the hospital. Charles is one blessed man to be alive.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Landscaping

So what am I doing while Scott and Ethan are away? Working! I love being out in the yard, especially in Tennessee spring....80 degrees, big blue sky, it doesn't get any better. In another month the humidity will begin. I laid fabric down and mulched our blueberries, red raspberries and thimbleberries. I also layered some of our rock (Brenda's idea) in my side planter along the house. We've got lots of rock on our property which means more projects! Now it's time to clean up and watch a Hallmark movie :)

Looking out across our street.

My new rock border along the side of our house

Irises are in bloom

Our red raspberries and thimbleberries

Newly mulched blueberry patch. One day we'll have lots of blueberries!

Off to Houston, Texas

Scott called me from work yesterday and said "how would you like to go on a road trip?" My first question was "What did you buy?" He laughed. I know him so well. He's been eyeing a couple wetbikes from the Internet, trying to get the one we own back into the water. I don't think they even make wetbikes anymore. So Scott and Ethan are headed to Houston , Texas to pick up some old wetbikes...more projects for the boys (if you could just see our farm!) Actually, I think this road trip will be great father-son time and Ethan has never been to Texas before so it will be a trip to remember.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

M-Now Weekend

Today was a special weekend at our church (East Rogersville Baptist) called M-Now. M-Now stands for "Missions Now" where the youth and members of our church spent the whole day serving the Lord through community outreach. We had KIDZ Day at the Rogersville City park with large inflatable rides, offering face painting for the kids and free hot dogs, chips and drinks (more than 750 hot dogs were given out!) to all the families. Some youth and members of our church spent their day knocking on doors, telling people about the love of our Lord. We also offered free car washes and several barbers and beauticians in our church offered free haircuts. Some spent the day serving in a homeless shelter. We also had construction going on, which was where Scott and Ethan spent their day serving the Lord. A handful of youth and adults worked 8 hours making a ramp for a man (Charles) that was recently paralyzed. He was so overwhelmed at the kindness of these youth giving up their day to build a ramp for his home. The blessing was truly ours though. What a great day it was serving the Lord. Isn't that what the Lord calls us to do? It's not about us, but about showing and giving love...

The M-Now Construction Crew!

Working together, serving the Lord. (My camera lense had a filmy coating over it from Awana shaving cream night...long story, so the pictures aren't the best quality. Didn't discover the problem till I got home!)

Working on the ramp.

(L to R) Scott, Ethan, Robert Cooper, Josh, Stephan, Jeren, Matt, and David Williams with the homeowner, Charles

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day to celebrate His resurrection. We spent the morning at church worshipping the Lord "The Lord is risen...the Lord is risen indeed!" We thank the Lord for His gift of salvation. We spent the afternoon with our dear friends, the Squires, enjoying a hamburger BBQ and of course our traditional Easter egg hunt. The adults had just as much fun as the kids hiding and finding the eggs. It was a nice relaxed day....the only thing missing was Randy who couldn't get away from college. We sure missed him. We are thinking of you all on this very special day. The Lord is risen! Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Planting

The Spring bug has hit and with it the desire to plant. It always brings to mind Ecclesiastes: To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven...A time to plant. We went to Home Depot yesterday and found some beautiful blueberry plants, so we bought all 8 of them. We now have 24 blueberry plants. It sounds like a lot, but they will take years to grow and we love blueberries! We also are planting 3 apple trees and a pear tree, some grape vines and thornless berry bushes. We'll enjoy the frozen berries all winter long. Below Scott and Ethan are digging the holes for the blueberry plants. We'll take the grass out, cover it with mulch and make it a large blueberry patch so it will be easy to mow around.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heading Home

We got a call at 3am this morning. United said our flight was canceled due to snow in Denver. At first I wasn't sure what he was talking about. I am a deep sleeper and I believe he was from India. No need to get up at 5am. We spent the day having another last day. Becky thought we were staying until Sunday and went to the market early in the morning and was cooking up a storm when we woke up, ready to send me on my healthy way... It's a beautiful sunny day and we weeded outside and just hung out together until it was time to go. Scott drove which is good. It is always a struggle to say goodbye to Becky & family and takes a few days to get back into life. I feel so grateful that Ashlee was able to come with me on this trip. Thank you Becky, Scott, Charles & Ethan for taking such good care of us (we missed Randy!) ... you are our home away from home and always in our hearts.

Ethan, Charles, Becky, Brenda Ashlee & Scott
Brenda, Becky & Ashlee weeding the ivy...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tennessee Friday

We are slugs again today. Ash didn't shower, look in the mirror or get dressed all day. She went to the market with Ethan and fit right in. It's comfortable here. I tell myself there always has to be a last day... the kind of day that seems like it's wasted because you just wander around not feeling like doing anything other than just being together. You know that saying goodbye is just around the corner and your mind is in both worlds and your heart is sad. Today was cold and windy. Scott came home for lunch and we had homemade soup. Ashlee & Ethan made yummy pretzels in cool shapes and played Nintendo. I believe he kicked her trash. I went for a walk up in the hills to think. Ashlee's goal is to try new things, so her Uncle Scott made her some stewed Rhubarb. She tried it and liked it. I looked at it and couldn't bring myself to try it. It's hard not to notice that Ashlee's chest comes up to Scott's waist. Becky made oven fried chicken and it was sure good! Afterwards we played Phase 10. We are all packed to go home...
1. Ethan & Ashlee making pretzels 2. Pretzels 3. Dinner
4. Pretzel making 5. Becky & Ash dinnertime
6. Ashlee's table runner she made Becky 1. Nintendo 2. My walk 3. Lunchtime
4. Charles and his Radical Academy T-shirt
5. Scott petting his moose, Samson 6. Becky at the table
1. Ethan & Scott Phase 10 2. Scott & Ash trying the stewed Rhubarb
3. Becky 4. Brenda & Charles 5. Ash & Ethan 6. Brenda & Charles

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tennessee Thursday

Today we went to visit Kris & Steve and see the changes they are making to their new place. Pretty cool as they add their own personal touches to everything.

We came home in time to go to Music Junction in town. It's pretty casual and low key. The local people gather and take turns singing old time country & gospel music. Some just show up to play back up in the band. It would have to be one of my favorite things to do in Tennessee on a Thursday night. It makes me think of my Dad... he would love it. We clap, sway and sing along watching the country folk be with one another. It feels like taking a huge comfortable step back in time. I feel so at home. Becky took mine and Ashlee's picture and I didn't like the way I looked in it. I said 'that isn't me' to which Ashlee said rather crisply, 'It is today'. Oh! And at the end, I won a raffle and made a new friend named Frankie. It was a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Tomorrow is our last day. We are eating one of their butchered chickens to celebrate and spend the day at home. It's always a melancholy day... one of longing for home and missing Becky & family here before I even leave. It's hard. It always takes a few days to settle in back home.
Our visit to Kris & Steve's

Music Junction

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tennessee Wednesday

We seem to be sleeping in every morning and getting slow starts to our days. Becky is discovering friends on Facebook, much to her delight. I taught her how to talk to Randy, her son away at college, on Facebook with text messaging. It went something like this:
Becky: Hi!
Randy: Who is this?
Becky: It's Becky Little, your new friend
Randy: How did you get on here?
Becky: Well Randy, you accepted me as your friend this morning

Much to Becky's delight, Scott brought home a lawn mower battery. She was thrilled. We are thrilled we don't have to hear 10xs a day how long the grass is. She gave Ash & I lessons on their zero radius lawnmower. Apparently I scared the heck out of her as I got near her berry bushes, but Ash did great. We went into town to the co-op and to her work to visit. Ethan drove us home.
Hard to believe that he is driving.

I checked my emails in the afternoon and much to my horror, Josh & Lindsay have been quite busy on this April Fool's Day at Pebbles. They seem to out do themselves every year... I am finding it necessary to step up my game. They posted a couple of splendid entries using my password and some pretty cool fake memories and cut & pasted faces... even my sister Becky said she had to hand it to them... 'they do kinda sound like you Brenda'. Of course, I woke up last April Fools Day with morning phone calls from people wanting to buy my car that was listed on KSL.com for a cheap deal... yes, more handy work from Josh & Lindsay. I hear they are treating us all to Icee's when I get back and cleaning the bathroom at Pebbles when my turn comes around. Sweet!

Tonight was Hallmark movie night and we watched The Ultimate Gift & The Christmas Card, both are excellent for a family library for those who love 'love'.
1. Ethan driving 2. Lakeview Grocery where the locals gather
3. Becky, Renea & Linda at Becky's office for Hawkins County Schools
4. This is chewing tobacco country 5. Katie Coon 6. Tiger

1. The Little home 2. Look how long the grass is? 3. Ashlee sweeping
4. Just one of Scott's old cars 5. Ethan 6. Ethan, Brenda & Ashlee

1 & 2. Becky mowing 3. Brenda mowing 4. Ashlee mowing
5. Steak & Noodle casserole 6. The crusty edges are the BEST part!